New Model X owner with questions

New Model X owner with questions

Hey I am new the the tesla/ forum world. 2 questions

1. How long to the perelli tires last? (Does hi vs low suspension matter?)

2. When I bought the inventory car I did not ask for Ludacris or ludacris plus. The car came with both. It is a 2018 p100d. When I picked it up the worker said they will remove it during the next update. Can they do that? I thought it came standard...


jjgunn | 09. april 2019

1) If you have the 22" wheels - I've heard 20,000-25,000 on the Pirelli Scorpion tires

2) Uhhhh.......I'm going to pass on answering #2 - Good luck! | 09. april 2019

If you didn't pay for options such as Ludicrous,it may be scheduled for removal with a later update. Enjoy the bonus while you have it. Ideally they should have removed it before you got the car, but consider it a free trial! is not standard, but a fairly expensive option - $20K or so?

bob | 09. april 2019

And YES suspension does matter. If you have it set to low or very low you'll end up with inside tread wear (at least that's what my research resulted in when I first starting looking into the same question). I've left mine at standard and I've seen pretty consistent tread wear from inside to out. I have 20" not 22's. I got about 25k out of my first set of Conti's - I've heard most owners have gotten similar life out of the Scopions

drbeeharry | 09. april 2019

@t.koehler22: Hi. I was going to post a rather similar comment. I have just bought an inventory (demo) 2018 P100D X.
Should i expect(i suppose) to take delivery of the car in a a state as a new one? I mean: no scratches, no tread wear on tyres, no color staint on the seats? I would suppose so, because its not bought on the used stock of Tesla but on the inventory stock..
I would appreciate anyone out tgere with a similar experience. Thank you

personaldee1 | 10. april 2019

I’m not sure what ‘Ludicrous ‘ is, we have the model X , we bought it New last year, we asked for full autopilot, Will we have to pay for the upgrade when it’s available? Thanks

jjgunn | 10. april 2019

Ludicrous is acceleration - only available on. "P" car (P100D) | 10. april 2019

@drbeeharry - Really depends on the milage. A car with a few hundred miles should be almost indistiqable with new. The normal terminology is an "inventory car" is a brand new car that has been driven less than 50 miles or so (for QA validation and delivery). These are sold for the same price as one ordered on the website (i.e. no discounts) and has a new car warranty and can get the federal tax credit.

A demo car is different, and has some number of miles and is provided at a discount based on the age and mileage. It could be pristine, but not assured. The more miles the more likely there is some signs of wear. You need to check what kind of warranty is provided (it may be different than new), and if you can get the federal tax credit. I think demo cars qualify. If it was ever sold, then it is a "used" car and doesn't qualify for the federal tax credit.

I hope this doesn't add confusion!

jimglas | 10. april 2019

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t.koehler22 | 11. april 2019

@Drbeeharry there may be some nicks and scratches. I had a small dent and a little issue on the 3rd row cloth. It was a demo with 600 miles. And it came with a huge price reduction. None of the issues were disclosed to me so when i found them they agreed to fix them at no cost to me.

drbeeharry | 11. april 2019

Thank you TT snd t.k

ttnrsmvomsv | 17. april 2019

So, basically for Ludicrous owners, they paid extra $34500 (performance+ ludicrous mode) just to unlock the software?
The motors are the same as long range version? | 17. april 2019

@ttnrsmvomsv - No, battery is different (using an electronic pyro fuse), likely some wiring differences (less sure), and the motor is selected for maximum performance (i.e. the motors have some manufacturing variance, and they pick the ones that have the absolute best performance). I also thought there may be some suspension upgrades, but less sure of that too.

Anyway, there is no "software" unlock that will provide ludicrous and deliver the specified performance, nor can you get the option after purchase.

Also when you order performance, oddly, white seating cost is free, and $1500 option on the non-performance model.

ttnrsmvomsv | 18. april 2019 Thank you!