Google maps adding speed traps

Google maps adding speed traps

Will this show up on our Google map? This would be awesome!

PagemakersS75P3 | 30. kan 2019

It would be great to have that in the car.

Problem with the Google Maps app is the cameras only appear when navigating and not when the map is just displayed when driving.

ALSET | 30. kan 2019

I really hope this features get integrated into the car's map system.

kerryglittle | 30. kan 2019

Waze shows radar traps and red light cameras. Although the radar traps are not flawless. A previous driver has to log it in and I don't know how long it posts for. I have my Waze on all the time and minimize the rest of the screen.

ALSET | 30. kan 2019

How do you use Waze on the S? I didn't know it was an option.

EVRider | 31. kan 2019

@ALSET: You can show some Waze traffic alerts in the car’s browser using this site:

carlk | 31. kan 2019

Red light camers may be useful but crowd sourced police warnings are pretty much useless. You slowed down and saw nothing there before realizing some might have spotted a police car there 30 minutes ago but it's long gone.