Service is steadily declining in Ontario

Service is steadily declining in Ontario

I have 2 model s, a P85 and a P 100. I love both cars. The P85 is about 5 years old, and I am really tempted to trade it in on a new one with all of the new features. However, services in Ontario is so dismal, that I will definitely be shopping around. I live about 3 hours outside of Toronto which has the closest service centre. When We bought the first P85, we got the Ranger service package and it was great. They stopped that program before we bought the P100, and unfortunately, the quality of service has dropped through the floor. When we phone in, we are on hold way too long, we then get a run around, and to book service to come out, they are talking about weeks. If I lived in toronto where I could take the car in and potentially get a loaner, it might be ok. However, living 3 hours away from a service centre makes it pretty impractical. I used to be a major advocate for Tesla, and have probably sold 10 to 20 of them in my community trough singing the praises of the company, the car, and formerly the service. However, that has changed. If any one asks, I warn them that they might want to think twice before buying a Tesla simply due to the poor quality of service. I really hope Tesla can get on top of this, otherwise, it just might take the company down.

dmm1240 | 23. kan 2019

Not my experience at all. I have nothing but good things to say about my local Tesla service center in the SE. Just had them install a HEPA filter. As soon as the part arrived, they booked me to come in and have it installed the next morning. Delays on delivery? The HEPA filter first arrived around 10 days after purchase on the Tesla store. I called in and was told they had just opened the box and that the shipper had damaged it. Another 10 days or so and the replacement filter arrived.

You can't book a service appointment with your Tesla app in Canada? Easy peasy here. I have 3 choices locally, though.