Auto Hi Beam Head lights

Auto Hi Beam Head lights

anyone use the Auto Hi Beam Head Lights Feature?

I already set the feature to auto in the menu (lights)

It wasn't until I needed them I switch them on by using the control arm on left side of steering wheel.

I was toggling off/on when on coming traffic was approaching..

It wasn't until I was slow to click it off , that's when the auto feature works.

It seems to sense on coming lights and auto dim to normal settings.

I also found out that when your own lights reflects off of a reflective road sign it also dims..


AWDTesla | 06. kan 2019

pretty much how every other manufacturers auto high beam work also - Annoyingly. lol

I don't use it because it turns them off at every road sign.

Quinten | 06. kan 2019

During winter I had them on and it will get me annoyed and cars from the oncoming traffic at night. I need up disable it. I think what it really shines is if you drive at night in lots of up and down hill roads where having high beam is a must and will auto dim or lower the HB when car are approaching.

gmr6415 | 06. kan 2019

@tbd2001_01, When you say you are using the left "control arm" are you pushing it forward? If not, once you've set up the auto high beams in your settings you toggle the auto function on and off by pushing forward on the left-hand stalk. If you pull the left-hand stalk back it toggles high beams (not auto high beams) on and off manually.

CharleyBC | 06. kan 2019

I don't have enough data points, but my sense is they're getting smarter from release to release. I had about an hour in the dark last night (2019.12.1.2) and felt it was doing well. At a couple points it even kept the high beams on when there were some very brilliant reflections from signs. Like it's getting better at telling signs from headlights. We'll see...

mknewman | 06. kan 2019

I wish the fog lights would have an auto setting also and stay off during the day.

VoltAir | 06. kan 2019

I'm still missing Auto Hi Beam (M3 LR EAP still on 2019.8.4), although I had this on my 2015 S70D. But what I'm missing much more is speed-limit sign recognition. Is there any hope or is it the new camera system?

lbowroom | 06. kan 2019

VoltAir - What do you mean you're missing them. Pushing forward on the left stalk toggles the auto high beam feature on and off. A little A appears next to the light symbol. They come on when it's dark and no oncoming lights. Speed limit is done by google maps, speed limit sign on the screen. Are you finding it inaccurate or missing?

gmr6415 | 06. kan 2019

@lbowroom +1. I had auto high beams when I took delivery last August.

@VoltAir, do you have them turned on in your settings and have you pushed your left-hand stalk forward?

VoltAir | 06. kan 2019

@lbowroom + @gmr6415 I know how it should work and how to enable it (at least in my previous S70D), but the option in the corresponding menue just does not show, no use scrolling down, it is not available.

VoltAir | 06. kan 2019

@lbowroom as to speed limit sign recognition: google maps are not reliable and not up to date, specially in construction areas. And the manual states, that the speed limit sign on the screen may disappear if there is no google maps information or the LAST SPEED LIMIT SIGN RECOGNIZED is quite a while ago.
On the S70D with HW1, speed limit signs where always recognized.

lbowroom | 06. kan 2019

whatever you say.

howard | 06. kan 2019

No, it does not work well at all.

rmlee | 06. kan 2019

I like it

Wormtown Kris | 06. kan 2019

I immediately disabled it. These headlights are so bright anyway, I've never felt I needed high beams. Maybe when I'm 70-something.....

Kary993 | 06. kan 2019

One experience I had was in a dark residential area where the street was curving to the right. The high beams were on by the car and as we drove through the long curve straight out tangent to the curve was a bright house light. The high beams turned off and when we got almost past the bright house light the auto high beams came back on. So it really could not tell that a single light was not a vehicle, which I suppose it thought it could have been a motorcycle.

rdh37 | 07. kan 2019

I turned off auto high beams. The constant on off cycle with street lights, passing cars, houses, reflecting street signs etc. made it appear to be a strobe light. I found it very annoying. Will manually turn them on if I ever need them. Love the car in general. Have a nice day.

legna_fo_htaed | 07. kan 2019

Was fun to play with for a bit, but I'll probably turn mine off today. Kind of annoying having cars in front of you think you're flashing them on and off because of distance and signs on the road. Hopefully they'll find a way to adjust the sensitivity of this to make it stand out from competition (like most other things). Does work really well in certain situations though.

Kary993 | 07. kan 2019

That seems strange to me that so many do not like the auto high beam. I find it works the same as my parents Escalade which works well. I leave mine on all the time but I guess I find I don't drive at night that much now given daylight early and later at night. I suppose the different street and light configurations in the environment along with when cars are coming may vary your mileage using it.

gballant4570 | 07. kan 2019

Auto headlights work just fine......

hokiegir1 | 07. kan 2019

They've definitely improved over the last couple updates. They turn off less for signs reflecting back, turn off a littler sooner as you approach a car from behind (they were pretty slow to do this before, so we felt like we were blinding the person ahead of us). I don't drive a huge amount at night, but they do well when I do need to use high beams in some more rural areas.

gmr6415 | 07. kan 2019

I love them, but I live in a rural area.

mamafuzbot | 07. kan 2019

Love them too, and also live in a rural area, although I do travel to busier areas on a regular basis, so maybe that 's the key. I find that they turn off enough in advance of oncoming traffic to avoid blinding the other driver and light the road well when on. Just one less thing to have to deal with when driving (like the deer waiting in the woods to ruin my front end!).

ODWms | 07. kan 2019

It’s funny. That used to happen with mine when I first got the car, but hasn’t occurred in months. I actually forget it’s on ‘auto’ until I happen to be in a place dark enough for it to activate. It’s been working great for several months.

SolArray | 08. kan 2019

How well the auto function works is very specific to your situation. Just use it when it's effective.

Couple of examples:
[Don't use]
- when there are many oncoming cars, near strip malls or businesses, or nearby parking lots, etc.
- when road is curvy and lots of safety reflectors by roadside
- when you have lots of traffic in your own lane causing it to cycle on/off/on/off
[Try using it]
- when road is fairly sparse, free of excess reflective signage
- lighter traffic (more actual darkness)
- country roads, county roads, two-lane roads where it intelligently responds well

VoltAir | 10. kan 2019

@SolArray For the time being, I agree with your recommendation, things are as they are: IMPERFECT.
I got updated to 12,1,2 and auto-high-beam is now enabled, but far from satisfactory. It never dims when following an other car.
Again a case, Tesla didn't even catch up with the previous Non AP of my 2015 S70D, where auto-high-beam worked just fine and reliably.

ezrondavid95 | 31. mars 2020

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