This question is not related to Tesla. But it is related to the electric vehicle. I was reading about hydrogen fuel cell trains ( recently. That is when I thought of searching whether Elon Musk has any plan to manufacture train. I saw some articles about his proposed train model called "Hyperloop". So what exactly is it? Will it be a reality any time soon?

reed_lewis | 07. mars 2019

Since trains always run on specific routes, it is easy to electrify the tracks to power the moving trains. I see no reason to use hydrogen to power a train because using hydrogen results in an efficiency that is very low compared to using electricity to power the train directly.

Think of Hyperloop as an underground train that moves much more quickly than a train can.

blue adept | 07. mars 2019 | 15. mars 2019

If only there was a hyperloop from Berlin to Las Vegas