Lost 20 miles at 100% charge

Lost 20 miles at 100% charge

I have a 2016 MS 60D, which has the 75 kw battery. I usually charge to the recommended 90%.

When new it would 100% charge to 218 miles.

Now it only 100% charges to 198 miles, a loss of 20 miles.

I have read here that some people have had their battery sent back because of lost miles, but they didn't say how many miles they lost to get there battery serviced.

Is this excessive lost miles? Should I contact the service center?

tes-s | 10. mars 2019

It is not excessive. Contact the service center if it will make you feel better.

SO | 10. mars 2019

My estimated range in my gas car is never accurate.

Driving style and weather elements have a bigger impact on range. | 10. mars 2019

You didn't state the car's mileage. Seems normal if you have 100K miles, not normal if you have 10K miles. Less clear between these mile ranges.

If the loss was gradual over time, it sounds more in the normal category. If it lost it suddenly, I'd contact service. If one of the 14 modules dies (shorts out), it will drop 7% of the range or around 16 mile loss. I'd expect you'd get a warning of some sort if a short occurred, but perhaps not.

Bighorn | 10. mars 2019

Only defective batteries are replaced. Never heard of any degradation leading to a replacement. Figure for the Model 3 is 30% which won’t happen in 120k miles. Your figure may be rather inaccurate depending on charging habits.

Bill_75D | 10. mars 2019

My December 2016 75D with 27,000 miles now only charges to 236 miles at 100%, down 23 miles from new. I'm disappointed.

NKYTA | 10. mars 2019

@Bill_75D, clearly that is your default emotion.

Try glass half full.

jordanrichard | 10. mars 2019

Awpd13, you heard wrong. Only batteries that had a sudden loss of range got fixed. Typically they were given loaner batteries while their original battery was fixed.

There are too many factors that could contribute to your numbers. Have you run the battery down to say 10% and then back up to 100%. If you only get your car down to say 75% and then charge back up to 90%, the algorithms get wonky and is giving you rated miles based on the relative small window of usage. Think of your battery like a rubber band. If you constantly only stretch it to 15%, you won’t get a literal feel for how much it can be stretched.

raffidesigns | 11. mars 2019

I saw a forum post a few minutes ago. 60D to 75D. There is a user who is reporting 198 at 100% which is the same as what you are reporting. If I am understanding both posts correctly, you lost no mileage in the 3 years you’ve owned your Model S. Congratulations!!!

Firaz | 11. mars 2019

Did you nearly deplete the battery (10% or less) before charging to 100%? it could be a calibration issue which amplifies the perception of range loss (some brave people were reportedly able to drive a few miles while the battery showed 0).

Craig1965 | 11. mars 2019

I have a related question. I own a 75D with only 5000 miles. I always kept the charge between 40 and 80% for battery longevity. I once tried to charge to 100% to get my rated miles estimate. No matter what I did I could not get it to charge above 96% at 40A. Started and stopped charging 3 times manually with slider at 100% and max I could get was a 97% charge. Asked Tesla repair and they said that it is completely normal, they don't charge to 100% to protect the battery, especially in the cold. Is this true or B.S.? I mean everyone here is charging to 100% successfully to check their range?

Sleepydoc1 | 11. mars 2019

Take the car down to 10 to 15 miles then slow charge back up at 10 to 15amps a couple nights that you dont need a full battery. Get back to near 100%. Repeat a week or two later. You should gain a couple miles back. Worked for me a couple times and the Tesla service guy gave me those instructions after I had what I considered excessive loss.

cfishkin01 | 22. mars 2019

June 2017 75D. 35K miles. I follow all the guidelines detailed in this forum regarding proper care of the battery. When new, with the occasional 100% charge for a long trip, was at 259. Drifted down as expected over time. Now, I am not able to charge to 100%, last three times, over the past 3 months, 96%, 98% and the last time 97%. So fairly consistent. Started at 5%, charging at 20A. This translates to approximately 237 miles. Car battery was a normal operating temp after a long highway drive. Outside temp 60 degrees F. I'm planning on trying again as the temperature warms in the NE. What is the optimal charging temperature ? Should I expect any change or this is how it will be going forward. Thanks.

tstolz | 23. mars 2019

I’m wondering if there are regional differences for battery degredation. Anyone know if there is data for degredation rates in hotter vs cooler regions? I have an 85D in Alberta, Canada which is always stored in a temerature controlled garage (yearly temp a steady 60F (15C). It does not get particularly hot in AB, but we do see cold of course. My car still has 95% battery at 200,000 km (125,000 miles).

brianliyang | 23. mars 2019

I'm glad someone posted about this recently because I noticed my 100% battery range isn't what it used to be. For context, I have a 2016 75D Model S with 29k miles. I did the upgrade from 70 to 75 back in 2017.

In the past (only a few months ago), my usual daily charge to 80% would give me a range of 225 miles and 100% at 255 miles. I noticed recently, in the last month or so, my daily charge to 80% was only showing 216 (4% loss) which was a little alarming. I charged to 100% and it indicated 243 miles. I'm a little suspicious because it feels like my 80% at 225 dropped to 216 pretty suddenly. In other words, it didn't feel like a gradual degradation over time. One guess I'm having is that Tesla might have tweak the range estimation in a recent update. Does anyone know if that's a confirmed possibility?

I believe my charging habits are pretty normal: charge at standard 220v about 2-3 times a week to 80% (very seldom 100%) and supercharge about once a month. I live in the Bay Area, California where the temperatures are mild compared to other parts of the country. I feel like battery degradation due to temperature shouldn't be as bad.

SO | 23. mars 2019

Every time I fill up my Ford Escape, it says I have x miles available to me.

When I fill up again, my mileage is often quite a bit less than the initial estimate. The only time I care about estimated range is if I’m under 50 miles and need to drive a long ways. Anything beyond that is often not accurate. Too many factors at play.

Yodrak. | 23. mars 2019

"my usual daily charge to 80% would give me a range of 225 miles and 100% at 255 miles."

Are you sure? 225 is ~87-88% of 255 (depending on which way one does the calculation. Seems like you are routinely charging to 90%, not 80%.

bill | 25. mars 2019

I have a 2016 S 90 D. I am down about 15 miles after 60,000 miles. What is interesting is I cannot change to 100% and have it stop. It gets close and then I get calculating and the charge rate slowly drops but the miles does not change. I have left it like that for over an hour and when I drove I went about 10 miles before the range started to drop.

So it looks like I have not last as much range but I have tried the re calibrate trick and that has had no effect.

I wish Tesla would give you the real numbers instead of miles or %. What is the voltage at with the batteries when i it is at 100%? Does that start to drop as you loose range?

tes-s | 26. mars 2019

"What is interesting is I cannot change to 100% and have it stop. It gets close and then I get calculating and the charge rate slowly drops but the miles does not change."

I have experienced the same - I figured it as an added feature to avoid idle fees at superchargers. Saturday I had lunch with the CT Tesla group in Manchester. Starting with 50% SOC, my car was plugged in for 2 hours and still charging.

redacted | 26. mars 2019

@tes-s you're quite brave (regarding idle fees). I'd leave it plugged in because I want my money's worth.

wpmitchell4 | 24. august 2019

I have a 2016 Model X. I have lost 21 miles at full charge. I have 56,000 miles on my car. What is the problem, I keep losing miles. HELP!