California insurance rates for Model 3

California insurance rates for Model 3

I understand that auto insurance rates can vary widely due to the driver's age, location, driving record, and the specifics of the coverage. This means even discussing this topic is an invitation to inadvertently compare apples to oranges. That said…

We've had our Model 3 for over a year now and I'm taking the time to shop thoroughly for the best auto insurance rate I can find. I'm finding huge differences in rates from company to company — the worst have been between 300% and 400% what I'm paying with a Costco/Ameriprise policy.

For those of you who have also researched this thoroughly, who is turning out to offer the best rate for you? So far, I've gotten quotes from State Farm, Geico, 21st Century, Mercury, Amica, and even Metromile, and none of them is beating Costco/Ameriprise.

By the way, if you're a Costco member, you might want to get a quote. Here's the info:

dmanincali | 06. kan 2019

I've been on Costco/Ameriprise for something like 10-12 years now in the Bay Area. I periodically try and get competing quotes and no competing quote has come anywhere close to Costco. I'm currently paying ~$600/6 months for a Model X & Model 3 Performance for 2 drivers with maximum coverage limits and new car gap coverage. I think the nearest competitor was north of $1k.

And surprisingly my rates with the Teslas are only $40 higher than what I was paying for a 2004 Sentra and 2006 G35. Guessing it's because the Teslas have much better safety features but still surprising.

jay | 07. kan 2019

@dmanincali, I guess my experience isn't unique, then! Looks like I'll be renewing my Costco/Ameriprise. I'm still shocked at the disparity in prices for the same coverage — some quotes I've received have been nearly 4X as much. Thanks for telling me about your experience.

Alanant | 07. kan 2019

@jay I switched from State Farm to Costco/Ameriprise. Like you, I'm in CA and got numerous quotes. AAA wanted 4 times as much as Costco/Ameriprise!

4thekidz | 07. kan 2019

I wanted Costco to offer me the best price but Geico beat them by about $100. It is crazy to see how much your zip code affects the rate. I used to live one mile east of my current location and my insurance rate was almost halved when I moved. That was for my last vehicle. I will keep shopping around every 6 months.

4thekidz | 07. kan 2019

^I'm in LA to clarify.

rxlawdude | 07. kan 2019

We've been with Costco/Ameriprise for going on five years (SoCal), and their prices are a lot lower than other insurers. Interestingly, they were more expensive on our homeowner's policy than AAA, but AAA just increased the premium by 50%. Unfortunately, Ameriprise homeowner's now isn't an option because of the breed of our dog. :-(

glenn | 05. juni 2019

hi there - we're moving from Europe to CA, and wondered if anyone has any good experiences with insurance if you have a foreign / international drivers license?


nylon | 05. juni 2019

@glenn The only company the even quoted me when I didn't have a U.S. license was Progressive. After I got it, they told me they can't recognize it in their system for a year. Since then I've switched to GEICO, and then to Root, always reducing my rates and improving coverage. Root requires a 3 week driving test, so it can't be your first insurance, even if it worked with international licenses (which I don't know if it does).

nylon | 05. juni 2019

@glenn You'll also have to deal with building a credit score from scratch. It has many roles, including in auto insurance. There's a chicken and egg problem where you must get a credit card to build your score, but you need a score to get the card. I recommend getting a secured credit card from Discover. They'll repay you the deposit after a few months, and you'll have your first credit score in about half a year. There are no fees with using it.

lbowroom | 05. juni 2019

I would think that if you're here long enough to warrant insuring a car, you could take the time to go the DMV and get a license.

carolhagey | 05. juni 2019

I'm another 11-year Costco/Ameriprise customer. My 2-week old M3 is the 3rd car on a 3-people policy. I carry $250K/$500K bodily injury; $250/$100 collision/comprehensive deductibles and rental/new car replacement. I'm in San Diego and my semi-annual is $493.

charles.a.braun | 05. juni 2019

@Glenn & @Nylon - While I agree that it is important to establish credit and to have a good credit history, you should know that California is one of three states that do not use any credit score factors when setting auto insurance rates. HI and MA are the other 2.

Don't let that stop you from building a great credit profile, but just in CA it will have no impact on your premium.

FISHEV | 05. juni 2019

All adult drivers but when I added the Model 3 to our insurance (2015 Subaru Legacy) it increased by $200 a year total to add the second car, the Tesla.

That's Progressive.

zrbissonnette | 05. juni 2019

I'm in San Diego near downtown, 26, been with Costco/Ameriprise for about 7 years. Model 3 Dual Motor and I pay about $800/6 months for (100K/300k) full coverage. It's about $60 more per 6 months than my BMW was.

vikram0228 | 05. juni 2019

I just switched to Mercury Insurance. I know that several people will bad mouth them but I used to have them about 8 years ago and they were great with two accidents. With my multiple speeding tix, I was paying an exorbitant amount. Liberty, Travelers, GEICO, Nationwide, were all within $100 of each other which really surprised me and made me consider if there is a "cartel". Anyway, Mercury turned out to be 18% cheaper

ozonelives | 06. juni 2019

I pay $800 per year for two drivers with Geico in CA.

300k bodily injury
100k property damage
500 deductible Comp
1k deductible Collusion

rxlawdude | 07. juni 2019

Just got our 6 month renewal from Costco/Ameriprise, and it increased about 15%. No claims or changes that should have affected the rate.

Still, for maximum policy limits and two drivers, with a MS 70D and a M3 RWD LR, $1900 a year is not bad.

emmanueluh | 05. september 2019

I am 34, no accidents, no tickets in california ever, and live in San Francisco. I had Geico for $546 for six months ($91/ month) with the following limits as of March 2019

$100/$300K liability
$50K property damage
$500 Comprehensive & Collision deductible

They now want $806 for six months for the same coverage. A 47$ INCREASE IN 6 MONTHS! :(

I called Geico and they said it had nothing to do with my driving or anything I could control. Rather they said Geico has recently re-assessed insurance for my Model 3 (RWD LR) and that drove the change.

So far I've tried Tesla Insurance, Amica, Costco/Ameriprise, Amica, and Metromile and getting quotes for roughly the same price.

Hoping I can find another carrier closer to my prior rate and what you all have mentioned.

Switchmon | 05. september 2019

I use Mercury. It was about $20 more per month versus my Expedition, but they would not insure with less than a $1000 deductible! I've always had $500 but they do not offer anything less than a grand for "Exotic" cars.

Switchmon | 05. september 2019

I use Mercury. It was about $20 more per month versus my Expedition, but they would not insure with less than a $1000 deductible! I've always had $500 but they do not offer anything less than a grand for "Exotic" cars.

pete | 05. september 2019


I have them and they are the lowest

canuck55 | 06. september 2019

Tesla insurance saved me $900 per year compared to Liberty Mutual, with $500, $500 deductibles. I am in SoCal.

rxlawdude | 06. september 2019

@pete, wawanesa wanted ~$3500/year vs. Costco/Ameriprise $1900/year.

nvjx | 06. september 2019

We have a 19 Mini, 07 MBZ SLK & 18 Tesla RWD LR and after having Geico for many years we found Costco/Ameriprice to be quite a bit lower.

Hal Fisher | 06. september 2019

Costco/ameriprice is odd. They seem to want way too much for me. Like $2k in Oceanside, geico is $1550, tesla is $1250

rxlawdude | 06. september 2019

@Hal, that IS odd. Maybe some risk factor baked in differently from the other companies.

Schwartzinator | 07. september 2019

25yo Male. Orange County. No accidents or claims history. 4 years driving history.

Policy holder: State Farm
Current 6mo renewal: $1,067.41
Coverage: 250k/500k/100k.
Deductibles: $0 Comprehensive / $1,000 Collision

surfpearl | 16. september 2019

Just switched from State Farm to Tesla Insurance and saved a factor of 2 for the same coverage, apples to apples, in SoCal. Great job, Tesla!

radean84 | 16. september 2019

I'm with Geico in Northern Cali and pay $62 per month for a 2019 SR+. 35 year old male with clean driving record, multi car discount, park in garage, etc. To my surprise, it was only slightly higher than my previous car which was a 2017 Accord Sport SE (about half the price of Tesla). I've been very happy with Geico after switching from AAA who was really sticking it to me - great service, but WAY overpriced. Geico's online setup is awesome, you do everything yourself for the most part. Super easy to get quotes, add cars, modify coverage, etc. They're very easy to reach and work with during claims when the unfortunate happens as well. What I worry about with new insurance companies is the level of service you'll receive when you really need it. Sure, maybe it's cheaper, but will you have someone taking care of you when you need it? I'll wait to see what others say about Tesla insurance after actually having to use it during the claims process.

carletoncurtis | 16. september 2019

North Hollywood, CA with USAA insurance...

2019 TESLA 3 SR+
per 6 months
Deductibles: Comprehensive 500 / Collision 500