Enhanced Summon coming next week

Enhanced Summon coming next week

Hey everyone!!
In case you didn’t see Elon’s tweet, enhanced summon is coming next week.

2015P90DI | 06. april 2019

This is the one I've been waiting for. After watching the videos and seeing how slow it goes, not sure I'll find much use for it, but it'll be the best party trick yet.

geno.kearney | 06. april 2019

Hope Elon celebrates by putting FSD on sale for $2k again. It's the only way I could afford it .


Mike83 | 06. april 2019

Excellent. Look forward to it. The AI is amazing as is the Nav on AP which is really closer to FSD which we got for both Teslas.

Trekman | 06. april 2019

@2015P90D1 -Yep, and I'll be sure to have the windows down and have it farting all the way!

jjyst5 | 14. april 2019

Has anyone received the enhanced summons update? Or did next week mean next week's next week?

EVRider | 14. april 2019

@jjyst5: No one has received Enhanced Summon yet. "Next week" in Elon time can mean anything from next week to next year, though I suspect this time it will be closer to next week than next year.

Carl Thompson | 14. april 2019

Back in October Musk said advanced summon was coming in six weeks.

That didn't happen.

Be happy when it comes but don't hold your breath in anticipation.

jimglas | 14. april 2019

it is coming in ELON time
Early, Late Or Never

walnotr | 14. april 2019

Perhaps it is in 2019.12 and not yet activated? We call all speculate. None of us know.

It will be there when it’s there.

-TheJohn- | 14. april 2019

I've got it. Prepare to be underwhelmed and amused at it's teenage awkwardness!
Although I'm pretty sure that in 6 months it will be picking up the groceries on it's way to get me..

jjyst5 | 14. april 2019

@johnmcniece- what firmware version includes this underwhelming feature for you? Thanks for responding.

-TheJohn- | 14. april 2019

The version is (Confidential). Hope I didn't break the NDA!

Carl Thompson | 14. april 2019

"Hope I didn't break the NDA!"

You did but no one's watching. No worries.

-TheJohn- | 14. april 2019

Btw it really does say Version (Confidential) so even if I wanted to tell you I couldn't.

Whdame | 15. april 2019

johnmcniece - it's in your email they sent you before they sent it to the car. Yes the version says confidential in the car but it's also listed in the bottom of the phone app. And you are right, it's not quite ready for prime time yet.

AZTesla | 15. april 2019

Ya, enhanced summon is the pre-release -- phone shows the version of the software - v2019.9.8282d10.

mkrueger3 | 15. april 2019

The date on this tweet is April 6th. He meant the week of April 8th. That week has come and gone so there is no telling when we'll get it.

JarvisM3 | 15. april 2019

I admit, I got all excited. New Tesla owner here haha.

markr7 | 15. april 2019

Elon tweeted that Enhanced Summon will be delayed a few weeks - Just not ready for prime time...

82bert | 15. april 2019

I’m excited he’s delaying it. The videos Shore it wasn’t ready for prime time which is why it was early access only. The initial wide release will only be better.

ebmcs03 | 15. april 2019

Then what makes of FSD? Simple “Enhanced Summons is taking forever.

kmazzone | 25. april 2019

Anyone get it yet?

billlake2000 | 25. april 2019

It's not next week yet. It's only Thursday.

mrburke | 25. april 2019

There is a great Bugs Bunny- Daffy Duck routine about this week being next week last week.
Some how this thread reminds me of it.

jerrycallahan66 | 25. april 2019

How do I get notified of new autopilot options before the price increases? I bought my Model 3 in December 2018. I paid $500 for the autopilot. Now it looks like I will have to pay $4000 more to get the rest of the autopilot. That is quite the scam.

82bert | 25. april 2019

This is getting old now...

billlake2000 | 25. april 2019

5000 is the new 500.

zp | 25. april 2019

up up down down left right left right B A select start

to unlock enhanced summon

Tesla2018 | 25. april 2019

I used regular summons today and freaked out the guy sitting in the car next to mine in the parking lot.

As I was walking out the front door of a store I hit summons to move my car towards me. It rolled back about 20 feet and then I got into the car. The guy saw the lights flash and figured somebody was probably getting into the car by shutting off the alarm, but then the car started rolling backwards without anyone in it and he was like WTF!

kirwin | 25. april 2019

How good is the car at slowing for tight turns on FSD?

kirwin | 25. april 2019

I meant curves,not turns.

Madatgascar | 25. april 2019

@kirwin - Too good. It goes into granny mode.

EVRider | 26. april 2019

@jerrycallahan66: You paid $5,000 in December to get EAP, and you still have that. Paying the extra money will get you FSD and an upgrade to the new HW3 AP computer. At this time, FSD doesn’t add any features that aren’t already included in EAP. By the way, the price of FSD will go up in May.

aperfectecho | 26. april 2019

My friend has Enhanced Summon, and it's got a ways to go. Frankly, I've not been impressed with Summon, as it fails to connect a lot of the time, and I've stopped it a few times as it looked like it would end up hitting something. My friend said it failed about 1/2 the time, but when it worked, it was really cool. I can see it being handy on rainy days, especially

howard | 26. april 2019

Why would you risk damaging your new Tesla and potentially agitating everyone around while your slow moving Tesla flounders around? Other drivers are just going to try and whip past it. I would never use it.

thedrisin | 26. april 2019


thedrisin | 26. april 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 26. april 2019

"I would never use it"

Saved for future reference.

gmkellogg | 26. april 2019

@howard So you think the software will remain static forever and never change? You don't think the speed and responsiveness will improve with the new 3.0 hardware?

I never thought I'd use EAP because I thought it was a gimmick, but it's improved over time and I now find myself using it on the highways pretty regularly. I still have to take over more than I'd like, and it's conservative nature gets on my nerves sometimes, but we've definitely seen improvement in the product. No reason to believe enhanced summon won't also see this.

Gitongisip | 26. april 2019

I have EAP on my M3 delivered July 2018 but i did not buy the FSD. Will I have enhance summons when it gets released?

EVRider | 26. april 2019

@Gitongisip: Yes, you will.

howard | 26. april 2019

gmkellogg, I do believe that the software and firmware will continue to improve. I am counting on and looking forward to HW3. I simply said it is not worth the risk for a brief walk to my car. I don't think a crowded parking lot is where the future should be pointed.

billlake2000 | 26. april 2019

nice save, howard

thedrisin | 26. april 2019

"Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really."


82bert | 26. april 2019

Same ‘ole rhetoric from howard and thedrisin. You guys are like a virus...

howard | 26. april 2019

82bert, not sure what your ranting about. If you prefer to have your car come to you more power to you. Best of wishes.

82bert | 26. april 2019

No rant. Those that frequent these forums know you well, howard. My advice is to stick to the GM Volt forums.

RadOne | 26. april 2019

@howard. Just ignore 82bert. They can't tolerate any reasonable difference in opinion. Not worth your breath.

NKYTA | 26. april 2019

@RadOne, @howard is the antithesis of 1) a car aficionado 2) someone that knows Tesla cars 3) in anyway intelligent.

You’ve been taken.

NKYTA | 26. april 2019