Robert Mueller wants everyone to know Donald Trump was not *not* guilty

Robert Mueller wants everyone to know Donald Trump was not *not* guilty

In English: Guilty of obstruction

andy.connor.e | 29. kan 2019

Go away already. We get to hear about this on every TV channel, every radio channel, probably most conversations with family. Keep it off the Tesla forums.

jimglas | 29. kan 2019

i suspect you are about to hear a lot more

jimglas | 29. kan 2019

i suspect you are about to hear a lot more

finman100 | 29. kan 2019

yes, because ignoring presidential crimes is par for the course.

This being the general section of the forum, it is NECESSARY to bring these truths to light for the uneducated.

I still can't believe donald supporters keep up the nonsense. The cognitive dissonance is outright off the charts.

Jesus, the ignorance is annoying. And the slowness with which the law(s) are enforced.

Tesla2018 | 29. kan 2019

Trump Derangement Syndrome is appearimg. Need to have finman100 deported. Oh wait, he doesnt even live in the United States. Lets start complaing about how Finland over taxes its citizens and insulting its leaders. Im tired of people from other countries complaing about ours. If theirs is so great then why arent people trying to go there in droves like the people trying to get into the United States? Guess they must be sh* thole places that no one wants to live in or their countries have immigration laws that wont let people in.

I know a girl that was born in France and her father moved hete when she was about 13 vears old and became a citizen. She hated it here and wanted to move bavk when she was 21 but they wouldnt let her since her father had died and they have some rules about letting people back in.

SCCRENDO | 29. kan 2019

@Tesla2018. Wrong. Trump deflection syndrome is rearing it’s ugly head again. Have you read the Mueller report and did you listen to him this morning. It’s likely you have not done either making your comments worthless. If you have done both than you are an idiot who has cannot differentiate between right and wrong.

J.T. | 30. kan 2019

There was nothing else Mueller could have done. He made it very clear that the report was a deliberate effort to leave nothing unanswered. Therefore, if he ever testifies to anything that isn't in the report (which he promises he will never do) the report becomes meaningless.

I'm sure no one is as disappointed as he is that it's up to Congress to do the right thing.

Because he knows they won't, sniveling bunch of political hacks that they are.

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

The advantage of Mueller testifying is that he could answer questions in a simple manner that our ignorant, intellectually lazy citizens might understand.

J.T. | 30. kan 2019

@jimglas Do you know anyone who is on the fence about whether or not Trump did wrong? Sure, there are a lot of people who think he didn't but those people are not changing their minds no matter who tells them. Trump could confess on a stack of The Art of the Deal and people will think "they" got to him.

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

I truly hope that if they are delivered the facts of trumps crime syndicate the reasonable will be swayed. But I know there is no hope that trumps cult will ever be swayed by fact or reality.

J.T. | 30. kan 2019

By definition the reasonable do not need to be swayed, and it follows that Republican senators are not reasonable.

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

I mean reasonable citizens that have not taken the time or effort to be informed. Perhaps if they are spoon fed some facts on the TeeVee they might pay attention, but I am not holding my breath.

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

I mean reasonable citizens that have not taken the time or effort to be informed. Perhaps if they are spoon fed some facts on the TeeVee they might pay attention, but I am not holding my breath.

SCCRENDO | 30. kan 2019

@JT. If the Nixon impeachment playbook is followed they need to have enough public hearings on TV and make the case to the public. Because most wont read the report. If enough public opinion is swayed the Spineless Republican Senate may be swayed. I believe that is Pelosi’s strategy.

SCCRENDO | 30. kan 2019

I think Mueller did well. It helps his credibility. But they should subpoena to get him to speak publicly. Even if he just sticks to the facts of the report.

skymaster | 30. kan 2019

I just don't understand??? Fox News ALWAYS tells me the exact OPPOSITE of what all of you DEMOCRAPS post here? Go figure...

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

Dont believe the Re-PUBE lies on Fox news, problem solved

TabascoGuy | 30. kan 2019

I just saw a large group of republicans at a town hall give Justin Amash two standing ovations because he had the courage to "do the right thing". There's still hope for some.

The first question asked by someone from the audience was priceless - "Can we take a Mulligan?"

Tesla2018 | 30. kan 2019

Even if Trump is impeached it doesnt mean he has to resign. Clinton didnt quit after he was impeached.

If you think Trump is bad, wait until Pence has mandatory electroshock on gays and takes away their sick children and lets them die- Thats what some off my crazy relatives in California believe. You cant fix stupid.

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

Clinton was not convicted by the senate, They apparently thought lying about a BJ did not reach the levels of "high crimes and misdemeanors". Nothing to do with resigning.
I suspect trump would try to start a civil war if he were impeached

Tesla-David | 30. kan 2019

I agree with Robert De Niro's plea to Mueller that the American public need to hear more from him. De Niro does an outstanding job depicting Mueller on Saturday Night Live.

" Dear Mr. Mueller,
It probably hasn’t escaped your attention (in my mind, nothing escapes your attention) that I play a version of you on “Saturday Night Live.” As “Robert Mueller,” my character is intimidating because he is so honest and upright. I do it for comic effect — that’s the intention anyway — but there’s also a lot of truth to it. To put it another way — it’s good-natured fun, but not entirely good-natured. ...

But the country needs to hear your voice. Your actual voice. And not just because you don’t want them to think that your actual voice sounds like Robert De Niro reading from cue cards, but because this is the report your country asked you to do, and now you must give it authority and clarity without, if I may use the term, obstruction.
We’ve learned our lesson about what can happen to the perception of your work when interpreted in rabid tweets by the president, dissected by pundits all over the map, trumpeted in bizarre terms by the president’s absurd personal lawyer and distorted by the attorney general.
And if, in fact, you have nothing further to say about the investigation, for your public testimony, you could just read from the report in response to questions from members of Congress. Your life has been a shining example of bravely and selflessly doing things for the good of our country. I urge you to leave your comfort zone and do that again.
You are the voice of the Mueller report. Let the country hear that voice.
With great respect,"

jimglas | 30. kan 2019

+100 for Bobby De Niro

TabascoGuy | 30. kan 2019

@jim - don't give Trump any bright ideas.

familymandunn | 30. kan 2019

this topic is unrelated and just forum pollution

TabascoGuy | 30. kan 2019

@Tesla-David - nice quote and link, thanks for that.

It's ironic, and quite a bit sad, that a Hollywood actor is more honest, sincere, and, thoughtful than the person elected President.

Tesla-David | 30. kan 2019

@TabascoGuy, yes it is ironic and quite sad that we have a POTUS like Drumpf, who is so demonstratively unqualified for the office, and so very unpresidential. I yearn for a POTUS who makes me proud not disgusted. I have always admired Robert DeNiro's acting chops, but never more than now, as he speaks absolute truth to power!

Uncle Paul | 30. kan 2019

People tend to read into these report what they want to. If you want to find evil will find it. If you want to see that Trump was not found guilty of anything...they will find it.

This report was essentially put together by people that hate Trump (there are many). They could not generate enough information to recommend prosecution.
There are also many that love and respect what Trump is trying to do to when leading our Country. The read that no prosecution was recommended, so want him to be left alone to do what he was elected to do.

Of course this could go on forever. The sad part is while all this squabbling is going on, the future of the USA is becoming increasingly uncertain. Nobody knows for sure which of the battling factions are going to win. Kind of like the Shia and Suni factions, both going at it and believing to their core that God is on both of their sides.

If the Democrats get rid of Trump, then they will get Pence. Not all that certain they will be better off.

Squabble Squabble Swquabble.

Now mostly up to the Democrats as to how they will proceed. If they want to take down Trump, the best way to do so would be in the upcoming election.

Most important thing they could possibly do is keep Ginsberg healthy.

Time to take a nice Tesla ride.

Tesla-David | 30. kan 2019

@Uncle, you are sadly misinformed. Mueller for one is a life long Republican with principles, who puts country first unlike the current batch of Trumpites and regugs. The Mueller report was not a "Witch Hunt", but a serious indictment documenting many misdeeds and indictable offenses. Over 400 prosecutors, many republicans among them have so stated in signed letter agreeing than obstruction of justice was evidenced in Mueller report. Once again, you stick your foot in your mouth without doing the necessary due diligence.

SCCRENDO | 30. kan 2019

Uncle Paul. So you believe that Barr’s interpretation of the Mueller was a more honest interpretation than Mueller’s. Are you for real???

SCCRENDO | 30. kan 2019

Btw. Pence is a real piece of crap. But at this point it is all about protection of the oversight function of congress and the fact that no president should be above the law. So it should be above politics. One could make a case that if Trump got elected due to Russia interference Pence’s election was also illegitimate and should also be impeached. This came from a long term Republican congressman now retired.

Middledawg | 30. kan 2019

Suggestion: Read the Mueller Report and then make up your own mind. You can get it for free, order an e version or old fashioned book from any bookseller. The paperback costs all of $10 and reading it the least we can do as citizens of this republic.

Not to shade it, but it took all of 20 pages into Volume II for me to realize this bozo has no business being President of the San Quentin checkers club, much less POTUS.

Uncle Paul | 30. kan 2019

I know that Mueller previously was a Republican, and indeed a War Hero. Still think he hates Trump. Trump was also previously a Democrat, but ran as a Republican because the DNC would have blocked his efforts.

Hard for me to see what legal crime Trump was found guilty of that could be prosecuted successfully.

Tesla-David | 30. kan 2019

uncle, if you can’t see it you obviously have not read the Mueller report, and you are an idiot.

SKH90D2016 | 31. kan 2019


SCCRENDO | 31. kan 2019

I think it will take POTUS 46 to MAGA. POTUS 45 has made America Crap Again (MACA)

jimglas | 31. kan 2019

Men Are Getting Arrested

J.T. | 31. kan 2019

@Tesla David>>>I agree with Robert De Niro's plea to Mueller that the American public need to hear more from him

So you and Mr. DeNiro think it would serve the public interest to admit that after two years and 25 million dollars that Mueller held back information?

finman100 | 31. kan 2019

Held back info? that's 'bout just the facts.

Too many US citizens are hearing nothing but good things from donald's attorney general's version of the the alt facts.

It's high time to get the impeachment going for ALL those Mueller facts in the real report...not the disgusting crib notes that Barr and criminal company regurgitate without any check.

no crimes, my ass. ph u ck this is getting old.

SCCRENDO | 31. kan 2019

@JT. I was actually beginning to get the feeling that an intelligent guy like yourself was ready to use their logic over their hatred for “liberals”. But I guess I overestimated you. Have you read the report? If not please do. You will realize that Mueller held back nothing. His speech was honest and unbiased just trying to clear up the confusion sowed by Barr. Ideally we would have liked Mueller to have just it said it like it is. But he stuck to his directive. He pretty much said that he could not charge. There was definite Russian interference and multiple contacts with the Trump campaign. Because of perjury and obstruction there was insufficient evidence to prove it. As regards obstruction he provided 10 instances but could not indict under DOJ guidelines but he definitely could not exonerate. In other words congress do your job and impeach the motherfucker already

sabbia | 31. kan 2019

Uncle Paul is one of the people that didn't answer my question. I'll pose it again.

If Trump agreed to Russian meddling (it's clear there was) in return for relaxing sanctions, would that be okay?

Darthamerica | 31. kan 2019

@sabbia we don't care for your question. We care about all of the Federal and SCOTUS Judges that we are getting. It ensures that we can hold back the socialism for the foreseeable future!

SCCRENDO | 31. kan 2019

@Darth. What you care about is creating a dictatorship of racism, misogyny and bigotry where intellect and science are forgotten.

Darthamerica | 31. kan 2019

No I care about not letting a radical elite from the Bay Area, New York and DC impose their will over free folk.

Uncle Paul | 01. juni 2019

Interesting how many Liberals will bring out the pitchforks and torches when making up a link between Trump and Russian hackers, but turn a totally blind eye when a Black/Gay TV star lies about being beat up by some white guys with MAGA hats.

Tons of evidence against the lying and out of line entertainer, but his liberal buddies in government are doing what ever they can to keep him from reaching justice. Hollywood elite surrounding him with protection.

Sad state of affairs.

SCCRENDO | 01. juni 2019

Hey Uncle. You have an interesting imagination. The pitchforks and torches would be what you see at your cross burnings when you wear your hooded outfits. Liberals seek to bring criminal presidents to justice. I agree all Hollywood entertainers should get the justice they deserve. The entertainer president however has committed far more egregious crimes with a far wider impact.

sabbia | 01. juni 2019

Uncle. No blind eye here. Smollett was wrong and should be prosecuted. Anyone who does what he did is wrong.

I'll ask again (not looking for an answer from Darth unless you appointed him to respond on your behalf. If it's okay for Darth to represent you, please so state).

Would it be okay if Trump asked for Russian support in return for relaxing sanctions?

sabbia | 01. juni 2019

I have just four words for how it's the liberal elites who are for Trump impeachment based on the Mueller Report.

Here are the four liberal words.

Just in a mash.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 02. juni 2019

Uncle Paul: Apparently, Chicago police are content to sue Jesse Smollet for wasting their time. Me? I think he should be in jail. Just like I would be for filing a false police report.

Bill Barr should be arrested, held in contempt. Steven Mnuchin should be arrested, held in contempt. Prosecutors in the Roger Stone case should be arrested, held in contempt. Just as I would be if I ignored a Congressional Subpeona, purposely Violated a black letter law from 1924, or expressly denied a valid Court Order.

Nah. This has nothing to do with being Liberal. It has everything to do with Due Process, the Rule of Law, and full application of the U.S. Constitution.

Neither holding the Office of the President of the United States of America, nor holding a position within the President's Cabinet, nor being employed by the U.S. Justice Department, nor being a highly paid actor on a Hollywood Television Show makes someone 'above the law'. No matter the crocodile tears shed by those who have cried about 'Big Government' for the past forty years, while they did exactly NOTHING to make government 'smaller' the whole time. The LAW should have no respect of persons.

While we're at it? Both Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham should be impeached too. One for spending a year or more blocking the valid nomination of a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, the other for aiding and abetting the criminal activities of a corrupt President.

Tesla-David | 02. juni 2019

Well said @Red eXile ms us. couldn’t agree more.

SCCRENDO | 02. juni 2019

I am not sure how you impeach corrupt Senators. I guess that would be up to the electorate