What if all Tesla owners bought some Tesla Stock

What if all Tesla owners bought some Tesla Stock

What if we all bought some Tesla Stock to counter the short sellers and the rest of the Tesla heaters?

dmm1240 | 26. kan 2019

I own some Tesla stock and plan to keep it. That said, it's extremely volatile because it's under near constant attack from shorts. If your financial situation or temperament is such that you can't stand the constant roller coaster, I'd stay away from it. What happens is the shorts create FUD, magnify every negative and create some out of thin air.

For example, we all know that product costs drop as new tech matures. Prices for Tesla vehicles have been dropping as a result, though it's been choppy. Shorts hammer them on this as a sign of weak demand. When Tesla announces the occasional price adjustment upward, this of course means they can't make their cars for what they charge at a profit. A lose lose kind of thing. The aim, of course, is to drive the stock price down with the ultimate goal being to take it down to zero. Then Tesla announces something good (usually high quarter deliveries) and the stock takes off again. But if you watch the shorts' behavior, it's not rational. They should be taking profits like crazy right now, but most aren't. In the latest short positions report, the % of outstanding shares shorted has dropped some, but not as much as one would expect. IOW, there are forces unconcerned with the usual P/L at work with TSLA stock.

I you can handle the roller coaster, IMO by all means buy some because I personally think TSLA is the best positioned company to take advantage of the transition to EVs and electricity to drive our machines in general over the next few years and it's going to happen quicker than all the "experts" think. OTOH, if the volatility scares you then it's best to stay away. Get your hands on some Tesla issued corporate bonds instead. (Actually, that would actually help the company more directly than would buying stock).

Dwdnjck@ca | 26. kan 2019

A Tesla owner didn’t buy the stock? Who?

nipper2 | 28. kan 2019

I bought Tesla Stock and will buy more

sosmerc | 29. kan 2019

I am buying more when the price drops a little more...say, $170 or so.
Not good seeing the price fall, but after speaking to Tesla owners that seem to be very happy with their cars, I am encouraged. Tesla still the best EV option for travel.