2019.5.15 Included Mapping Updates

2019.5.15 Included Mapping Updates

Downloading 2019.5.15 took about 30 minutes which seemed longer than most any other update I've received except V9. When I looked at the lower righthand corner of the touchscreen I noticed the imaging is noted as being 2019 imaging. That's a first for me. Additionally there is a very large subdivision going in to the south of me and the new imaging shows new homes that weren't including in the previous maps yesterday.

My first 15 miles of city driving used only 148 Wh/mi, which is lower than usual for driving in that same area (LR RWD w/ac on). That included a 900 Wh/mi spurt to see if I could feel a difference in torque/HP. I can't say I noticed a power boost. The lowest I've ever seen before was 133 Wh/mi and that was in stop and go highway driving.

When I started the update my miles remaining were 255. After the update it was 261 with no charging done at all. I would assume that's simply recalibration/efficiency calibration since I wasn't plugged in during or after the update. | 12. mars 2019

Map updated, may be true, but as the maps are coming from Google in real-time, I suspect it's just a coincidence, that Google updated it's map around the same time as your Tesla update.

The range change sounds like the new adjusted range for M3 LR RWD cars - sweet!

M3BlueGeorgia | 12. mars 2019 The car has a full set of maps downloaded into it. Keeps down the internet traffic, which otherwise would cost Tesla money.

Mike UpNorth | 12. mars 2019

Cool observation!

rdavis | 12. mars 2019

@M3BlueGeorgia.... I don't know about that... when I lose LTE connection, I lose my Satellite maps image...

gmkellogg | 12. mars 2019

Might just be a coincidence, but I also noticed lower consumption. I'm in AWD and wasn't expecting to see a change, but this morning I was consistently under 300WI/hr for the first time since December. Temperature is warmer than it has been but it was still under 40F.

charles.a.braun | 12. mars 2019

I agree that there was a map update as well. I noticed yesterday (the day after I updated) that the map tracking (was not using NAV at the time) had a different look than normal. It was like I was zoomed in on my current location or something as the line representing the road I was on was much thicker than in the past.

Think an extra wide highlighter today vs a ball point pen prior to the update.

AmpHog | 12. mars 2019

@rdavis LTE is required for the satellite maps, not the navigation maps.

gmr6415 | 12. mars 2019

@charles.a.braun, I noticed that too.

disapr | 12. mars 2019

My car received a 5.44 GB download on 2019-02-21 with no indication other than I noticed it in my logs. Then the 2019.5.15 update downloaded last night and it was 635.07 MB.

The 5.44 GB download was likely the new maps. Or possibly AP data. I didn't notice a difference in the maps, but I usually have music or the rear camera up and don't look at the maps much.

Rt002k | 12. mars 2019

@TeslaTap - the map itself does not update in real time from Google. I'm building a new home and the neighborhood has been on Google Maps since about October, but to date hasn't shown up on my car. Hopefully this last update added it.

Rt002k | 12. mars 2019

Nope - still not on there. The really weird thing is that the satellite image for the neighborhood does not match the Google Maps satellite image from the website, which also doesn't match the satellite image from the phone app, with the phone app being the most up to date.

Nexxus | 13. mars 2019

We've noticed that with our Model S, with several of the updates, that we'd get better efficiency after the updates. I think Tesla evaluates the fleet's battery packs and over time reconfigures the software to allow greater efficiency in the cars. Even in the S our lifetime Wh/mi is 256 for 44,500 miles, so almost 4 miles per KW.

Bighorn | 13. mars 2019

My Model S has had no updates to FW in 2019 and has 2019 google maps so the entire premise is disproved.

sananpx | 13. mars 2019

Is range boost only got LTR or is it applicable to MR and SR as well. I have MR. and there is no change

jonathanmalz | 15. mars 2019

Only LR RWD.

charles.a.braun | 15. mars 2019

@Bighorn - I have often suspected that Tesla regularly sends updates to the cars without any notifications to the owner. Nothing too drastic but perhaps very minor bug fixes or map updates.

Just a theory that I cant confirm other than I will ocassionally notice some very subtle difference in the car from 1 day to another without having gotten an official update.

Bighorn | 15. mars 2019

The google map is what’s being received live via LTE, so it doesn’t get downloaded to the car, though it can be cached for subsequent times when there is no signal.

jjgunn | 15. mars 2019

All I know is the 2019.5.15 update took almost 90 minutes to complete.

Definitely longer than previous updates with the exception of v9

twistedskipper | 15. mars 2019

My 5.15 update took 15 minutes. Haven’t noticed if the maps seem updated.

majassow | 15. mars 2019

Maps are definitely not downloaded with firmware updates. Otherwise I wouldn't drive off the edge of the earth when I leave LTE coverage. Maps are downloaded on the fly.

I've noticed different map dates on different devices. You even get different map versions on the same device at different zoom levels.