Bluetooth integration issues

Bluetooth integration issues

I have recent software update on my X last Friday, after which the problem started. This is particularly when making calls through Tesla Bluetooth, connections are fine but call voice is very very bad, either of us on all can hear clearly. I am not sure what the issue is? Bluetooth streaming is fine, only the issue is with call making. Anyone experiencing similar issue or have a solution?

jjgunn | 16. april 2019

Nope - Try this....

Forget your device on the Tesla
Forget the Tesla on your phone.

Shut off your phone. Wait 30 seconds Power it on.
While your phone is powering on, Reboot the car.

Try & scan/connect

MyMXRed | 16. april 2019

Let me give it a try and will the update.

MyMXRed | 16. april 2019

No luck, issue prevails.

jjgunn | 16. april 2019

after you reboot the car - give it about 2-3 minutes for the LTE / Bluetooth to come up - it can take a couple minutes. Please be patient

jjgunn | 16. april 2019

Really?? What kind of phone?

MyMXRed | 16. april 2019

iphone as well as android. No luck

MyMXRed | 16. april 2019

Also the LTE should not matter. I already took appointment with Tesla.

jjgunn | 16. april 2019

on Android, what do you see under Previously connected devices?

Go into SETTINGS & on Pie you can search for "previously connected devices" first few letters should pop it

If none of that works, then yeah Tesla SC is the call

MyMXRed | 16. april 2019

I am able to connect, thats not the issue when i make the call, the voice including dial tome is very rough and distorted and when connected i do not hear a thing... its all muddled up with rattling. I cannot understand a thing.

jjgunn | 16. april 2019

Oh wow....yeah that's gotta be a service call.

I'm assuming other Bluetooth headsets work fine with your phone?

Possible speaker/mic issue on the car.

Teapen | 21. april 2019

I had similar issues few months ago with my new iPhone and new Apple Watch. The tech said it had something to do with both trying to connect to Bluetooth. The problem went away after the next update.

MyMXRed | 23. april 2019

Now my X is with dealer, dropped yesterday. Initially they changed the Mic but no luck. They are going to put under diagnosis ( i do not know what that means), its really tiring process to go to Tesla with any issues. Its kind of black hole, they always first replace the part instead of finding the actual reason.

jjgunn | 23. april 2019

Picked up my P3D on Friday - made sure phone was discover-able & removed old Tesla Model 3 (loaner) from previously connected - start search on BT on car - boom finds phone - 6-digit code - pair... done.

It's just crazy hearing how some are having these BT issues.

I even removed my phone from the Model X & deleted it & re-paired - no issues but I will say for the first time someone on the other end mentioned hearing an echo - that was surprising to me. First time anyone mentioned an issue. | 23. april 2019

@MyMXRed - " they always first replace the part instead of finding the actual reason."

That's the way almost all shops work (all car brands and other types of repair shops too).

Tesla and other car dealers can't pay enough to have an engineer diagnose each car, so techs are great at replacing the likey faulty part, but if that fails, then they have to do troubleshooting. Some techs better than others.

Long ago, while getting my degree, I was a tech in a different industry - I was the only one out of a group of 5 techs that could actually troubleshoot. The downside is those other techs were often faster than me, having long experience knowing X problem is usually fixed with Y part. I'd always logically solve the issue, and could just about solve any problem tossed at me without any guesses or random part replacements, but I also took longer on the "easy" cases. Just the way it is.

MyMXRed | 24. april 2019

Totally agree with you @TeslaTap, but Tesla has been in industry more than a decade now and now every time i visit Tesla service, the first thing they do is replace a part. Again to your point it could be easy for them than to diagnosis.

Just received update that they are changing the MCU on my X. So folks, which MCU would i get... MCU 2 or 1? I bought mine in Aug 2018 with HW2.5. I recently paid the upgrade for FSD last month during that special which also includes a hardware upgrade. Just curious if they are going to replace with the greatest and latest.