I am all in now

I am all in now

I just bought Tesla Stock and own Tesla 2016S, 2019X100,Tesla Solar Panels and 4 Tesla Power Walls

Xerogas | 23. kan 2019

@nipper2: next stop: Mars!

sosmerc | 23. kan 2019

I am interested in the Model Y. But rather than give Tesla $2500 now, I instead have an order in for $2500 of Tesla stock if it gets down to $170. If it does get down there in the next few weeks I am hoping it will be back up above $200 or higher by the time the Y is in full production and then I can decide how best to proceed. I am long Tesla and have been since 2009.

jerrykham | 24. kan 2019

Right there with you. We have a 2017 model S, a 2018 model 3, Tesla solar panels, and we got our Powerwalls (finally - we waited a year for them) last month.

simon_gym | 24. kan 2019

Replaceing old roof, but solar tiles leadtime unknown by factory.

Tesla-David | 25. kan 2019

Congratulations @nipper2, I am also all in, brought my TSLA stock at IPO (2010) and holding long, three Tesla's so far (2-MS's, M3) and two PW2's, with 13.2 kWh solar system purchased from local non Tesla vendor in 2012. Waited ~3 years to get the PW2, and love all our Tesla products. Incredible company and firmly believe in EM/Tesla and its mission.

Tropopause | 25. kan 2019

I'm trying to get in at $185. Looking forward to seeing TSLA blast off.

Nexxus | 04. juni 2019

$178 and some change as of yesterday's close.

sschaem | 05. juni 2019

Same. I also had a reservation for roof & roadster. Canceled both after my latest interaction trying to upgrade to a 2019 P100DL. Still have not sold the stock, but maybe when it reaches $420 :)

jimglas | 05. juni 2019

buy a kia

jimglas | 05. juni 2019

buy a kia

Orthopod | 05. juni 2019

Will sell @600

in 5 years?

jimglas | 05. juni 2019

will sell at 4,000

andy.connor.e | 06. juni 2019

Will sell at 4200

Mike83 | 06. juni 2019

Will sell 25% at $8600/share