Tire rotation on a Model 3

Tire rotation on a Model 3


I have a Tesla Model 3 and it is due for its first tire rotation. Do I need to take it to a Tesla Service center or can I take it to a local mechanic? Any suggestions? Also, what is the usual price for tire rotation for Model 3?

gmr6415 | 13. kan 2019
Bighorn | 13. kan 2019

This is the third somewhat neurotic post you’ve made about wheels and tires in a week. Maybe an anxiolytic is in order.

Syed.Hosain | 13. kan 2019

@Bighorn "@syed
This is the third somewhat neurotic post you’ve made about wheels and tires in a week. Maybe an anxiolytic is in order."

Sigh ... why is it that a few people at this Tesla forum seems to want to post more *personal* attacks/flames than many moderated car forums on the Internet?

My comments are based on experience behind my comments. I have communications from experts at Tire Rack, and tire specifications from the Tire and Rim Association (see for info) about the issues I raise.

If you cannot refute, then please feel free to provide alternative information.

Finally, at no point have I attacked anybody in my comments, or insisted people listen and follow my advice without regard whatsoever.

So, please stop the unnecessary personal flames.

Syed.Hosain | 13. kan 2019

@gmr6415 "Sorry, here is the link to the chart:"

Thanks! I will take a look.

gmr6415 | 13. kan 2019

@Syed.Hosain, that chart is just for an example of how bolts or studs with different number of threads per inch/mm and grades of even the same size can require different torques.

There are also different manners to torque fasteners depending on application. Some bolts are torqued to a lower torque initially, and then turned X number of degrees beyond that point.

Some applications use a stretching method where a dial indicator is positioned over the end of the bolt/stud and then tightened until it stretches X in length, and a torque wrench isn't used at all.

My point is that comparing from one application to another has a lot of variables, so you trust that the manufacturer's engineers are the correct go to.

Syed.Hosain | 13. kan 2019

I understand and agreed. As I said too, I fully intend to follow Tesla's requirement and torque to their spec'ed value ft lbs for sure.

Was just surprised at the high level ... compared to other makes of cars and their specs, etc.

Bighorn | 13. kan 2019

Conjecture and ignorance over a safety issue that is settled science is a pet peeve. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Torque range on my vehicles is 88 to 165 lb-ft. For Tesla, it’s 129.

Syed.Hosain | 13. kan 2019

Hurt feelings? Nope. Just asking you not to personal flame.

Like I said, my experience and reading simply differs from yours then. I have owned American, Japanese and German cars (yes, all sedans and coupes) over the past 40+ years. And all wheel torque specs were between 80 and 90 ft-lbs.

But, yes, like I also said, I will use 129 for my Telsa 3 stock wheels. That is what they require, so I will adhere to it.

Syed.Hosain | 13. kan 2019

FWIW, I have to look, but my torque wrench stops at 125, I think ... maybe 150. If at 125, I will need to get another one ...

lordmiller | 14. kan 2019

What the heck is "personal flame"? Is this a new phrase that I'm unaware of?

Bighorn | 14. kan 2019

On a related note, 96% of Americans think they are above average drivers. How do you let down the 46% of the “everybody gets a trophy” world without bruising some egos? Time does not confer wisdom. Just another form of “Indignorance.”

ADinM3 | 14. kan 2019

@Bighorn, Reminds me of the old saying "you are a unique and special individual ... just like everyone else"

Syed.Hosain | 14. kan 2019

@Magic 8 Ball "@syed writes: "So, I sure hope the metal of the standard 18" Tesla aero-wheel and the brake hub is strong enough to take this without damage!"

@syed is a moron. @syed is doubtful TESLA engineers know what they are doing and is spreading FUD."

Ah, yes! I was wondering how long it would take for the one other person at this forum that I have noted here, who seems to enjoy these kinds of comments.

Oh, well ...

billlake2000 | 14. kan 2019

Bighorn, "Time does not confer wisdom." Love that statement. One that always makes me laugh is, "I've been doing this for 30 years. I know what I'm doing!"

yev000 | 15. kan 2019

From UK here, dont really understand the need for tyre rotation. On my RWD BMW I just replace them when the thread is low, rotation is not even possible due to different widths between rear and front. So why not just replace the rears more regularly than the fronts?

aperfectecho | 15. kan 2019

@yev000- the reason is to maximize the usable lifetime of the tires. For your BMW, it may be limited to swapping sides, but wear can be spread out that way from L-R-L again, so that you get more miles out of your tires before you need to replace.
In cars with the same tire measurements all around, they are rotated to maximize life, taking into account FWD, RWD, and AWD.

ADinM3 | 15. kan 2019

It's also usually cheaper and more convenient, at least in the USA, to buy 4 tires at once than 2 tires twice. 4 tire mounting and balancing is cheaper also. Indirectly, it is a good opportunity confirm everything is wearing evenly and there are no wheel alignment issues. Lastly, it helps ensure one doesn't end up with mixed tire brands on their car.

rob | 15. kan 2019

some tires are directional so you can't rotate to the other side of the car. And some have different size tires on the front and back so you can't rotate that way either. If you have both, then you can't rotate.

1agkirk2 | 15. kan 2019

COSTCO in Lancaster CA rotated mine for about $22. They had everything needed for 19" wheels.

slingshot18 | 16. kan 2019

America's Tire did it for free for me today. I always buy my tires there, so probably just good will.

malexjones | 23. kan 2019

Had mobile service rotate tires yesterday. Smooth experience until the next day when I received a call demanding payment. I asked how much and guy said $89. Told him I would not have scheduled service had I known that. He said if I don't pay my account I would be charged & any service would be suspended until paid.
I explained that I emailed Tesla Dania Beach service previously asking for price of rotation and I was told it would be taken care of as a "maintenance concern". Sent him the email and he called later again demanding full payment. I reluctantly paid.
This was at the Tesla service center in Dania Beach, FL.

Lonestar10_1999 | 23. kan 2019

Males, in your situation, you were in the right to withhold payment since you were told by a Tesla Rep that it would be taken care of. It might not be worth it to escalate it since you paid it already. But next time you feel wrongly charged by Tesla, stand your ground.

It may be that Tesla was wrong in their initial communication, but if you stand your ground, it may shed light on the issue of proper training of Tesla’s front line employees.

musdirector73 | 03. juni 2019

| MRNot01 | March 8, 2019
| No, but the manual tells you.. (6250mi)

Actually, I just checked and the Model 3 Owners Manual. Here's the quote from the manual:
Tesla recommends rotating the tires every 10,000-12,000 miles (16,000-20,000 km).

Patrick | 03. juni 2019

Tesla ranger just rotated Conti tires on our 3D/19 after 10K miles. Prior to the rotation, remaining tread depths were about 6/32 on the rears and 8/32 on fronts, very common according to the tech due to the more powerful rear motor.

After seeing this firsthand it’s clear that regular rotation will extend the overall life of the tires. The tech also said to expect about 30K miles from the factory set assuming normal driving with only occasional launches.

Tech did the normal front-to-back rotation, not the X pattern discussed by some forum members here.

cadub001 | 03. juni 2019

Tesla mobile ranger is suppose to be contacting me to come out and do mine, and i was told it would be 87.50 in Missouri.

SciMonster | 13. juni 2019

I just talked to a service representative in the Tesla Chat. I was told that Tesla:
- never did tire rotation via mobile service in the past
- does not do tire rotation via mobile service at present
- will never do tire rotation via mobile service in the future
When I told the representative that this is not correct, the chat was terminated.

I'm a bit puzzled how bad this Tesla person was suited for the job. Amazon and Netflix chat people are more competent (knowledgeable and friendly). Will check with a local tire shop now... I'm not driving 2 hours each way for a tire rotation. :D

Joshan | 13. juni 2019

I used Costco also. $20 out the door and they did an awesome job and even checked pressure and balancing.

billlake2000 | 13. juni 2019

Simon.barke, for the curious among us, feel free to post the name of your chat representative.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. juni 2019

@simon.barke Please prove you are an owner by starting a new topic.

Pepperidge | 14. juni 2019

@simon.barke they will never drive 2 hours for tire rotation.

SciMonster | 14. juni 2019

@Pepperidge I had mobile service at my apartment before. Amazing experience. Was about the air vent. This is 6 months ago, but I was told the service van is in my area a couple of times a week. I will try to chat with them again. But I also convinced Tire Kingdom around the corner to order the lift set and they would do a rotation in a couple of weeks from now if I can't find someone else.
@Magic 8 Ball posting to the forum is limited to verified owners, isn't it? (Could not find out where to change my public username ... it's a bit weird to have my full name here ^^)
@billlake2000 when the chat was terminated, there was just the "please rate your experience" screen left. I could not copy the chat history or get the name. But I left a rating. ;) It really was a weird exchange...

SalisburySam | 14. juni 2019

@simon.barke: “Could not find out where to change my public username.”

Got into your Tesla account (not the forums), go into Account information, scroll down to Forums, the change your username to anything you wish. You’ll need your password again to do this.

SciMonster | 14. juni 2019

@SalisburySam ha, awesome, thank you! :) my username in the account settings was my zip code actually. ^^

@all I am still unable to schedule any mobile service through the app or on the website. But I was talking to someone nice in the chat (her name was April). She was running into a lot of problems herself but managed to somehow get through to the mobile service people in Jacksonville. I'm text messaging with them now. (Tire rotation is currently $87.50 on mobile service in my area. But I would like to have this done by someone official from Tesla and ask some questions before I go to a local tire shop.)

rahuldas | 26. juli 2019

Tesla is quoting me $114 for tire rotation while NTB Tires in the neighborhood will do it for $10. Tesla service center is telling me (Via text since I have an upcoming appt with them) that if I take my model 3 elsewhere for tire rotation, they will not perform sensor relearning, and then car could tell me that driver front tire has low pressure while it may actually be the passenger tire. Is that correct? Do I need to shell out $100+ while I could get this job done for $10?

raqball | 26. juli 2019

I'd think this can be done in car, no? I thought I saw something in the settings that was to reset TPMS... I assume doing that would relearn the tire pressures for where they are mounted? Maybe not so awesome question @rahuldas

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Many of us do our own rotations and there is no need to program anything wrt wheel position.

stopnair | 26. juli 2019

@Rahuldadji - Thats ridiculous. Costco did mine for $21.99 and everything works perfectly.

Bighorn | 26. juli 2019

Tesl charges 30 minutes labor which varies between $62.50 and $87.50 depending on location.

rahuldas | 26. juli 2019

Guys, thanks for your response ,no need to laugh at my question though, since that's exactly what the Tesla people told me. Now if there is anyone ignorant here, that's Tesla service people who should know better, not me. I have to go by what they tell me. Anyway, I was able to talk to someone at Tesla Emergency service who told me that at least for Model 3, sensors are self calibrating. So I went ahead and got my rotation done at NTB for $10. Now if I get any issues with the sensors, I will take it to Tesla (who have quoted me $70 if I have to bring the car for them to relearn sensors), I am better off either way. Thanks for all your inputs.

tbd2001_01 | 26. juli 2019

Zero costs...

llim3306 | 28. juli 2019

I m a new model 3 owner. i have read in forum that the first maintenance/tires rotation is free. Is that still the case?

llim3306 | 28. juli 2019

I m a new model 3 owner. i have read in forum that the first maintenance/tires rotation is free. Is that still the case?

raqball | 28. juli 2019

llim3306 | July 28, 2019
I m a new model 3 owner. i have read in forum that the first maintenance/tires rotation is free. Is that still the case?

I've not heard of that but I wouldn't expect a trie rotation at the SC would cost very much...

billstanton | 28. juli 2019

llim3306: Nope first not free and it cost me $62.50 at the Dublin CA SC. They even called and suggested I do it elsewhere for less! But at the time the manual still said if it was not done as a Tesla SC the warranty would be void. That has since been removed.

ST70 | 28. juli 2019

@billstanton- There was never any mention of that in the manual....where did you get that from?

SalisburySam | 29. juli 2019

@llim3306, my first tire rotation at the then-recommended interval of 6250 miles was free and done at the Tesla Service Center in Matthews (Charlotte), North Carolina. The invoice stated this as a courtesy service. In this and other forums there are several examples of the first rotation being free as a gesture of goodwill, but there are at least as many posts saying the typical fee is ½-hour of labor mentioned by @Bighorn above. So this is an inconsistency among Service Centers; if you’re close to more than one, call around and ask. If they all charge, you can make your decision based on that. The TPMS sensors issue is a red herring. Lots of folks rotate their own, lots more use a tire or mechanic shop. None seems to have a sensor problem.

gmkellogg | 29. juli 2019

My first tire rotation was free of charge, Tesla Mobile came out. Second was around 80 dollars or so (also tesla mobile). Guy that came out was great, but might look for cheaper options moving forward.

cmdo | 29. juli 2019

I just scheduled first rotation via app @ SC; but they sent a TXT saying would be performed by mobile at charge of .8 hours - $124 in Chandler, AZ. Guess they get a premium here because of the heat? Assume they can just do this in my garage. Kinda seems like they need to standardize on their prices for services.

legna_fo_htaed | 29. juli 2019

Speaking of rotations.. I'm at 6500 miles and was getting worried about needing to rotate. When I RTFM the first time I remember seeing it had to be done around 6200 or so. Now I was looking at the manual again last night, and it says between 10,000-12,000 miles. Weird, but makes more sense at those intervals to me.

andy.connor.e | 29. juli 2019

how does the manual say 10k miles for rotation, and people are replacing their tires at 20k miles?