Flash Drive Format Suggestion

Flash Drive Format Suggestion

I realize that flash drives for drive cam and sentry mode must be formatted in FAT32. Because of file size limitations, exFAT would be a better option.

Can Tesla implement a change like this via software, or would a hardware change be necessary?

gmr6415 | 16. mars 2019

The only size limitations to a FAT32 drive are when formatting it with a Windows based computer. You can use third party software ( to format larger drives on a Windows based machine or use a Macintosh computer and format any sized drive you want.

rmg007 | 16. mars 2019

Anybody having issues with red recoding, gray x, and icon itself appearing and disappearing regularly?

M3BlueGeorgia | 16. mars 2019

FAT32 provides more than enough potential storage, so I'd say its highly unlikely they'd switch. | 16. mars 2019

Also Microsoft may have patents on eFAT that prevent Tesla from using that format.