Key battery needs replacing

Key battery needs replacing

I received a message on the dash that the key battery needs replacing. I unwrapped a new battery using a tissue and cleaned top, bottom and edges of the battery before inserting it. I was holding it in a tissue at all times. The message was still shown. I then went out and bought another new battery, treated it the same way and obtained the same result. I tried resetting the system with the two scroll wheels and then the two scroll wheels and the brake. I still have the message, the spare key also produces the same message.
Is there anything else that I can try or is it a Tesla Service job?

Firaz | 22. kan 2019

Not sure if this is related, but had a similar issue but the message was 'key not present', try removing any metallic objects or water bottles from the center console, and put the fob close to the 12v outlet to see if the message goes away.

p.c.mcavoy | 22. kan 2019

@billUK - Did you replace batteries in both fobs and then individually take each to the car to unlock/lock it? I’ve not had the issue myself but have read posts from others with the message that it wouldn’t clear until fresh batteries were installed in both fobs.

DanFoster1 | 22. kan 2019

A few things I’ve learned in over 100, 000 miles with my Model S:

• It takes a little while for the key battery message to clear / you may need to reboot your screen.

• It’s really common to receive a bad coin battery, even brand new. Test all batteries with a simple battery tester before you check/blame any other possibility.

• Lock/unlock with both key FOBs. (Thanks for the reminder on this p.c.mcavoy)

billUK | 22. kan 2019


I have measured the battery voltage - 3.119V compared to a nickelmetal hydride battery of 1.338V. The spare key is the same.

However your comments gave me an idea - I tried unlocking the car by pressing the key fob instead of waiting for the door handles to auto-present. That cleared the message.


stevenmaifert | 22. kan 2019

I had the same situation a couple of years ago. Changed the battery in both FOBs multiple times, reboots, etc., but the nag continued. The car ran fine, but it took a service center visit to get the nag cleared.

ted | 23. kan 2019

I had the same problem a year ago, the message would not go away. Just waited a couple of days and it went away.