Windshield Seems Defective

Windshield Seems Defective

Sorry folks, but Tesla doesn’t offer search on iPhone’s browser, or I would have searched first.

Soon after taking possession (at night I might add), I started noticing the windshield could just never get clean. I thought it was the blades. Then I noticed when in direct sunlight, the whole windshield lit up like a Christmas Tree with speckles. I tried cleaning, with a heavier solvent. No luck. Mobile Tesla Tech looked at it and agreed it didn’t look right. Finally got an appointment with Tesla (because they were back-ordered on the windshield for so long, and, up to the head of service at Devon, PA location, they’re blaming it on normal road chips. This, after <10 days after owning the car? I didn’t go down Mad Max Fury Road. What gives?

Anyone experience this or have luck escalating warranty issues? I’ve sent messages to their customer service, pr, and Musk’s office numerous times, to no avail.



M3phan | 16. mars 2019

If it’s as bad as it sounds, that doesn’t seem possible under ten days due to rock chips. Are they “marks” you can feel in the surface or is the surface smooth and they seem trapped within the glass?

jeff d | 16. mars 2019

Speckles like white/grey but little opalescent? Look like a haze across the windshield? If so, do you see 5 squares in the form of a 5 on a die? two nearly just slightly to the right of steering wheel center one about 8 inches from dash other about 10" from top of glass? To on the other side and in between the top pair and bottom pair centered left/right is a 5 one? Need direct sunlight to see, or someone shine a flashlight in/out of the car depending on where you're looking from.

gridc | 16. mars 2019

@jeff d It’s like you’ve seen my car. I think I can see squares in the rear glass as well. Delivered 10 days ago. Haven’t been bothered enough by it (yet) to make a SC appointment.

gene | 16. mars 2019

@jeff I have noticed those squares and haven’t been successful in getting them off. What are they?

RedShift | 16. mars 2019

Mine is like that. I didn’t see it at first, and then, I thought it was not clean. Took it to Tesla but they are hemming and hawing about them replacing it. I think I might just get the Insurance company to pay for a replacement.

M3phan | 17. mars 2019

The squares are I believe temporary marks of the suction cups used for robotic placement in factory. Over time this got cleaned off for me through regular (weekly) car washing/glass cleaning. I use Invisible Glass glass cleaner. Excellent stuff.

roger.klurfeld | 17. mars 2019

Try using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser lubricated with ONR to clean the glass.

Lonestar10_1999 | 17. mars 2019

If I notice shmutz on the windshield when I take delivery of the SR+ this Wednesday, I will certainly insist they do a better job prepping the vehicle. This could be a safety issue if it causes excessive glare especially when the sun is low in the sky.

rxlawdude | 17. mars 2019

We had this in our December 2017 delivery of an early M3. Except there was a spot about the size of a piece of paper in the left lower corner that did NOT have the issue. Also the two front side windows had the issue.

After trying unsuccessfully to remove the stuff, I asked Tesla for a new windshield. When it was in for that replacement, they discovered "polishing" the glass removed what looked like micro pits. Final diagnosis: paint overspray.

Jchopkins5 | 17. mars 2019

I was at a service center yesterday And they said squares are from production and nothing will remove it A they said maybe later down the road will get free replacement !

Halbach | 17. mars 2019

Long thread on the other forum about this. Seems that Tesla can clean it. As far as DIY some claim rubbing with microfiber towel did it and one says that Bon Ami original formula cleanser worked. Mine wasn't bad and window cleaner and firm pressure with a microfiber attached to my window cleaning tool cleaned it up pretty well.

ATX_TM3 | 17. mars 2019

Glad I came across this. I'm still working with Tesla on a similar issue with my October delivery. In morning and evening sun, the glass and chrome sparkles like a Christmas tree too. In my case, it was the driver's side chrome, glass (including right side of rear window), and both rear view mirrors. I'm still waiting on a few parts to come in, not urgent, but annoying depending on the light. So far they've only replaced the driver's side mirror. Tried clay bar, and every cleaning method possible, but nothing will remove it. I assumed it was paint overspray, but the fact that no amount of cleaning changes it at all has me thinking it might be micro pitting. If you take a toothpick, it catches on the glass. When I showed it to Tesla they just ordered all the glass and parts, no pushback. The only problem is I'm still waiting.

hector | 17. mars 2019

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wiboater4 | 18. mars 2019

Had that on mine when I first got it. I talked to a body shop and they told me to use 00 Steel Wool. I did and it worked great. I think it might have been overspray. I did NOT use the steel wool on the top glass that is treated for sunlight. There was some of the same speckles on one of my side front windows also so I used steel wool on it also. You can tell if you have got it off by trying to wipe the glass with a paper towel . If it still grabs you need to go over it more.

stevehendler | 18. mars 2019

I have 10k miles on my car and the windshield "sparkles" in direct sunlight. It appears to be from rock chips, but I avoid following cars closely and avoid trucks at all cost. The large suction cup squares are still present too. Glass looks foggy too. I assume the glass is just super soft and easily chipped.

Should I ask for a warranty job?

lordmiller | 18. mars 2019

I had a weird thing on the back window. Check your back window about half way down on each side edge. I had an "X" marked on both sides. The X was about an inch in size, it looked like a grease pencil mark. I couldn't get it to rub off. Really weird, my tint guy got it off when I showed him. It was on the outside and hard to see unless light is on it. Has anybody else seen this?