Six-month old mid-range getting only 248 miles at 100% charge

Six-month old mid-range getting only 248 miles at 100% charge

My six-month old mid-range getting only 248 miles at 100% charge. First month was getting 264 miles. 2nd month 261, 3rd month 256, and so on.
I've let car discharge to below 20% several times but doesn't help. I'm on 2019.16.2. Mileage is 4,500.

Guess I'll schedule an appointment with service.

Anyone else seeing this with their mid-range?

Joshan | 10. juni 2019

Posting this everywhere you can find huh? Hmmm....

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

A few us us have been tracking this in a different forum: "M3 Mid-range doesn't fully charge".
I have a similar situation after 6 months reaching 254 miles, same software version.
Contacted Support last week and they suggested the full charge and discharge to 20%, didn't change anything so they decided to schedule a service appointment for Thursday morning.
I will let you know the outcome.

Joshan | 10. juni 2019

Just my opinion, but I think this will end up being a software issue with the display just being off.

I have a LR AWD, 6 months old and 9k miles. I have not lost even 1 mile yet.

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

During the Support chat they checked and confirm there is no Software Bug on this range issue, that is why the schedule the service appointment. I have the perception it is getting worse...

MichaelB00012 | 10. juni 2019

@RickM3 - you / they mean they have no KNOWN software bug...

jjgunn | 10. juni 2019

Another one of these threads??

The "miles" listed on your car are just a number. You might get more or you might get less it all depends on your driving & optimal conditions

Set your display to % & enjoy your car. There is nothing wrong with it.

tomasrey88 | 10. juni 2019

What's your mileage? Is your car on the "Tesloop"? Are you renting it out 24/7 on Turo? Do you have over 100,000 miles on your Model 3?

jjgunn | 10. juni 2019

Did you all measure ounces of gasoline with your ICE ??

andy.connor.e | 10. juni 2019

Imagine you could get back that 10 miles of range loss by not driving 15mph over the speed limit.

lordmiller | 10. juni 2019

@jjgunn + 1000

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

Mi Mileage is 11250 miles, took delivery Dec 5th.
Support meant they new about a bug in another software version, that is corrected in my current version (2019.16.2)

Jtwo | 10. juni 2019

Are you charging it to 100% everyday? Doesn't effect the life of the battery and potentially have an adverse effect on the range?

sloclim | 10. juni 2019

I have a Mid Range with 10,500 miles on it and shared your concern a couple of months ago. Displayed range got especially low after a 2,220 mile trip with lots of supercharging and cruising at 75-77. When I made a service appointment they researched it then told me the car was fine, but I should avoid letting it get to low SOC and charging to 100 % as much as on my trip. I thought it was BS, but, after a couple of months of kinder and gentler, it frequently (not always) is back to 258-261 as indicated on the Stats app (I leave the screen display on % ). That number is more an indicator of battery health than range.

httran26 | 10. juni 2019


You said you let it go below 20% but do you charge it past 90% 2-3 times? I have LR RWD, but that has been the case for me. I have to charge it past 90% three times for it to start trying to uptick again. Keep charging to 90% if you want the trend to continue.

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

Just got a call from the Service center and they said this battery degradation is normal. I asked what is what I should expect:
1 year/12000 Miles - up to 10% degradation (I'll have about 4% degradation when I reach 12000 Miles in the next few weeks)
2 year/24000 Miles - up to 5% degradation (for a total degradation of 15%)
No more degradation after that.

My service appointment was cancelled as they have nothing to do to the car improve it.

I wasn't expecting such a big degradation but as per Tesla it is normal...

andy.connor.e | 10. juni 2019

As per lithium batteries, degradation is normal. Hows your phone after 2 years?

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

I agree on the phone, but I would expect more from a $50K car... a 15% drop in range on a car that has a theoretical range of 264 Miles is a lot.

gmkellogg | 10. juni 2019

Did they mention what the degradation is after year 2?

gmkellogg | 10. juni 2019

Nevermind saw you said no more after that. I mean 15% over the lifetime of the battery isn't all that bad actually.

Bulldawg | 10. juni 2019

If it makes you feel any better, you're doing better than me. Took delivery Dec. 12, 16k miles, and I'm at 220 miles at 90% charge. Tesla mobile tech did a tire rotation for me last week and suggested I charge to 100% a few times and see what happens. I might do this and I might not. But I'm not gonna schedule a service appt for this.

parmesan | 10. juni 2019

Hey @RickM3,

I agree that 10% after 12 months seems a bit high.
For the benefit of other owners, would you be able to post you charging practices since you got the M3?

1. How often do you charge greater than 90%? (from your initial post it seems like you have charged to 100% at least once a month)
2. How many times has the SOC drop to less than 10%? how about 0%?
3. How many times do you use the supercharger in a month.
4. Do you charge with a 110v outlet?

parmesan | 10. juni 2019

5. Number of Miles driven in a month and total miles on the car.

httran26 | 10. juni 2019

Can you discharge it below 20% and charge it up past 90% two more times. After that start charging to 90% for your next few charges. Report back if you see your miles go back up.

I keep seeing degradation posts and after the suggested recalibration, I don't see the results or outcome. I'm guessing enough time has passed and the complaint is resolved so the issue is dropped.

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

I normally charge at home Sunday-Thursday using the mobile charger at 240V to 80% SoC.
Fridays I normally charge at the local city supercharger (up to 72 kW) to 90% SoC.
No Charge on Saturdays as I don't drive a lot over the weekend with this car.
My regular weekday use discharges the battery to 45%-50% SoC (I drive about 75 Miles daily)
The SOC drop to less than 20% happened only 3 times, one was last week for the battery cycling test Tesla recommended (never below 12%).
Same with the Max charge, I only have done it maybe 5 times since I have the car, and 3 of these times were in the past 2 weeks to test the range and cycle the battery.
The Tesla personal I spoke with on the phone checked my car logs, and indicated this was a healthy charging habit for the battery, back to back supercharging sessions can degrade the battery faster he said.

RickM3 | 10. juni 2019

The car has 11319 Miles in 6 months, an average of 1886 Miles per month

Teslanene | 10. juni 2019

What are the odds that several mid-range are having the same issues? We haven’t heard from the long range complain about the similar situation. I tried everything recommended on this thread in the last couple of weeks and see no improvements on my mid-range either.

andy.connor.e | 10. juni 2019

Doesnt matter how expensive the car is. Lithium battery physics do not change because you pay more money. There are additives in the Tesla cells that reduce degradation, but its absolutely not perfect. The phone was an example, but that is only 1 cell, whereas an EV is thousands of cells. Furthermore, you cannot expect Zero degradation.

But Temperature is the biggest factor, having SOC be the runner up. Dont think that flooring it doesnt do anything, it provides a ton of current all at once which is like supercharging for a couple seconds. The core temp of the cell goes up in that time period. So if you seriously want to do everything you can to reduce degradation, keep your battery SOC between 20%-80%, and accelerate slowly. Thats optimal. The SOC is most significant, because not using your acceleration would kind of defeat most of the purpose of enjoying your Tesla.

rachang5021 | 10. juni 2019

This thread prompted me to check my Dec 15 MR with 10,866 miles on it.
At 60% (I'm at work atm) it's showing 151 miles. A perfect world of 264 miles at 100% would show 158.
I'll check what 90% is showing and get back to you guys tomorrow morning!

kevin_rf | 10. juni 2019

Gave myself a heart attack when I saw this thread and accidentally divided this mornings 249 range by 0.9 instead of 0.8.


tanya | 10. juni 2019

~10 months
12,500 miles

007bond | 10. juni 2019

Almost the same as @tanya
10 months
13.8k miles
100% right on 300 +- 1
90% 270 most always

In the past it was charging with the software updates but last several seems solid on the above numbers.

Really seemed like most of the 10 miles loss was within the first few k miles, then slowly settled to what it is today.

Wolfsbane | 10. juni 2019

@Tanya; @007
Can you describe your charging habits? How many miles for daily commute? How often do charge (daily or until below a certain percentage) and what percentage do you charge up to?


lbanworth | 12. juni 2019

I took delivery of a LR AWD M3 on Dec. 26, 2018. I currently have 18,721 miles on my M3 and still have 100% of my battery's capacity. I only charge to 80% capacity and never go below 30% capacity. Every morning I wake up the car is sitting at 248 miles @ 80%. I've only charged to 100% 2 times since I bought the car so maybe that has something to do with it? Not sure!

kevin_rf | 12. juni 2019

I have similar charging habits to Ibanworth and am seeing a similar lack of degradation on an LR AWD. Depending on temp, the start of the day SOC is between 245-249 miles. I've only gone to 100% twice, do not drive it like I stole it, do not often SC, and keep in chill. I'm only 200 miles behind him with 18520 miles. Picked it up on Sept. 7th 2018.

tanya | 12. juni 2019

@Wolfsbane I don't have a charger at home/work, so I charge once or twice a week at the SC and once or twice at the nearby mall/hotel to various percentages (depending on how much time/patience I have), 80%, 50%, sometimes 100%. My daily commute is ~50 miles. The most I've seen my car at 100% is 306-307, even at the beginning.

RickM3 | 19. juli 2019

Going back to this topic, checked again everyday this week charging to 80% after Software version 2019.20.4.4 upgrade, and I'm getting 208 miles @ 80% charge which extrapolates right at 260 Miles @ 100%.

Anyone else experiencing the same change?

s_wilcox63 | 19. juli 2019

I have seen strange things. I have a 10 month old LR AWD with a little over 15K miles. it has been rock solid at 279 miles of range at 90% SOC. When I was only charging to 75% when I first bought the car it showed some drop in range. Then returning the SCO to 90% brought the range back. Then last night with the SOC of 90% the range went up to 281 miles with no software update. I was worried about a road trip, and SC doing harm to the battery. I took a 3000 mile road trip and charged to 100% the first time about 3 weeks ago and it showed 310. I used SCs for the first time and ran it as low as 7% on the trip. When I got back it and set the SOC to 90% it went to the 279 just like before the trip. So the 281 without changing anything was a little shocking.

jimglas | 19. juli 2019

its an estimate

Joshan | 19. juli 2019

once again more FUD from Fish because he just does not understand....

Joshan | 19. juli 2019

Its funny you trust the "algorithm" that gives a "estimated miles" figure when it show it going down. But when it is going up it is impossible LOL.

adoh2010 | 19. juli 2019

Sr+, 16k miles. Currently at 77% and 179mi which is 232 miles at 100%. I didn't see any degradation till 10k then whoops. I got down to 0% while traveling a few times but it never sat at that charge and never charged more than 95%. I charge to 82% regularly and say 25% or less of my charging was done with a supercharger

kupua | 23. juli 2019

I'm in the club. TM3MR. Have never seen the EPA stated by Tesla 264 miles for that battery. My 100% = 250 miles.

Randyb359 | 23. juli 2019

Have 10,000 miles and charged to 100% and it showed 309 and teslafi says it had 309.7 miles.

hsparra | 24. juli 2019

Just to add. I have a midrange I picked up in late February. I recently noticed that my daily charging was showing 15 fewer miles. Did the math using the percent charge (estimated miles / % charge) and it comes out to 240 estimated miles for a full charge. Did this several times at different charge levels and each time the answer was 240 miles. Did a full charge and it charged to, you guessed it, 240 miles estimated range. I find it strange, but not impossible, that if it is degradation it would land at exactly 240 miles estimated range. I am running right near 4 miles per kWh (actually 244 Wh/mi) each charging session and lifetime.

SOC has never been below 20% and only charged to 100% twice. Charge to level below the "trip"line on the charge display. Was charging to around 227 estimated miles before change.

RedPillSucks | 24. juli 2019

My Toyota Camry Hybrid is advertised for 44mpg, but I only got 40mpg. After a year or so of driving, I was getting 36mpg. Should I complain to Toyota to get that fixed?

calvin940 | 24. juli 2019


"Have never seen the EPA stated.."

Have never seen rated for any vehicle I have owned. It's all about terrain and driving behaviour.

andy.connor.e | 24. juli 2019


My Camry is rated at 35mpg highway, but i get over 40. Should i complain to Toyota?

MyRedM3 | 24. juli 2019

My MR started showing similar degradation in the last couple of weeks. Prior to that it showed 212-214 miles on 80% charge. took delivery in March. Has 3300 miles on it now. Recently it dropped to 210, then 208 on 80%. I drained it to below 20% and tried charging to 100%. The max it charged is 99% and showed 255 miles which equates to 257.5 miles on 100%. It didnt help. On a recent charge to 80%, it showed 205 miles. That will be ~4% drop in 5 months. I may schedule SC appointment if it drops below 200 on 80%.

finman100 | 24. juli 2019

how many miles are people getting when actually driving the car? the number on the screen is an estimate.

drive! then check that odometer.

keep speeds reasonable (less than 80 MPH).

again, it's an estimate. drive and see how many REAL miles you are getting.

It's been very very very rare that this estimate is "degradation". it could be, but it's a rare event in the Tesla world.

The Blue Meanie | 24. juli 2019

Sept 2018 LR AWD
Drive ~25mi per day (8k on the car)
Initially charged to 70% daily per the Jeff Dahn article, then 90% daily right after the Like Tesla video came out.
Charging was done on my HPWC at 48 amps which resulted in 44mi/hr.
Once per qtr I drain the battery to below 20%.
Last week I ran it down to 1mi (major range anxiety!). I charged on my HPWC but this time I dialed it back to 26amps, which gave me about 25mi/hr.

100% charge now only shows 299 miles. I honestly don't remember if I've ever seen my car show 310mi. Even when new I think the best was 304-306. I've taken it on two different 4hr trips and only supercharged 6 times (never to 100%). 90% charge has been showing as 268mi whereas a few months ago it was 272mi.

Now I'm still plugging in every night but have the charging set to 50%. Once the charge gets down to 50% I turn the charging back to 90%. During the summer I'll keep the amps down to 24-26 and crank it back up to 48 in the winter.