Referrals and the Loot Box are back!!!

Referrals and the Loot Box are back!!!

Share your code and give friends 1000 miles of free Supercharging and for each referral you get 2 chances to win a Founder Series Model Y monthly and a Founder Series Roadster quarterly.

Just_Ted | 21. mars 2019

I sooo need richer friends...

jordanrichard | 21. mars 2019

Yep, it’s baaAAaaaack!

“”Each referral give you two chances to win a Founders Series Model Y monthly and Founders Series Roadster supercar quarterly, both signed by Elon and Fran”

So I guess each month, they draw a name from the hat to win a Model Y and then every 3 months they draw a name to win a Roadster. Also it is interesting that you can’t see your code. You tap on “Your Code” it wants to set up a link to send it to someone. This may be there way to stop the pimping of one’s code. Sorry Ben Stillions and Like Tesla.......

burdogg | 21. mars 2019

Interesting - mine is not back :(

I really wish Tesla would just drop this - most all owners refer just because the car is awesome. Quit giving stuff out until you are on solid footing...oh well...

AceHBee | 21. mars 2019

Anyone have any issue with Android Tesla apps after the loot box is back? It keeps crashing. Whenever I open the app, it seems like it tries to show the referral program. I have opened it before, but this time, it just keep spinning with the "x" to close the message. Whenever I close the message, shortly after, the app crash.

theblindtree | 21. mars 2019

Yeah, I'm not sure why they're going back to this. It's not exactly cheap advertising. They still have how many Roadsters to basically give away at this point - several of them going to the same people? It's just odd.

theblindtree | 21. mars 2019

@jordanrichard, ahh, that's at least better. Didn't read that part. It's no offense to the YouTubers, as that's just how it worked, but it did get slightly ridiculous. Everything was basically being funneled to them.

jim | 21. mars 2019

@Just_Ted: We all need richer friends :)

ebmcs03 | 14. april 2019

Has anyone gotten the 1000 mile supercharging referral yet? Can you explain how it works? How they keep track of the 1000 miles?

gordon_r_benson | 14. april 2019

I am still baffled by how this works since I used a friends referral code 3 years ago. He just took delivery a few months ago and I just took delivery this week. Neither of us appear to have gotten anything (he should have gotton free supercharging or something under the old program). Anyone else actually figure out how this is supposed to work when the delivery was after the referral program got killed off?

jjgunn | 14. april 2019

ebmcs03 | April 14, 2019
Has anyone gotten the 1000 mile supercharging referral yet? Can you explain how it works? How they keep track of the 1000 miles?
I referred myself. I take delivery on the 19th. I'll let you know.

ebmcs03 | 14. april 2019

@jjgunn cool. Thanks.
I just referred someone (for the first time, with my code, referred sooo many ppl in 2018 without a code) but they have not taken delivery yet so I’m curious how Tesla calculates the 1000 miles.

jimglas | 14. april 2019

I predict a lot of people are going to be whining about their "1,000 miles"
I would have been simpler to just have some $ amount of supercharging

ebmcs03 | 14. april 2019

Ya $1000 would be nice.

edhchoe | 14. april 2019

1000 mile charging is worth about $72.
I have gotten $0 from referral. Sucks.

EVRider | 15. april 2019

@gordon: When you order with a referral code, I think both you and the person who referred you get whatever you’re entitled to by the referral program in effect at that time. If the program changes or goes away before the car is delivered, you should still get what’s coming to you. In other words, the order date, not the delivery date, determines which referral program applies.

jimglas | 15. april 2019

The referral lottery ticket sounds fun. I have never bought a lottery ticket before.

PhillyGal | 15. april 2019

I'm 98% sure Tesla is going to muff up my last referral. He ordered his P3 during the last referral program (when I was 1 away from new wheels!) but hadn't yet taken delivery when Tesla ended the program. He took delivery thereafter.

To me his should totally count. Not to mention I had been blabbing Tesla to him (race car enthusiast) years ago. But his name disappeared from My Tesla account.

jimglas | 15. april 2019

@PhillyGal: I believe they zeroed out everyone with the end of the referral Last program. I did get a second wall charger with my 2 referral deliveries prior to cancellation of the program.

PhillyGal | 15. april 2019

@jimglas - right but did people who ordered in time for the referral program get zeroed out if they didn't happen to take delivery? Wouldn't seem appropriate if Tesla advertised to get in before it's over.

jimglas | 15. april 2019

@PhillyGal: Sorry, I don't know. might be able to answer your question?
I suspect they just zeroed out undelivered referrals. It all seemed pretty haphazard, My second charger showed up unannounced (and unexpected)

PhillyGal | 15. april 2019

@jimglass - Yeah I haven't emailed them yet. I wanted to see if I can find his name in MyTesla again. (I was having trouble loading the page.)