100d range (pre April refresh)

100d range (pre April refresh)

Hello, I just bought a model S 100d on the 18th May 2019 (though it's a pre refreshed drive / suspension system). Having driven 487 miles in it, I've just charged it to 100% ready for a big road trip (26th May 2019), but the app is showing 316 miles of range, which is less than I was expecting. I was under the impression the range should be 325 miles on the pre April refresh model S?

Is it that the app is showing a prediction based on my driving history, am I suffering from battery issues after a week, or is this something else?

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts,


Tropopause | 27. kan 2019

Are you sure it's not a P100D? Those were rated to 315 miles.

Silver2K | 27. kan 2019

100d was 337

david | 28. kan 2019

It's definitely a 100d. Not the performance version.

kerryglittle | 28. kan 2019

Don't keep charging to 100% or your miles will drop a lot more. Its not healthy for your battery. 90% should be the max when its being used. If its sitting for a long time leave it plugged in and set for a limit of 50%. Congrats on your new toy. Theres a bit of a learning curve that goes with it so stay tuned. LOL.

david | 28. kan 2019

Hey kerryglittle, yeah I've read up on the charging a bit. My take away was that charging to 100% should be avoided for day to day is, but that it is fine for doing the occasional long trip. Aside from this we'd be looking to keep the car closer to the 70% charge limit.

However, I've only done a few miles in it and at just over a week old feel I've lost 21 miles of range.

Am I correct about this or is the car providing range based on my driving history?

EVRider | 28. kan 2019

When was your car built? I think the last cars that were actually called S100D (vs. Model S Long Range) had an EPA rated range of 330 or 335 miles.

EVRider | 28. kan 2019

The range displayed next to the battery meter is not based on your driving history, it’s the battery SOC times a constant value. | 28. kan 2019

I'll also add the Range is a bit of a calculation. There is actually no way to really measure the battery's capacity, short of removing the battery and doing a chemical analysis on each cell (which destroys the cell). They can get a very good sense of the value, but it can only be calibrated by draining the battery to < 20%, then charging to 100%. You need to look at the value within an hour when it reaches 100%, as there are processors and other loads that slowly drain the battery. The ambient temperature may also affect this value (a cold battery has less capacity).

Without the calibration - the "100%" calculated range number will slowly go down over time, but the actual and usable battery capacity has not changed. A second part, is over a much longer period (usually years) the battery does degrade. Figure about 5% degradation by 60K miles, with maybe 7% at 100K miles.

Anyway, there are so many factors that affect range beyond what is shown, that it really doesn't matter much and the key is to just enjoy the car!

Tropopause | 28. kan 2019


335 rated miles for 100D, just for you information.

mdmgso | 28. kan 2019

I have a two year old S100D with 30,000 K miles. It showed 333 Miles when new and now shows 325 miles on a full charge.

bsteinesq | 28. kan 2019

I have a March 2017 S100D, and find the range displayed on the car or in the app to be quite variable based on unknown black magic calculations. For example, in the morning when I go to use the car, it will show one range, and the phone app another, usually within 2 miles. Your driving style, just like in an ICE car, will dramatically affect your range, and you keep track of this by watching your watt-hours per mile display. For example, for my car to get the EPA range of 335 miles, I need to average 298.5 watt-hours per mile. If i average less, I get more range, while if I average more, I get less. So, I don't concern myself too much what it says; I worry about how I am using it. And BTW, using my car daily for short (under 50 miles) trips on a daily basis, I only charge overnight to 70% ---and get 234 or 233 estimated range every day. I only go to 100, I am down only a couple of miles in theoretical range.