I have never gotten summon to work, any suggestions?

I have never gotten summon to work, any suggestions?

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get summon to work. 10 out of 10 times I have a connection error and I've tried everything. I'm using an iPhone XS and just using LTE to prevent it from jumping from WiFi to LTE. My car will light up, the taillights flash twice acting like it's about to work and then everything just turns off and I get a notification saying there is a connection error. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

isleboy | 15. mars 2019

Flat surface?

richmond1508 | 15. mars 2019

I get that error about 50% of the time. I’m not exactly sure what connection needs to be established between the IPhone and the car. I know they don’t want the car moving via summon unless you are very close by. I think it’s possible that you need to have a Bluetooth connection between the IPhone and car, similar to when you use your IPhone to unlock or lock the car. But I haven’t tested this out to confirm. Maybe someone else can clarify.

M3phan | 15. mars 2019

I had that (50% connection rate) until update 5.15, and now works every single time, even on my sloped driveway.

Carl Thompson | 15. mars 2019

Do you have GPS turned enabled on your phone?

surfpearl | 16. mars 2019

It's still in Beta, so be patient. Find a spot near the car where you have a good cell reception and where the car can 'see' you. Try different spots around the car. For me it's in front of the left hand side headlight because my cell signal repeater is in that general direction. When the app reports the connection error I restart the app window (without exiting the app, I'm on Android) and try again. That usually fixes it. While waiting for it to reconnect I do something fun, like balancing in a challenging one-legged yoga pose.
For me the Summon works most of the time. The connectivity has improved on 2019.5.15 although there are still occasions when I have to give up on it since I don't have time to wait.
You can also try it at a different location, other than your garage, say a parking lot at your business one weekend when there's nobody around and see if you can get it to work there.

SalisburySam | 16. mars 2019

Summon still doesn’t work. Worked pretty well on 2018.24.8 when I first got the car, but nada since. I try a couple of times with each new update, then give up until the next update, lather, rinse, repeat. Big disappointment.

ElectricAlex | 16. mars 2019

Uzi, how many other Bluetooth devices are paired to your iPhone? M3 makes a number of connections and overloads iPhone. Since I stopped wearing my paired watch I have not had Summon connectivity issues.

I do have issue with how well Summon works, it is easily confused in tight space parking, which is why my M3 is named Pea-brain. Daily adventure when leaving, will Pea-brain back out of the garage.

Few weeks back when Tesla had the Internet problems i could not use Summon and had to use ICE to go to work.