FSD @ $2000

FSD @ $2000

I bought my 75D X last year in August, very happy so far. Today i logged into my account and saw that they reduced price from $5K to 2K. I would like to if is it worth to buy at 2K. Is this price reduction due to recent price changes?

jjgunn | 07. mars 2019

Yes, Now AP at $2k is different than EAP at $5k was back in August - read the fine print - but in a nutshell you get TACC & Auto-Steer for $2k

packpike | 08. mars 2019

Sounds like you have EAP and are talking about getting FSD for $2K. I’m in the same boat. You won’t get any new features right now if you buy it, but will possibly down the road. I’m hoping that if I purchase it will make me eligible for a free HW3 upgrade down the road, but no confirmation of that. I have HW2 and would love dashcam/sentry.

MyMXRed | 08. mars 2019

I talked with Tesla customer App yesterday to understand what this $2k will do. I am not happy with the conversation. Also there is an article on Teslarati

This is not at all good news, so they are taking away what i already have when i paid $5K with AP2.0. Now with this new software update (yet to come) will take away some features and Elon is forcing us to pay $2k to experience these features . Not a good marketing approach.

My Q is will we ever see the full self driving with this $2K in the future or would we have to pay more in the future if the self driving is ever approved and released by Tesla?

jimglas | 08. mars 2019

I paid the $2k, but FSD hasn't shown up yet 24 hours later

MyMXRed | 08. mars 2019

It will show only after some OTA updates sometime next week. Atleast the customer rep told me this.

TDUB | 08. mars 2019

@jimglas, please let us know whenever you see features linked to this FSD at $2k show up.

MyMXRed | 08. mars 2019

When you log into your Tesla account, again the amount to pay depends on the date of purchase and price that you paid for EAP. Like myself, i paid $5K for EAP so it displays $2k , nut for some its $3k.

jjgunn | 08. mars 2019

Tesla can't take away features that you already have & already paid for.

You can see they're repackaging features of AP & FSD.

Give Tesla a chance to straighten it out. I'm certain they will.

packpike | 08. mars 2019

I just paid $5K for AP/FSD in my HW2.5 MS. My HW2.0 MX already has EAP. The features are identical right now. My guess is that if you pay for AP/FSD you get the download for EAP. In the future FSD should add new features. I’m on the fence as to whether or not to pay the extra $2K in my MX for FSD.

yabouzaid | 08. mars 2019

Paid my $5k , for FSD,got it install within 20 min , never bought ant AP , when I got my car in 11/18

bob | 08. mars 2019

So (IMHO) what Tesla wants are more HW3 installations to feed the neural net. I'm absolutely convinced this is why the FSD got discounted for those of us that had paid for the EAP. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great deal for the hardware upgrade we'll get. Based on the stats for that HW3 board I'd estimate the retail value of that graphics engine will exceed the $2k upgrade cost. Think about building a computer rig that could digest 8 cameras worth of data at the rates Elon has been touting.

tcfila | 09. mars 2019

I'm pretty confused... I have the FSD upgrade available for $2k. Does it require any hardware update? Does it get me any features now?

MyMXRed | 09. mars 2019

@jjgunn ... so i am really confused. For existing owners like me that bought the AP for $5K, Lane change alert, Navigate on auto pilot will stay? Does the Teslarati article only apply to future owners? In either case, i would wait until next week.

Hugh-SG | 09. mars 2019

On February 20th, 2019 I clicked the Buy button for a Used late 2016 manufacture Model-X with Enhanced Autopilot and Free Supercharging. Did I just loose some of the Enhanced Autopilot features or does this change only apply to New Orders?

jjgunn | 09. mars 2019

You purchased EAP for $5k & were guaranteed a certain set of features including NoAP (suggested & Auto lane changes), Summon & Auto-Park - You should not lose any features.

Tesla has now moved --->> NoAP (suggested & Auto lane changes), Summon & Auto-Park to the FSD feature.

Since you already have EAP, The $2k FSD gets you nothing right now. However, You get future enhancements - Stop Sign & Stop light recognition supposedly coming later this year plus HW 3.0 "free" upgrade (Whenever that happens)

Clear as mud?? Haha - Hope that clears it up

MyMXRed | 09. mars 2019

So what we already have will not be taken away, so any new updates would not be included unless you pay $2K. So i assume that whenever FSD is approved by government, i think we get it free since i already paid $2k

Tropopause | 10. mars 2019

I paid $5k for EAP at time of purchase and $5k for FSD upgrade 1.5 weeks ago. My $10k package should be better than those that are discounted, right?

bob | 10. mars 2019

@Trop if it makes you feel better - yep Way Way better. Wish I'd done what you did ;)

LTR | 11. mars 2019

Has anyone gotten written confirmation from Tesla that the $2,000 FSD upgrade will include the new V3 computer installation? I have emailed them and have not received a reply....

jjgunn | 11. mars 2019
jimglas | 11. mars 2019

Thanks for the update JJ

TDUB | 11. mars 2019

Just read the news that Tesla is raising prices on cars except $35000 model 3. Fearing the $2000 upgrade for FSD will be gone, I just clicked the "buy" button.
BTW, I also verified this weekend that I do have Auto Parking in function. However, I tried Summon once, I saw an error message: Communication with car failed. Try it later. But NoAP was not there until this morning, but before I purchased FSD for $2000.

jjgunn | 11. mars 2019

This week would be a good week to buy a car if anyone is in the market to do so before March 18, 2019.

jjgunn | 11. mars 2019

Here is a more recent Twitter link from Elon.

March 1 2019.

@bob - (here on the Tesla forums) had a thought which I agree with....Tesla lowered the price of FSD to get people (more testers) on the neural net. Obviously they'll all need the HW 3.0 for proper testing / data gathering.

Makes sense right?

MyMXRed | 11. mars 2019

So i am kind of confused. I have already paid $5K last year for EAP, so i have confirmation that the AP2.0 features that i have currently including Auto Park and Summon would not be taken away. So from above posts i understand that with additional $2K right now, i get hardware / software upgrade to V3 charging as well as other FSD features? Considering owners that already paid for FSD in the past still need to pay now?

Vawlkus | 12. mars 2019

The V3 charging is independent of all of this.

The V3 being talked about here is the autopilot V3 hardware that FSD will require.

tcfila | 12. mars 2019

Jesus....the art of the takeaway.

Do we bite the bullet or not?

Vawlkus | 12. mars 2019

IMHO if you have anything except AP2.5, get the cheap FSD.

tracy | 12. mars 2019

My car is a Dec 2018 build X 100D...I took delivery 12-31. I paid $112K this car for and is now $98K with base autopilot, Today the car with FSD is $103K. That is BS. On top of that, they want me to fork over another $2K for something that isn't available? How about giving to it to al the Model X people you screwed with the price drop? So 60 days after purchase, my car is $9k cheaper? How would you feel?

Complete bait and switch. Great way to hose your loyal customers. The tax credit does not come out of their pocket so I give them no credit for that. On top of it, this car has tons of little quality issues that should not be there on a car of this cost. Feeling screwed is an understatement.

jimglas | 12. mars 2019

did you get the car that you ordered for the price you agreed to pay?
hardly "bait and switch"

Tropopause | 12. mars 2019


I paid $5k for FSD upgrade one day prior to price drops. I chose to do it, nobody twisted my arm. The prices dropped, now they are going back up on Monday. Some folks got a deal. I got exactly what I contracted for with Tesla... plus now I'm an Early Access Member; whatever that entails.

Enjoy your car.

info | 12. mars 2019

This might help those who have an account page that is showing $3,000.00 for the FSD in their account. I contacted customer service and received an e mail confirming a refund for $1,000.00 if i purchased for the amount shown. Their e mail:
Thanks for reaching out to us tonight regarding the Full Self Driving for your vehicle. As indicated, Any existing owner with (now discontinued) Enhanced Autopilot can upgrade to Full Self-Driving capability for USD $2000 If they purchased for $3,000, they will be eligible for a $1,000 refund.

Hope this settles the ambiguities regarding this subject.

tracy | 12. mars 2019

Spin it anyway you want. No one is happy that the price drops $9k in 60 days . Am I Supposed to be happy with what i paid? I grinded and grinded on my OA as model S cars had huge discounts at year end. Bottom line, this company is cash strapped and manic. I'm in retail. You sell a customer somebody for $1k and the drop the price 10%, they all come looking for the difference. This is not normal business for anyone selling high end autos.

jjgunn | 13. mars 2019

If an Audi, Mercedes or BMW dealer dropped the price of their cars $9k in 60 days off purchasing, would you be able to get your $9k back??

Don't worry ...we all know the answer.

jjgunn | 13. mars 2019

If an Audi, Mercedes or BMW dealer dropped the price of their cars $9k in 60 days off purchasing, would you be able to get your $9k back??

Don't worry ...we all know the answer.

MyMXRed | 13. mars 2019

So with $2K upgrade would the V3 hardware also be included?

jjgunn | 13. mars 2019


airwaves60 | 13. mars 2019

Well at least you guys are getting the option to order FSD. It's not available my Tesla account. I have reached out to Tesla 4 different times. I tried online and by phone. About 4 days ago, I did receive an email stating that I can purchase the FSD option for 2k. But they failed to tell me what process I needed to follow to complete the transaction. Now I hear the price is going back up on 3/18. Does have any ideas on how I can make the purchase this week?

Anthony J. Parisio | 13. mars 2019

When I got my car (Aug. 2017) EAP was $5000.00 FSD was another $3000.00. Now There is no EAP. It is only AP for $3000.00. FSD is $5000.00. I think Tesla was doing us a "solid" buy offering FSD for $1000.00 less then originally. After all the future updates for AP will not include things like Enhanced Summon. That would get us EAP people upset. This is away to keep everyone happy and get paid for FSD..

MyMXRed | 15. mars 2019

I ony read in the forums that the $2k would also include the Hardware upgrade, does any one has an official writing that shows the hardware is included with the FSD purchase. I am almost ready to to pull off and pay 2K if hardware is also included, its no brianer.

MyMXRed | 15. mars 2019

I just checked and now i do not see the FSD option any more.... its gone. Anyone similar experiences?

jjgunn | 15. mars 2019

Elon has said it numerous times - including on a quarterly call

Your move if you want to support Tesla, pay the $2k & forget about it.

I love NoAP.....freeway to freeway - just be sure your car is in the proper lane & I will say it works better in lighter traffic

MyMXRed | 15. mars 2019

Ok pulled the triggerm completed the purchase.

mbirnie51 | 15. mars 2019

March 2017 MX 75D with HW 2.0 & EAP from purchase (Uncorked too). So I just got off phone (5pm on 3/14) with the mother ship to see what I'll be getting with my purchase of $2k upgrade to FSD. We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary with this auto next week, 33.8 k miles that include two cross country trips from Bay area to Ohio and New York, and multiple trips up to Seattle area, so the features that will eventually get uploaded to the car have great value to me. I do all the driving, so anything that reduces stress and keeps me from having an accident is worth the $$$.
So the engineer that I got said: 1) New MCU hardware is needed to get to HW 3.0; 2) no new cameras or sensors are included 3) Will get Dash Cam feature and Dog Mode 4) will NOT be getting Sentry Mode as my vehicle doesn't have the proper camera (??) 5) my vehicle will NOT get Enhanced Summon Mode, where you can summon the vehicle from anywhere back to your location. I can have any Summon that I need to train the vehicle in learning, I'm a bit perplexed by items 4 & 5 and would like any input from owners that might support/refute what I learned. I've used any new feature that came our way from OTA updates since Oct 2013 with our older MS and now the MX and am amazed by the fact that we get them without the need to repurchase into a new vehicle and also not having to visit the SCs.....greatest thing that happened to driving a car. I'm still going to pull the trigger and know that as time passes my vehicle will get better features than it has now.
Grinn' after 100++k miles of EV driving....MHB

Macjlewis | 15. mars 2019

Not showing up in my account either and no one has been able to help. Tried online chat, support through mytesla account and called service center.

jjgunn | 15. mars 2019

HW 2.0 is different than HW 2.5

That's your answer for #4 & #5

Renegade Misfit | 15. mars 2019

I bought the upgrade for 2 reasons:
1) I've always wanted to help Tesla, but have limited funds currently -- acquiring the car really dinged those. I decided by the time FSD was actually operational, I would probably be able to afford the higher after-purchase cost, potentially helping them more.
2) I think HW3.0 will improve even AP-only features considerably, which made me wish I'd optioned it at purchase after all, when it was announced as a future no-cost upgrade to FSD owners. So, I was glad when...
3) The "deal" made it barely affordable to me now.

MyMXRed | 18. mars 2019

@mbirnie51 -- Very interesting comments and appreciate your time in sharing what you talked from Customer service. So since you are AP2.0 you are not able to get #4, 5?

I have AP2.5, if i do not get advanced Summon features then its a total waste of $2K. I downloaded updates last week to latest software and i already have dog mode enabled on my AP 2.5. So i think Tesla need to make it very clear by year who would get what updates with this upgrade.

TDUB | 18. mars 2019

@MyMXRed, what do you mean by "I downloaded updates"? How could you manually download it? We often receive updates prompted by TESLA.
I purchased FSD more than a week ago, still not receive any update.

MyMXRed | 18. mars 2019

I meant the OTA software updates nothing related to FSD. I was just responding to recent software updates release that has Dog mode.
I wanted to know with this $2k what kind of hardware updates specifically do we get, i already paid on friday but i am still curious to know. I am on AP 2.5 bought in Aug 2018.