Handle above window on the passenger side?

Handle above window on the passenger side?

Will the passenger side have a handle above the window? If not, can this be custom fitted? It's actually a dealbreaker for me...

Brian H | 24. desember 2011

Is that for access?

clea | 24. desember 2011

I don't see how could you have a handle above the window when the doors are frameless ...

mscottring | 24. desember 2011

clea - I think it would be mounted to the roof structure. This may be a requirement for some people who have trouble getting in and out of vehicles. My "guess" is that Tesla thought of it, and I was just so dazzled by the interior in general that I didn't notice it.

clea | 24. desember 2011

thx for the clarification, i misunderstood the requested functionality.

olanmills | 26. desember 2011

I hope that they don't add the old man handle, but I understand the need.

Volker.Berlin | 27. desember 2011

Talking about it, if those handles were present in the rear, particularly on the drivers side, they could serve as a place for a coat/shirt hanger. Has anybody seen standard equipment or options for the Model S that allow to conveniently hang a jacket or a bunch of fresh shirts, e.g., on a business trip?

Thumper | 27. desember 2011

Olanmills, Such handles won't detract at all. You will never notice them unless you need them. Think about your current car, they are likely present. If you need to transport an older person or a younger person nursing a leg injury, they are very useful. I hope they are already on the Model S. Perhaps someone will check a Beta.

Brad Holt | 27. desember 2011

Yes, my girlfriend is insistent that the Model S should have a handle above the door, or as she calls it, the "Jesus handle"

Teoatawki | 27. desember 2011

Come to think of it, my wife uses the one in her odyssey frequently when I'm driving. Wonder why?...

Jason S | 27. desember 2011

I thought all cars have an OMG handle. Practically required, isn't it?

Brian H | 28. desember 2011

She's probably trying to pull it back down onto the road.