Key Fob Question

Key Fob Question

This may seem like a silly question but can I use a different Tesla fob on a Model 3? An S fob in a Model 3 for example? What about an aftermarket fob? Anything unique about the pairing process?

I live in a place with terrible phone coverage and sometimes my phone and my car don't communicate well. Plus, I still like to hang my house key on something.


crmedved | 17. april 2019

I'm pretty sure the answer is no. The model 3 doesn't use the same RF frequencies as other Teslas or aftermarket fobs. I believe it uses low power bluetooth... which is why passive entry is not possible (even low power bluetooth will drain the tiny battery rapidly if constantly on).

TAC | 17. april 2019

Id buy the FOB in a heartbeat if it had passive entry for the M3. its a shame that it doesnt.

RichardKJ | 17. april 2019

The S and X fobs have used low power Bluetooth for the last couple years. Since maybe 2016. But the answer to cross usage between S/X and 3 is still no.

You can use a Model 3 fob on multiple Model 3s, but only one at a time. You switch to a different car by tapping the fob on the B pillar. The fob has to be registered with each car of course.

jjgunn | 18. april 2019

Millions & millions of combinations for key fobs & S/X cars. Can't just "use" any fob.

Remember when Honda had like 6-8 keys only for millions of cars?

I believe the M3 uses NFC & I would always carry the M3 key card with me in the event the phone had an issue.

EVRider | 18. april 2019

@RichardKJ: The Model S/X fobs use radio frequencies, not Bluetooth. I assume the same is true for the Model 3 fob but I’m not sure.