Rear windshield crack..

Rear windshield crack..

so I had dropped my car for tinting this morning and the guy called a few hours later asking me come over.. He showed me a 1 in crack inside at the bottom right side ...I repeat the crack seems to be sandwiched between 2 layers of glass and is inside.. I assume this is stress caused crack and Tesla would replace under warranty. I immediately took an appoint with local Tesla SC and the first one available was for 5/15. Can the mobile service guys replace the entire glass?

jimglas | 19. april 2019

mobile service replaced my right side driver window.

jimglas | 19. april 2019

left side ....duh

Thehowie | 19. april 2019

I went in to have my license plates put on and SC noticed the same crack as you describe, presumably a stress crack. they are ordering the "part" which i presume to be a windshield and they seemed to acknowledge that it was warranty/their problem. From reading the message boards here, this sounds like a very common problem and, for the sake of the company, I hope they can avoid it in the future, as it doesn't help their bottom line nor reputation.

Magic 8 Ball | 19. april 2019

@Thehowie Considering there are over 200K Model 3's out there how many confirmed stories of this have you read to make it "common" relative to the 200K+ that are not reporting this issue.

The use of common is all too common.

Lonestar10_1999 | 19. april 2019

When the glass roof was first described during pre-production, it was touted as an upgrade, with a metal roof being the basic non upgrade $35k trim level. Personally, I would have preferred a metal roof considering all the cracked glass that has been reported. It makes me wonder if Tesla will continue to give the benefit of the doubt to the customer and cover replacement costs under the warranty.

stopnair | 19. april 2019

I setup an appointment and latest is 5.15 at Burbank CA location closest to me. I had an issue with left turn and the mobile service guy came and fixed it. Hopefully they call me for mobile service and they can fix it.

here is shiny 1 in internal crack

Magic 8 Ball | 19. april 2019

Jesus: "all the cracked glass that has been reported". Seriously put it in context of over 200K cars. How many actual verified reports of cracked glass is there? 20, 200, 2000, 20,000.............

What are the numbers. This is a BS case of people trying to blow up a small issue into a major issue.

crmedved | 20. april 2019

@stopnair Call your SC. You shouldn't need an appointment for them to assess it. I sent pictures and they had me me stop by to verify. Your SC appointment won't really accomplish anything because they have to order glass which might take a month or two (unless they happen to have one in stock I guess). If your glass ends up cracking in a way where it "chips", they may not want to replace it, citing an impact point... which is why I'd recommend getting it seen sooner rather than later.

Here's my tiny crack that triggered a warranty replacement:

@Lonestar10_1999 The metal roof would just be where the middle piece of glass is. Those don't crack.

@M8B There's at least hundreds I'm sure. Maybe thousands. My SC says they cut them out "all the time" to replace. My glass cracked and a new piece is on the way. Unfortunately, only Tesla knows the numbers.

stopnair | 20. april 2019

@ crmedved . Agree to your point. In fact I will be driving to the Burbank CA SC in the next hour. I will also complain about rear camera blanking out for few seconds and monitor rebooting.

matt | 20. april 2019

They tried to force me to take delivery of my 3 when it arrived with cracked glass and upgraded wheels (they also conveniently upgraded the invoice price). Told me if I didn't take it as-is they would sell it by the next day.

And I had a mid range, so now I get screwed out of that option and have to reconfigure from scratch. Including another credit check and the options are more expensive now.

stopnair | 20. april 2019

Went to Burbank CA SC and they confirmed the stress crack …ordered the rear glass and setup an appointment for next week.. I doubt they will get it by then bu anyway good experience at Burbank SC

denniskempuk | 02. kan 2019

At the point when the glass rooftop was first depicted amid pre-generation, it was touted as a redesign, with a metal rooftop being the essential non overhaul $35k trim dimension. Actually, I would have favored a metal rooftop considering all the broke glass that has been accounted for.

blonde | 23. juni 2019

I had a delivery scheduled today and the Rear Window had a large crack in it. Tesla noticed it before delivery and informed me that they would need to replace it before allowing delivery or try and get me a new car... Pressure is on though, as we wanted to make the Tax Credit cut off.

We placed our order on June 15 :( for a Model 3 AWD LR FSD White on White

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 23. juni 2019

You’ve got over a week for them to make it right. I’ll bet they do!

blonde | 23. juni 2019


I hope so! My Delivery Specialist has been very helpful and communicative, answering my husband and my questions, going so far as giving us his personal contact and keeping us up to date as best he can.

I’m impressed.

I think I would prefer a new vehicle though, rather than that same one with a repaired back windshield though...

crmedved | 24. juni 2019

@blonde I'd recommend not worrying about the fact the rear windshield is repaired. Unless they told you otherwise, I'm pretty sure they're gonna cut out the glass (little bit of heat and a wire pops it out) and put an entire new piece of glass in. It'll be like it never happened :) My replacement glass piece was installed flawlessly.

Hopefully they get you squared away before the deadline!

lasa6789 | 03. august 2019

Bought Tesla 3 less than 5 weeks ago.
It was parked at home in my driveway and from no where (not kidding) a Crack showed up at the rear windshield. It is quite big in size. No trees, no kids, no pets, No stones around. Called local tesla , they have mentioned something about stress. How can it be ? I am freaking out. how much it would cost?
Please advise.

gballant4570 | 03. august 2019

lasa6789, suggest reading the posts above yours.....

paddlepro | 04. august 2019

I waited a long time for the M3 roof rack. Finally got it, installed as per instructions, carried my sea kayak fine. Then I put my paddleboard on it. That is when the glass cracked. I have sent TESLA 5 customer support emails with no response. Time to call an attorney?

Lonestar10_1999 | 04. august 2019

@paddlepro - I believe Tesla has an internal process for escalating claims. Inquire with your Delivery Specialist how to do that. As a second resort, there is always small claims court where few parties have legal representation. The last resort would be hiring an attorney,

fyassini | 19. august 2019

A month ago I parked my car in front of a furniture store, when I came back there was a crack on the front windshield, I was surprised to see such a crack on my new 2 months old car, I searched everywhere to find a rock or any object around a car, found nothing. as I planned to go to the tesla repair center, the number of cracks multiplied within a week Then tec guys said, this an impact caused crack and not covered. I couldn't prove that nothing imact the glass and I left the repair center with no result, Two weeks ago again I notice another crack in the rear windshield this time, again the tec said is imact crack, there is no burst sign, it just one long crack, I think this a design issue that has to fixed

Magic 8 Ball | 19. august 2019

Over 300K on the road without spontaneous "stress" cracks; not a design issue. It is possible it could be a manufacturing or supplier caused issue but with so many on the road, without cracks, I see no evidence of design flaw.

slingshot18 | 16. september 2019

I just discovered a nice 5inch crack in my rear window. No signs of impact. Got an appointment in a few weeks but will swing by to see if it will be covered under warranty.

legna_fo_htaed | 16. september 2019

I got a crack out of nowhere overnight in my rear windshield within one week of ownership. Have not had a chance to go to my nearest service center as it is 140 miles away.

kosalex | 16. oktober 2019

I got my crack second time in rear windshield in the same place and trying to schedule replacement again. It should be on the warranty but it is still cost to me to lose at least two days ( for dropping and pick up a car) plus rent a car

Silversword | 26. november 2019

My rear windshield cracked just after delivery. Replacement under warranty took a few weeks last December. Now just a year later another crack in nearly the same place. Both cracks occurred with th3 first few overnight freezes and seemed to have a burn or interruption in the defroster resistor grid. I am not happy that I cannot speak to a service manager. The virtual text sms system is not good.

rajputveer8055 | 27. mars 2020

I just discovered a good 5 inch crack in my rear window. There are no signs of impact. I got an appointment in a few weeks, but I'll stop by to see if it's covered by the warranty.

rajputveer8055 | 27. mars 2020

I waited a long time for the M3 roof rack. Finally got it, installed as per instructions, carried my sea kayak fine. Then I put my paddleboard on it. That is when the glass cracked. I have sent TESLA 5 customer support emails with no response. Time to call an attorney?