Asian Spam

Asian Spam

Can we get rid of the Asian chicken scratch spam please

Kathy Applebaum | 14. mars 2019

Flag them as inappropriate, Tesla's mods will delete.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. mars 2019


EVRider | 14. mars 2019

@Kathy: The deletions happen automatically when enough people flag a post (I think it takes 7). That’s why sometimes a post will disappear as soon as you flag it (which is very satisfying :-)

hcdavis3 | 14. mars 2019

How do you flag these posts?

CST | 14. mars 2019

Buy a car - you'll see the option next to the post.

Carl Thompson | 14. mars 2019

"Buy a car - you'll see the option next to the post."

I've owned a Tesla for a year and I don't see this option.

jimglas | 14. mars 2019


billlake2000 | 14. mars 2019

I simply couldn't read jimglas's post, so I got it transcribed:

Yǒngyuǎn bùyào xiāngxìn zhōngguó de lèsè yóujiàn, nǐ yǒngyuǎn bù huì zhīdào tāmen shì shénme zàochéng de

billlake2000 | 14. mars 2019

Carl T, me neither.

rob | 14. mars 2019

I've got an M3 and I can't see how to flag a post either.
Probably have to be a mod.

jimglas | 14. mars 2019

Chinese characters, translation: Don't eat chinese spam, you don't know what they put in it

TAC | 14. mars 2019

Looks like they started early today... i hope this is not the first thing we see in the model Y forum!

Targetaddict | 14. mars 2019

No option to flag for me either

ODWms | 15. mars 2019

Me either.

lilbean | 15. mars 2019

Who has the time to flag hundreds of threads? I'm on here all the time and don't have time for that.

Daryl | 15. mars 2019

If you add the Tesla forum extension to your browser you can block any user. This used to work well with the Korean spam since many, many sequential posts were posted under the same name. However, this recent Chinese spam uses rotating names with typically only 1 or 2 posts per name, so it isn't nearly as useful.

Still, it helps.

SO | 15. mars 2019

Tesla changed it to only allow 2 posts per new user per day.

So then the spammers just automatically create a bunch of accounts.

lph | 15. mars 2019

I own a tesla M3 and I don’t see a way to flag either.

SO | 15. mars 2019

Tesla has to Mark you as an owner on this website.

cascadiadesign | 15. mars 2019

We can land rockets on barges, but can't purge Asian spam? Fix this. Mars can wait.

magrider | 15. mars 2019

Hi folks, I created a simple Chrome Extension to hide all the Chinese Spam threads. The code is located here:

It's not published to the Chrome Extension store so you will have to download and install it yourself. If it turns out to be useful to folks I might consider publishing it to the Chrome store so it's easier to install.

jjgunn | 15. mars 2019

Asian're. Dirty little **** sucker....

Steel Panther tune.

ODWms | 16. mars 2019

Does the Chrome extension or yours apply to and work on portable devices like iPhone and iPad?

h2ev | 16. mars 2019

Why don't they just block all the creation of thread titles with Asian characters? Better yet only allow actual Tesla owners to start new threads.

I'm an owner and I do not have a flag post button.

Daryl | 16. mars 2019

I installed the Lagrider extension and it does block all the Asian spam. The problem still remains that for those pages that are full of spam, they all get blocked and no posts show up at all on that page, or only one or two. I got out to page 25 before I started seeing many posts.

However, there don't seem to be any new spam posts this morning, so maybe it got fixed.

magrider | 16. mars 2019

Yes on pages full of spam the extension won't work too well.
All it really does is after the page has loaded on your browser, it inspects it and hides all posts with certain Chinese characters in them. If all posts contain Chinese Spam on that page, all will be hidden, no easy way to address this. I could be wrong since I'm not familiar with Chrome Extension, this was the first one I wrote :-) . I don't think Chrome Extension works on mobile devices.

billlake2000 | 16. mars 2019

What Daryl said. but, kinda worth it. Easy to get it working on your COMPUTER web browser. Don't know about iphone, but on ANDROID, the suggestion is to download the YANDEX browser from the play store, which will allow installation of chrome extensions. Aint tried it yet, so I can't say how well that would work. So far, just taking a look at the forum with my computer chrome browser. When I see pages that are not coming up empty, I guess that will mean it is fixed. IF EVER!!!