Charging Question and VIN Question

Charging Question and VIN Question

First question - coming from a chevy volt with 220v charger installed at my house. My understanding is that i can use the same charger with the included adapter. How does this compare to using the Tesla charger? Just as quick? If not, how much slower.

I ordered Mid Range RWD today, just got VIN and scheduled for delivery on Monday! The VIN looks like it’s a 2018 model. Should I be concerned? Also, the last digits are 173170, what exactly does that mean?

And lastly, this cars price is going up 3%, correct? This forum has provides a ton of useful information so far, thank you!

Carl Thompson | 15. mars 2019

Hi @tesla88919. I also had a Volt a while back and loved it. I've had a bunch of EVs so I too already had a standard SAE J1772 EVSE when I got my Model 3. (Technically these units are not chargers.)

The good news is your EVSE will work just fine with your Model 3 using the adapter that comes with your car.

The really good news is if you have a fast EVSE such as my 40A 9.6kW model it will charge your car even _faster_ than the included Tesla charging cable (mobile connector). For example on my longer range Model 3 I charge at 38 miles / hour with my J1772 EVSE. If I used the Tesla Mobile Connector I would only charge at about 30 miles / hour.

I continue to use my J1772 EVSE because it's faster, because I still have a different brand EV that it also works for and in case I someone needs to charge a non-Tesla (or Tesla) at my house.

Some people might be concerned about a 2018 VIN because having an older model year could affect resale value. Tesla doesn't really do Model years so a 2018 is going to be virtually identical to a 2019. But many used car buyers don't know that so it could affect resale value a bit. It's up to you but some people have chosen to wait longer for a 2019 VIN for this reason.

Yes the price is going up soon.

Hope this helps.

Carl Thompson | 15. mars 2019

Oh, and congrats on getting the car! It's a fantastic drive. You'll love it!

mrburke | 15. mars 2019

@tesla88919 - Take delivery ASAP. Everyday you wait, is a day not driving this fantastic car.