Impressed with EAP

Impressed with EAP

Just a quick note to share how impressed I've been with EAP, specifically Autosteer.

In December I replaced my 2016 AP1 Model S with a new 2018 EAP Model S. I use Autosteer almost every time I drive on the interstate, and it was immediately apparent how much better EAP Autosteer can track lane markers, especially when they're poorly marked or in construction zones. Even in those conditions, I try using Autosteer to see how well it can handle different conditions (always alert and ready to take over), and I had to frequently intervene with my AP1 car, but almost never with the new one.

What prompted me to post this is a recent experience with EAP in a torrential downpour. I was driving on the Bee Line Highway in South FL, and most of the stretch I drove was a two-lane road. I almost never use Autosteer on roads like that, but I wanted to see how it would do. For a good part of the drive in one direction, it was pouring out, making the road hard to see, but Autosteer worked flawlessly the entire time. There was a car in front of me for much of the drive, so Autosteer could use that to help track the road. At times when the center line marker was dashed (in a passing zone), sometimes the car had trouble seeing the lane marker, and the visualization of the lane marker would get "rubbery" (hard to explain what that means, but if you've seen it, you'll know), but the car still tracked properly. Although I wouldn't make a habit of using Autosteer in those conditions, I was impressed.

I wanted to post dashcam video to show the driving conditions, but I discovered my TopFit dashcam hasn't recorded anything since March, and I didn't save the recording on the Tesla dashcam so it's no longer available.

I will probably start using Autosteer in more situations than I have been, seeing that Elon thinks FSD will be feature complete by the end of this year (I don't), but I will remain vigilant as always. The last time I did a major road trip was in my old car, so I look forward to seeing how much better the car does on my next road trip later this year.

SoCal Buzz | 14. kan 2019

Good summary! I'm enjoying improved stability on 2019.12.1.2, and have recently experienced phantom braking less... about once per hour on long AP drives.

steveg1701 | 14. kan 2019

Just upgraded from a 3/16 S70 to a 3/17 S90D and WOW what a difference that year makes! Nav on autopilot is amazing even in its infancy, but still makes a number of poor (but not dangerous) decisions on lane changes. One weird thing is that it often seems to see double, when passing a semi the dash display shows 2 trucks (and once, 3!) when there was only 1. Do other people see this also or maybe my cameras are slightly out of alignment? Overall very impressed

bill | 14. kan 2019

I am impressed with Auto Steer as well but I seem to loose AP and TACC when it rains any significant amount. The message is reduced radar visibility. I wish Tesla would make two improvements:

Allow Auto Steer to work without TACC with the appropriate warnings
Allow for fixed cruise (just maintains speed) control when TACC is not available. Once again warning the driver.

EVRider | 15. kan 2019

@bill: How could Autosteer work without TACC?

@steveg: I occasionally see the double semis (and other vehicles) next to me. I don’t think it’s an alignment issue, more likely the software doesn’t always realize the two side cameras are seeing the sane vehicle.