tesla service

tesla service

my passenger door handle is defective and I have been trying to get a call back from service since Saturday. You might imagine I am not happy. Does anyone have an idea on how to get the Service dept's attention? for a car that retails for $100,000+ you would think Tesla would be a little more responsive!

jropes | 07. kan 2019

If the Service department is alive please respond

jropes | 07. kan 2019

see above

Bighorn | 07. kan 2019

Schedule online. | 07. kan 2019

Yep, Bighorn nailed it again. Takes all of 30 seconds to schedule an appointment online, from PC or your phone.

Anthony J. Parisio | 07. kan 2019

I scheduled on the app and got an appointment in less than a week. It was for new tires and wheels.

jordanrichard | 07. kan 2019

jropes, what is so "defective" about it? Also, if as you said they are not answering your calls, so then just how would they know what you spent on your car and why should that get you any special consideration. Your car cost that much because you chose it to cost that much, but ordering the option you chose..

rxlawdude | 07. kan 2019

@jropes, Tesla does not monitor these fora, so your repeated messages won't do squat. Follow the guidance of Bighorn.

sentabo | 07. kan 2019

"Follow the guidance of Bighorn."

This forum's Yoda. :)

Mathew98 | 07. kan 2019

He ain't green or short!

rxlawdude | 07. kan 2019

And he's generous, not sheep.

inconel | 07. kan 2019

Insulting my Sensei Yoda you are!

Silver2K | 07. kan 2019


Mathew98 | 07. kan 2019

Ass kisser @Silver is...

NKYTA | 08. kan 2019

In person, he is more Solo-esque. ;-)

Tesla-David | 08. kan 2019

As @Bighorn advises. Had the drivers door handles replaced last year in our S85D by Mobile Service Technician only several days after initiating online request in our garage. Absolutely easy peasy!

inconel | 08. kan 2019

Funny how I imagine him more like Chewbacca but with a horn.