How to use voice cmd to open frunk, etc?

How to use voice cmd to open frunk, etc?

Currently, opening the frunk from outside is a bit cumbersome. One has to login into his/her iphone, bring up and activate the Tesla app which takes some time, and then press the frunk button.

Is there any easy way to use the voice command on the iphone to open the frunk? Hopefully, I would not have to purchase an app to do that.

dbrinks80 | 24. kan 2019

You do know that it can also be opened by hitting one button on your cars info screen, right?

M3phan | 24. kan 2019

And no need to constantly log into your Tesla app on your phone. Keep yourself permanently logged in. I’m not talking about keeping it permanently running in the background of your phone even, but just keep yourself permanently logged in to the app. Also, when you first open the app, even while it’s waking up, you can still unlock the car and also app activate controls like trunk and frunk.

gllivyl | 24. kan 2019

I think you guys are right. Just tried it, and it is actually faster than getting to a voice cmd if there's one. Thx.

The_Flash | 24. kan 2019

I got the app called “Tesla Remote” in which you can add Siri shortcuts like open the trunk or open the frunk (I used open the hood). You can customize it. A lot more shortcuts too, including summon using voice.
Add the struts to auto open the trunk and it’s magic.. love it.

gmr6415 | 24. kan 2019

As long as the phone is connected through blue tooth all you have to do is lift up on the center of the trunk lid where the release is. Easy peasy.

gmr6415 | 24. kan 2019

Sorry, missed the Frunk, thought it said trunk.

SteveWin1 | 24. kan 2019

Haven't had an iPhone in years, but I know they borrowed a lot from the Android notification system. The easiest way to open the frunk for me is just to swipe down into notifications from anywhere in the phone and tap open funk. No need to actually open the app. Anyone know if iPhone has something similar?

Mikael13 | 24. kan 2019

I just tell my iPhone or watch to “open the frunk” and it pops open... all the way up (with auto frunk install completed)... easy peasy. I also changed the spring so easy to close with 2 fingers. I use the Stats app for voice commands, but there is a free app called Shortcuts. Reddit has a thread from someone who was king enough to share. Should check it out.

ODWms | 25. kan 2019

I think the Frunk/Trunk auto open mods are the coolest and most convenient I’ve installed. And I’ve installed quite a few.

gwolnik | 25. kan 2019

I sometimes release the frunk before I go into a store, I can still lock the car, I use the card key. Then when I return with my hands full holding grocery bags, I can just lift the frunk and load it! Since it is only open about 1/2 inch, I doubt anyone walking by even notices it and realizes they could lift it. There is nothing in it to steal and you can't access the inside of the car from the frunk, so I figure there is no security risk. I like to put the cold groceries like milk in the frunk because when I pull into my garage, the front of the car is right by the door into my kitchen, which allows the shortest, quickest path to get the milk into the refrigerator!

ODWms | 25. kan 2019

Great idea, gwolnik.

mrb | 13. juni 2019

Running Android app version 3.8.4-367, the shortcuts to open frunk/trunk/doors have disappeared from the ever-present notification. Is this by design or have I screwed it up somehow?

mrb | 14. juni 2019

Now the shortcuts are back, hooray! Same app version. Can somebody explain this?

sjm4660 | 14. juni 2019

Yes, it depends on how close you are to the car. Probably have to be within bluetooth range for the notification button to appear