Where are the dancing cars?

Where are the dancing cars?

Cars don’t dance in the display much anymore, can I get a refund?

Earl and Nagin ... | 14. mars 2019

Me to,
Also my car flawlessly slowed down to allow a merging car to come into my lane. I did not get the opportunity to wrest control from the autopilot to avoid a collision.
These autopilot improvements are starting to make driving boring. :-)

Magic 8 Ball | 14. mars 2019

The order pylon at In/out burger kept trying to decide if it was a bicycle or motorcycle but was nice and steady : ) last night.

CST | 14. mars 2019

That's because in out Burger uses a GMOs and it freaks out the car.

suddled | 14. mars 2019

How long until the other Telsa's on the screen show up as their actual color? I keep hoping when I see another Model 3 or model S next to me that my screen will show that red or black car also...I know it has to be coming up...Then we can send messages to each other or drawings from our touch screen.....

howard | 14. mars 2019

They never danced in CO. The air is too thin and full of state-approved vision/graphic stabilizing compounds.

jim | 14. mars 2019

The dancing cars were pulled from the latest build but will become an optional paid feature in a future release.

theblindtree | 14. mars 2019

I thought it was hilarious that I passed an oversized trailer hauling a house today on the interstate, and the display on the car was like WHAT ARE YOOOOU?!

gballant4570 | 14. mars 2019

Mine are still dancing more than a bit..... I got 2019.5.15 a couple of days ago......I've been hearing about "In & Out Burger" for years, but have never seen evidence that any of it is real...... Sounds like an artificial cartoon name that would never get anywhere in the real world anyhow.....

Carl Thompson | 14. mars 2019

They still dance but they do it differently. Instead of a jittery fast dance it's a slower more graceful dance.

inconel | 14. mars 2019

Do they sometimes do the Transformer trick too? Morphing from a car to a SUV or SUV to a truck or vice versa? I love dancing Optimus Prime.

texxx | 14. mars 2019

Much, much smoother now, even when you're moving fast and cars are coming up beside you. Great improvement and it looks like the vision system is really coming together. Got to believe this can only help EAP/FSD do a better job.

Carl Thompson | 14. mars 2019


Yes, the transformer move is still there.

Carl Thompson | 14. mars 2019

To me it just looks like they're just running a motion filter now rather than any real improvement. But who knows.

texxx | 14. mars 2019

I was wondering that too Carl, but then I started noticing that cars next to me (while driving) seemed to be more accurately positioned relative to my vehicle. Could just be an optical illusion now that they aren't dancing - not sure. Haven't tried EAP yet to see if it feels improved, but I'm headed to Houston tomorrow so I'll have a chance to try it and see,

Kahn | 14. mars 2019

seems better for me too, maybe some more advanced logic. previously every-time a car passed on the right it would move over close to my lane even though it really hadn't moved.. maybe software realized all cars cant be doing that and fixed the calibration.

texxx | 15. mars 2019

Couldn't see any difference with EAP on my drive back to Houston. Still drives like a 16-year-old, so I think I'm with Carl on this one.

Magic 8 Ball | 15. mars 2019

Motion filter vs real improvement, this is another absurd anti-TESLA comment by Carl. People were complaining about the display "issue" and that is all it was/is the display has nothing to do with how the car control system is reacting to input.

I could actually sell dancing cars as a feature but enough whined about it they decided to really improve the display by settling the cars down. A real improvement to most but Carl has to dampen the achievement, a troll move that he has done many times that would cause some to think of him as a troll.

Jiver | 15. mars 2019

LR AWD with EAP (no FSD) here.

Anyone find that the braking is more aggressive in this release? I believe the braking is a bit more heavy footed than before. I also have many more unexpected slowdowns -- mostly on surface streets where I know I am not supposed to be using TACC anyway. I've also gotten a new "Autolane Change is Unavailable" message when stopped with TACC on and not autosteer whilst signalling to turn at a red light when behind another vehicle. I would not expect autolane change to be an option at all when autosteer is not enabled. It is an odd message and currently distracting although I am sure that I will get used to it.

Another perceived change is that the follow distance appears to have increased. I used to drive on "3". Now "1" does not seem to be as close as "3" was at any speed. The gap left in front of the car in stopped traffic even at "1" is now larger than I would like.

These are just my observations and I'm curious if others have noticed the same things. I realize that other people might like the things that I do not like. Love the car -- still smiling.

I have not noticed that the cars have stopped dancing. I'll look for that on the drive home tonight!

cmdo | 16. mars 2019

I noticed occasionally the car in the lane next to me shows up in RED color now. I assume it is part of the lane warning assistance - when I have the turn signal on?