Tesla, you read my mind!

Tesla, you read my mind!

I had a two hour drive yesterday on the highway and wanted to use my new EAP upgrade. Unfortunately, every time I put the car into EAP, I found myself having to take back steering control. Not because of traffic conditions or issues with EAP, but because there are a lot of potholes this time of year and I was desperately trying to miss them.

Then, this morning, I see this

Excellent! They read my mind!

timhippo | 09. april 2019


I wonder if it would also sense manhole covers too. There are a few that sit lower I maneuver around that auto steer hits dead on.

rdh37 | 09. april 2019

I actually asked about this during a recent SC visit. Would be a very nice feature, especially if it handles the manhole covers as mentioned by @timhippo. It will be interesting to see how Tesla will balance the avoidance feature with keeping the car relatively steady within its lane. EAP, onward and upward.

jjgunn | 09. april 2019

Would need clearance on both sides from other vehicles.

Might be tough to program but definitely possible.

EVRider | 09. april 2019

@Iwantmym3: Maybe they read your mind, but more likely they read this tweet:

Iwantmy3 | 09. april 2019

I am sure they did. Whether they respond to my thoughts or someone else's tweets, I am just happy to see continuous improvements that seem to address my issues time and time again. The car might not be perfect, but soon enough, it will be!

stephenfootball | 09. april 2019

I heard they're also going to include dramamine. ;)

Rt002k | 09. april 2019

This should be interesting. If the car has trouble discerning between stationary object on the road vs next to the road, I shudder to think how it will determine whether a mark on the road is sunken in or surface-level.

lordmiller | 09. april 2019

Way to be positive @Rt002k.

CharleyBC | 09. april 2019

Potholes and lots of other challenges--small and large--need to be solved if the car is ever to get to Level 5 autonomy. So all these things are steps in that direction. Just like the recent red light warning. Not a big deal feature in itself, but the car has to learn to recognize traffic lights. Again, a step in the direction...