1.35.2 problem - I've eMailed Tesla customer support

1.35.2 problem - I've eMailed Tesla customer support

I'll let you know what they respond with - based on past history I'm not optimistic

eMail to Tesla provided below so you can all play along at home!!


I’m the proud owner of a 2 power wall system and it’s working great mostly. However recently with 1.35.2 I have noticed a few issues - and I’d like your assistance with them.

- I normally run the system on “self-powered” mode - however when switching from “self-powered” to “backup-only” the system never gets out of “self-powered” - even after 6+ hours I’m still in self powered mode with the battery providing 100% of the house’s demands - I am able to get the system into “backup” only by using the direct web interface and running the setup wizard again. Switching from “backup-only” to “self-powered” seems to work fine and normally cuts over in less than 2 hours, but moving from “self” to “backup” seems to have no effect

- When in “backup only” the power walls stops charging at 98 or 99% and never fully charges to 100% - switching to “self powered” resolves this issue - as I am writing this eMail - I’m in backup only mode, battery is at 99%, solar is providing 100% of my household power, and pushing 3.8 kW extra back to the grid, and the battery is not charging.

- Prior to 1.35.2 being installed on my system when running in self powered mode the power wall would charge to 100% from the solar in the morning and then for the rest of the day remain at 100% with no further charging required until the end of the day. The new software seems to have some draining of the battery even when not being used and it charges multiple times a day from solar - this is new behavior with 1.35.2 - see enclosed picture - Ive circled the after noon charging spikes even though the battery was charged to 100% by noon…

I look forward to working with you on next steps - I’m particularly frustrated with item #1 as when I switch over from self-powered to backup only I’m normally attempting to preserve existing battery% to maximize backup kWh should I need them, and it’s disheartening to then watch the batteries continue to drain for several hours after I’ve requested it to stop powering the household - to date I have never seen the system successfully switch back from self power to backup only - and I’ve always had to login and re run the wizard which resolves the issue as a workaround - but I should not have to do that and it’s disruptive to the system and can only be done while I at the property on my local lan.

mcdonalk | 16. kan 2019

We also have two powerwalls, but we run only in "self powered" mode, so I can't comment on most of your scenarios. However, I have not seen the anomalous "self powered" behavior that you describe. But, we're running 1.36.0; perhaps that update, when it arrives, will help.

dortor | 16. kan 2019

ohhhh - 1.36 - not listed on SU site.

dortor | 16. kan 2019

just ran SW update via web wizard - no update - says I'm on the latest - guess I'll have to wait!

dortor | 21. kan 2019

no response from Tesla regarding my support request so far.