Beyond 8.5 and HW 3.0

Beyond 8.5 and HW 3.0

What and when do we expect a major upgrade like 8.5 and what will be in it. How about HW 3.0 and when and what do we expect in that.

jimglas | 15. april 2019

ELON time

Daryl | 15. april 2019

Tesla (Musk) has stated before that HW 3.0 will be completed/demonstrated on April 22, but there is no schedule for when upgrades to existing cars will begin. The implication seems to be that it should happen later this year.

M3phan | 15. april 2019

April 22, calendar marked, watching the webcast.

gmkellogg | 15. april 2019

I'm not expecting the hardware refresh for FSD owners until the fall sometime. But I also don't think there's any rush for it either.