Should Tesla jump on this new tire technology?

Should Tesla jump on this new tire technology?

It would be interesting to see if they pair up with Michelin or whoever.
From the practical standpoint and they would look cool too on Teslas!

andy.connor.e | 07. juni 2019

Well considering that they are a prototype, plan on doing real world testing later this year, and wont be available for purchase until 2024, i dont think Tesla should jump on it. I cannot even imagine this company 5 years from now, but this tire technology if it works, would be highly desirable. | 07. juni 2019

No mention about low rolling resistance, handling, wear, noise and other important factors.

Looks like a nightmare to clean too, and I wonder what happens when those holes fill up with ice. Still intriguing. Only 5 years to wait!

andy.connor.e | 07. juni 2019

They plan on doing real world testing later this year, so those figures are probably not known. Theres no way they would keep it open, especially for the snow/ice problem.

sosmerc | 08. juni 2019

I can't wait to see what the "custom wheel" guys will do with this tech to give it a variety of unique looks.
"Aero" covers or shields might deal with the potential ice buildup....or maybe the entire assembly can be heated...or maybe there will be enough constant flex that snow or ice cannot build deicing boots on aircraft wings?

andy.connor.e | 11. juni 2019

If i have to deice my tires, i will not be purchasing these tires. They will have to cover the holes somehow. Dirt and flying objects could get lodged in them.

rxlawdude | 11. juni 2019

Those look like "wompy" tires. :-)

tew ms us | 11. juni 2019

Nonpneumatic tires have been around for sometime. I think some designs would look good on a Tesla:

Not to mention possible Sentry Mode enhancement with the above design.

sosmerc | 11. juni 2019

Silent.....but very deadly. "THAT" Tesla would be "king of off-roading"....look out Rivian!