LOC at delivery?

LOC at delivery?

Taking delivery on Saturday PM while I’m on call, just want to know if I plan using it that day if it arrives charged or if I have to plan to charge it that day when they deliver the car to my door?

wiscy67 | 14. april 2019

Mine was about 70% charged but I opted to come to the delivery center to pick up. That way if I found anything such as flecks in clear coat that needed attention they could take care of it before I took possession.

EVRider | 14. april 2019

I didn't know what you meant by LOC until I read your posting. Most people say SOC.

lbowroom | 14. april 2019

I remember "hearing" that they target 50% but that requesting higher is usually successful.

Gordon87 | 14. april 2019

I didn't have a way to charge my Model 3 when I picked it up at the SC and knew I wouldn't have a way to charge at my apt garage for a few weeks, so I called my service adviser a few days before and asked him to call the SC and request that they charge it to over 90% for me. When I picked it up, it was charged to 94%, which was very helpful.

Also, I asked them to make sure the software was current (2019.5.15 at that time). You may want to try to have it updated to at least 8.3 or 8.5.

bpatter123 | 14. april 2019

I thought you passed out... LOC= Loss Of Consciousness.

EVolution | 14. april 2019

I LOC when I got my delivery date

mstoer | 14. april 2019

When I picked mine up it was around 70% SOC, they let me take it to a Supercharger and top it up on their tab.

Guy From Gulfport | 14. april 2019

Picked mine up two weeks ago, at 80%.

ArcticStation | 14. april 2019

Had home delivery SOC that was just above 20%, but that was in October 2018 during the push to beat the $7,500 tax credit end of year deadline. Hopefully not an issue today.

lbowroom | 14. april 2019

Mstoer, just curious, how did they apply it to their tab?

coleAK | 14. april 2019

Mine was odd then. Delivered back in late September with 7 miles on it at ~30% charge.

-TheJohn- | 14. april 2019

I'm pretty impressed they got an M3 to you in AK and only had to put 7 miles on it. Less impressed with them giving it to you with 30%! We had 5 miles and 80% when we picked ours up in Tempe last August.

mstoer | 15. april 2019

@lbowroom They did not register the vehicle as delivered until a few hours later (they can track the vehicle location), which gave me time to get to the super charger (about 45 min away) and top up.

coleAK | 15. april 2019

@john. To AK is a fairly easy transport from the west coast. The car went CA to Seattle on a truck than Seattle to Anchorage on a barge and I picked it up at the port.

However it did sit in Seattle for almost 3 weeks, after I sent them full payment, while they lied and said it was on a truck through Canada, which never happens for things shipped to AK, at one point 2 weeks after I paid they said it was almost too Anchorage which really ment still sitting at the Seattle dealer...