2016 S90D CWT and GVwr

2016 S90D CWT and GVwr

I am applying for a title in Colorado, Denver County and the application asks for the cars CWT also know as Hundred Weight and the GVWR which is the Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating as specified by the manufacturer. I cannot find this info on the Tesla site. Anyone know what they are or where to find them?

murphyS90D | 29. kan 2019

Try the sticker on the driver's door jamb.

p.c.mcavoy | 29. kan 2019

@bill - The GVWR is listed on the sticker at the lower right corner of the door jamb. Mine shows 5820 for my June 2016 produced MS90D.

The door sticker does not list something for CWT, which is also I believe the same as what's referred to as curb weight. My original Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (part of the original packet of documents supplied to me by Tesla to title/register my car when new) lists a Shipping Weight of 4736 lb. That's the same range of what Tesla currently shows on their specifications for the weight of a MS Standard Range or Long Range. It's possible the CWT may be curb weight + 100 lb (hence the term hundred weight), which would put it in the low 4,800 lb range. I'm guessing the Colorado DMV isn't going to be uber precise in cross-checking you, so probably anything around 4,800 lb would work and they won't question it.