Where are the pick up locations for used Tesla?

Where are the pick up locations for used Tesla?

I'm in the market to buy a used Tesla Model S. I'm in NJ, so I'm narrowing my search to areas around the east coast. With that said, where are the specific pick up locations? If I order a used MS from the website, and it says its located in NJ, where do I have to go to pick it up? Same for NY? Lastly, when I enter my zip code and a list of used Tesla's are generated, there are a few that don't have the location under them. Can I assume that they are in NJ? I would hate to order one and find out that its in CA and I'd have to fork over 2k to have it shipped. Thanks so much in advance, cant wait to get my Tesla!!

jimglas | 17. mars 2019

if you are buying from Tesla, It will be at a service center like a new vehicle. If from a third party, from them

jordanrichard | 17. mars 2019

Once you order a car, Tesla will let you know where to retrieve the car. Unless things have changed, Tesla has a huge holding lot for thier used cars in Paramus.

As for paying for shipping a car from out of state, that wouldn’t be any different than buying any other car form out of state. It will need to be shipped. Also, something to keep in mind, there are things that look like you are paying extra for, like shipping, but those costs are baked into the price of any car you get from anyone else. I mean, do you really think “free shipping” of something from Amazon is really “free”......?

random155 | 17. mars 2019

Gotcha, Paramus. Totally understand shipping prices. But, if I can find one that suits my needs in NJ, that could, potentially, save me 2k.

jordanrichard | 18. mars 2019

Also, I don't think it is a flat set price of $2K. Even that $2K I would call them out on because if you buy brand new, the "Transportation and regulatory documentation fee" is only $1,100.