NoAP Off-Ramp Anomaly

NoAP Off-Ramp Anomaly

Navigate on Autopilot has mostly worked fine for us. However, the is one specific off-ramp that it struggles with. As expected, it engages the turn signal and turns onto the off-ramp, then just as it gets past the dividing line marker between the freeway and off-ramp, it suddenly jerks back toward the freeway, then immediately jerks back into the off-ramp and continues smoothly. The puzzling thing is that this particular off-ramp is extremely benign. There are no characteristics that appear to be a challenge in any way.

We have taken this off-ramp daily for the past three weeks and experienced the same behavior every time but two. On those two occasions the barely twitched. They happened just after the car updated from 2019.5.4 to 2019.5.15, so we jumped to the assumption that Tesla had addressed the issue. Subsequent, multiple, "jerking" experiences proved that conclusion pre-mature.

All of this is well within the expectations of Beta features, so "hands-on-wheel" and "brain totally focused". Probably even more important than if AP were turned off, because the Tesla AP driver not only has to be prepared for other drivers' behavior, but also for their own car's behavior!

CharleyBC | 15. mars 2019

NAP took an exit off of I-15 in Ogden, UT for us last weekend that was much as you described. I grabbed control and didn't let it play out. This was a one-time event, so I can't say whether it might behave the same way repeatedly. I had the sense that the exit lane markings were not so much the gentle curve one usually sees, but more angular. No idea whether that was causal.

zerogravitydrgn | 15. mars 2019

AP got noticeably worse for me after the update to 2019.5.15. 2018.50.6 was working really smooth for me. I am also now seeing issues like you describe along with sketchy lane changes and inability to take curves as sharp as before.

CharleyBC | 15. mars 2019

I didn't think to mention software version. My Ogden tale was on 2018.50.6. (Since upgraded to 2019.5.15, but no experience to relate on this topic yet using the later software.)

jjgunn | 15. mars 2019

Keep with it. Keep taking the ramp in light to no traffic so you can help it learn.

I'm assuming the lane is wider here than a regular lane. That is where I've experienced this anomaly - in a wider lane or wide lane that merges

Carl Thompson | 15. mars 2019


If NoAP has problems on that off ramp why on Earth would you continue to use it there every day? Trying for a Darwin award? ;-)

I don't mean to be too harsh but remember it is not 100% reliable yet!

Carl Thompson | 15. mars 2019

"Keep with it. Keep taking the ramp in light to no traffic so you can help it learn."

This kind of attitude seems scary and unsafe. It does something unexpected and potentially unsafe but you should keep doing it?

surfpearl | 15. mars 2019

Presumably you have already filed a bug report. If not, do it next time it happens.
I've seen an AP anomaly gradually get better and eventually disappear after several attempts over couple of weeks on a narrowing lane before a curve in my neighborhood.

dalesmith1962 | 16. mars 2019

@Carl Thompson “If NoAP has problems on that off ramp why on Earth would you continue to use it there every day? Trying for a Darwin award? ;-)”

As long as you keep your hands on the wheel and pay attention you should have nothing to worry about. I use EAP all the time, even in the city and on narrow winding country roads. I quite often override it when it doesn’t work as I expect.

Those overrides alert Tesla to potential issues that need resolving. The more you use EAP the more it helps Tesla to make it better.

If you don’t have your hands on the wheel and aren’t paying attention then you shouldn’t be driving, period.

Bulldawg | 16. mars 2019

It’s one thing to just let the car learn but I don’t want them to have to say, “well, Bulldawg died because of that little software quirk, I guess we need to fix that”.

P49X | 16. mars 2019