FasTrak Flex doesn't work in Tesla-recommended location

FasTrak Flex doesn't work in Tesla-recommended location

(Posted about this yesterday but accidentally deleted)

The FasTrak Flex transponder doesn't seem to work to the right of the camera surround, which is where the manual recommends mounting it. Haven't had it beep even once when mounted there.

Is anyone using a Flex reliably in one of the other locations some folks have put it, like the center console? I called FasTrak and they recommended putting it in the frunk, which doesn't sound right to me - too much metal.

I'd just rely on the license plate reads, but I need to set the Flex to 3+ to get HOV toll discounts.

bluevie | 13. mars 2019

I live in Orange County, CA. It maybe a faulty transponder. You can exchange it for a newer one. The new one is smaller too, about 1" x 3" x .5". Whenever i use mine, i just put it temporarily on top of the dashboard and hide it in the console when i'm not using it. It beeps once unlike the old version that has a double beep.

sjm4660 | 13. mars 2019

Flex works fine for me just to the left (looking out) of the mirror/camera

rxlawdude | 13. mars 2019

Try turning the transponder 180 degrees. I recall a similar issue when we first got the M3.

Kathy Applebaum | 13. mars 2019

I've had my Flex just to the right of the mirror since last April. Zero problems with it working.

billstanton | 13. mars 2019

Left of the mirror works fine for me. Set to '3' as I also have CA HOV stickers. Beeps 3 times at toll bridges (no discount), does not beep on 'express' lanes (free).

gridc | 14. mars 2019

@rxlawdude Inverting the transponder did it! Thanks for everyone's help!

RichardKJ | 14. mars 2019

I have the newer "candy bar" style flex mounted just right of the mirror/camera assembly as high up as possible and it works fine.

JCTSLAM3 | 14. mars 2019

My new ‘candy-bar’ shaped transmitter works INSIDE the armrest. My old transmitter ran oyt of battery juice years ago! They match your car and plates to your account if the transmitter isn’t working. Talk about ugly stickers, the transmitter is pretty ugly too. I wouldn’t put it up.

johnse | 14. mars 2019

WA state Flex pass works on my friend's Model 3 just below the cameras. Same position works on my X (March 2018). At the office that sells them up here, they have a handheld reader allowing them to test it. They may have that where you are too.

burnbrighter | 02. april 2019

Fastrak flex / Model 3 owners - do you hear your Candybar version set to position 3 beep consistently on 680? I never hear mine beep and I've had to dispute charges with Fastrak twice (Fastrak's terrible response times is a whole different topic!). I've been holding the Candybar in the recommended position to the right side of the mirror. I am mounting with velcro squares today. @ rxlawdude when you say invert the device, do you mean with the fastrak flex logo in the lower or upper position? Please clarify. Thanks!

decoss | 09. april 2019

I got the one that fastens to the front license plate. Works great.

vmulla | 09. april 2019

Velcro to the glass (of course), switch towards the driver so that we can turn it off/on, placed to the left of the mirror for easy access. I painted the Velcro side of the device black to make it look nicer from the outside too.

St☰v☰ | 09. april 2019

I have the license plate frame unit on the front. Seems to work better than the window unit in my other car. Just a thought.

rxlawdude | 09. april 2019

@burnbrighter, mine is oriented such that the three position switch, when set to "3" is closest to the driver or passenger. In other words, "upside down."

OC.M3 | 09. april 2019

In Orange County CA
I don't use velcro (unsightly and hard to remove the sticky part later).
I put it up when in use and put away when not using.
Put on speaker dash propped against the windshield driver side held in place by lil squishy
I never have to switch between 1-2-3, it just beeps when in use, Fastrak acct shows no charges.

lilbean | 09. april 2019

I hold mine between my left thumb and index finger with my arm raised up to the windshield.

St☰v☰ | 09. april 2019

I have to ask. I have one of the 1,2,3 type transponders, but what is the benefit of setting it at 1, 2, or 3? It's not like we get a discount off the toll for 3 persons versus 1.

OC.M3 | 09. april 2019

To Sky Pilot...
when I got my Tesla transponder, I was told to only use if for the tesla and to only drive in the 3+ lane because if I drive and beep thru the regular lanes, the transponder may convert back to a regular one and charge me. But I regularly drive in the regular lanes and get beeped thru with zero charges. So not sure what that Fastrak rep was instructing me to do that for. It's not making a difference which lane I drive thru, I still get zero charges.

anis.kadri | 10. april 2019

Works fine for me under the armrest. If it doesn't beep they match me by license plate.

The_Flash | 10. april 2019

I also just put it on the Dash when needed and it works fine.

rxlawdude | 10. april 2019

@sky-pilot, my understanding is that if you don't set the switch to "3" on the Los Angeles HOT lanes, you are charged full price.

Of course, the pricing and discounts for BEVs has changed recently, so it may not make a difference. I just leave mine set on 3 at all times.

St☰v☰ | 10. april 2019

@OC.M3 & @rxlawdude: Thanks for the responses. I drive the 405 and 5 in OC and neither have any overhead monitors, the 73 toll-road does, but it's a toll-road, so it's a pay as you go route regardless :(

styvwerx | 10. april 2019

I found some vinyl (close match to the grey trim color) and wrapped mine, (the small candy bar, with the 1-3 switch permanently on 3). I peeled off the velcro backing paper, and stuck it on the front (facing the windshield) of the screen, just above where the screen goes into the dash. Virtually unnoticeable, and works every time. The "3" setting is so you don't get charged for using HOV lanes that can now be paid for through FastTrak. I took a photo, but can't get it into the text area.

eztider | 10. april 2019

I have a transponder for my wife's ICE car, and a new, different one for my M3. My understanding from talking with the 91Express lanes rep is that my M3 transponder has a different account number, corresponding to the fact it's a ZEV so there is no need to do anything with the switch. The system charges accordingly. I know this is true on the 91 but can't say about the 10 express lanes. I haven't used it there yet.

jjgunn | 10. april 2019

lilbean | April 9, 2019
I hold mine between my left thumb and index finger with my arm raised up to the windshield.
I would pay to see that on video - haha

Mine is placed just below the center camera on the windshield. No issues

thezaleskis | 22. august 2019

Hi can someone who has the smaller candy bar flex transponder mounted on the right side of the mirror please confirm the orientation of the device, I tried horizontal and vertical but maybe I need to invert the position as well.

thezaleskis | 22. august 2019

I should have included I have a 2019 Model 3

Joho.keith | 22. august 2019

Mine is on the right side of the mirror (passenger side). It is very close to the mirror and is vertical orientation. The number 1 is closest to the driver. The number 3 closest to the passenger. Works without problem and beeps.

RichardKJ | 22. august 2019

Mine is on the right side of the mirror horizontal and works fine. June 2018 build.

Before it was mounted it worked fine just sitting on the dash.