DashCam time stamp ( 3 1/2 hrs ahead)

DashCam time stamp ( 3 1/2 hrs ahead)

When looking at DashCam video files on the USB drive, it is showing 3 1/2 hrs ahead. Any way to correct this? The time on the car is fine.

Kary993 | 15. mars 2019

mine is 7 hours ahead, not sure why or how to change it.

Pen18 | 15. mars 2019

I am in the EST time zone, so if CA time, then it would be 3 hrs back and not 3 1/2 hrs ahead if time zone issue internally.

Kary993 | 15. mars 2019

I am in Pacific

Rt002k | 15. mars 2019

Looks like the time circuits actually did something!

Teslanene | 15. mars 2019

Mine are also ahead several hours I’m in the Bay Area.

jithesh | 15. mars 2019

Relax... You are in a Time Machine

charles.a.braun | 15. mars 2019


The file names themselves should reference the correct time. Just the file creation date will be in GMT.

Daryl | 15. mars 2019

+ charles.a.braun.

GMT. This establishes a constant universal time as you drive around the country through different time zones, though I admit it makes it a little difficult to translate into local time.

rxlawdude | 15. mars 2019

All we need is a hot tub...
Oh, never mind.

Cactusone | 15. mars 2019

Yes its in GMT