Rock Chip: Lemon? Bring it back?

Rock Chip: Lemon? Bring it back?

Gorgeous spring Sunday. Really Enjoyed watching Tiger win the Masters. Decided to give the car a good wash and wax (all by hand of course) and found a rock chip the size of pin head on left rear passenger door. After 8 months and 8.5K miles the paint looks as nice if not better, except for the rock chip. So disappointing that TESLA doesn't not have shield technology.

jjgunn | 14. april 2019

Didn't you pay $1,500 for that paint too?

I think a refund is in order. If not time to invoke Lemon Law

Magic 8 Ball | 14. april 2019

I forgot they forced me to pay extra for the paint I wanted, definitely pissed now.

jimglas | 14. april 2019

the only solution is a new door

Wilber | 14. april 2019

I recommend you park it in the garage and keep it there. Paint should not get any more chips, and you wont be bothered with having fun driving a Tesla. perhaps you have an old fossil fuel vehicle you dont care about. You could drive that. OR take the bus. My sympathies for your loss.

-TheJohn- | 14. april 2019

Definitely time to leave it in the garage with the AC -and- Heat running full blast in order to use up that PV systems output! (Yes I know you can't do both of those things..)
You should also offer to pay $500 more for the paint.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. april 2019

Of course I can do both. I have two separate systems for house. I can blast the heat upstairs and blast the AC downstairs.

Entropy rules, make heat!

coleAK | 14. april 2019

Ok serious question here. But I have noticed that the paint below the hub and behind the wheels is always covered in gravel and on my car has chips/scratches. I think it’s due to the way the lower angles in. Anyway the question: anyone put rally style mud flaps on their 3? If so which ones? Happy with them?

TAC | 14. april 2019

The paint kit worked very well to cure my rock chip damage I took onto my frunk lip.

Pierogi | 15. april 2019

@coleAK - I have substantial wear, paint pitting, lighter color/worn paint, and white dots behind my front wheel and in front of my rear wheel along the lower rockers. I was at the tesla service center last Friday getting my snow tires swapped out and politely asked about these issues. It is symmetrical on both sides of the car. The service center said they would cover this under warranty, have the impacted areas repainted, and have it covered in clear bra so it will not happen again.

This went above and beyond what I was expecting since I simply asked them "can you please tell me what is causing my paint to wear away prematurely around the wheels?" My car has less than 5,500 miles on it and I have never taken my car on a gravel/dirt road.

I would think proper fender design, designing the fenders and rockers to be plastic (Like they X and Y), or mud flaps would solve this problem.

coleAK | 15. april 2019

@pierogi. Thanks, salting was banned years ago so they use a ton of sand and gravel on our roads. I agree it is a fender/rocker design oversight. I had ceramic pro done prior to winter so my scratches sound to be in the same place you observe but in the coating not the paint. I’m >2000 miles from the nearest service center so that isn’t going to happen. I’m thinking if I can find some nice rally style mud flaps put them on/off with winter tires +- 3M the lower half of the sides.

Brian B | 15. april 2019

If you let your back seats down, it won't chip any more paint. Wait...