Why is it so hard to contact Tesla after you buy a car?

Why is it so hard to contact Tesla after you buy a car?

I am on my third Tesla, two X’s and one model S and it continues to get harder to contact anyone in Tesla for questions or service. Any number I call now just sends me in circles until I give up. This is not how a car company should act or treat their customers. It has gotten so bad that now all you can do is text them and hope they email you back and they don’t always. I recently had my car towed in for service and couldn’t contact my service center as to what I needed done to my car after it arrived. If things don’t change soon Tesla will be losing a good customer that has been with them from the beginning.

Mugsy | 10. juni 2019

I've owned my S since 2015 and I've never been treated this poorly by a car dealership, just to make a service appointment. I know it sounds crazy but I think Tesla might be going out of business as they no longer want to make car owners to make service appointments.

I have called several service centers in my area and only received a message to go online to chat. If you press "0" it eventually just disconnects you. If you just hold on and hope someone will pickup it disconnects you.

When you go to the SO CALLED CHAT area on the website you can not actually chat with anyone. You have to fill out a form. On this form there is a subject area that you have to choose one of the five selections otherwise the form will not send. The subject choices are basically if you want to buy a car or solar batteries.

When you do complete the form and choose a random subject (their's no choice but to do so) that has nothing to do with why your contacting them. Hours later you might (if your lucky) receive an automatic email. See the none helpful email I received below.

"Thank you for contacting Tesla. We appreciate your patience while we work to respond as soon as possible. Until then, please visit the Support Pages for answers to frequently asked questions.
Best regards,
The Tesla Team"

I still haven't heard a peep from them about the service issue.

So like the message above said their is no reasonable way to make a appointment for car service. There isn't even a number for sales anymore and this is the reason I believe that Tesla might not be in business much longer.
I understand that Tesla chose not to allow their customers to contact the service center to make an appointment to service their cars anymore, is just bad customer service BUT not providing the telephone number to sales to help sell cars is a sign that Tesla for whatever reason is going out of business.

Why doesn't Tesla respond or doesn't allow anyone at Tesla to assist their car owners anymore?

supersuperten | 10. juni 2019

Tesla already got your money, i don't believe Tesla would even care about providing you after sales service. Their only focus and priority is sell, sell and sell.

sosmerc | 10. juni 2019

Tesla is under extreme pressure and demand right now. How they handle these immediate and important challenges will determine their future. Dealers have had many many years to fine tune their approach to service and support. And clearly, many folks are not happy with they way they are sometimes treated by these so called "stealerships". I avoid dealerships when I can, but frankly my local Chevy dealer has been pretty darn good and I would consider purchasing another vehicle from them IF GM were to make something that measures up to the upcoming Model Y Tesla. Tesla still has many challenges ahead to satisfy the vast majority of their customers through all phases of vehicle ownership.

dmm1240 | 11. juni 2019

Horse feathers. I'm going to give you a number of a service center to call where they do pick up the phone. It's the one closest to my house: 678-797-1808. They pick up the phone when I call, just did.

Do you have the Tesla app on your smartphone? If you bother to look at the main screen when you open the app, you find the following List:



If you touch SERVICE the app then gives you a list of common complaints including "other" if your problem isn't listed. The next screen asks you to put in your address so that they can decide if you're a candidate for mobile service, need to bring your car in or whatever. After you enter your address, the following text advises: Enter your preferred address for Mobile Service. If Mobile Service is unavailable, you will be prompted to select a service center.

You do this and you wind up with Mobile Service coming to your house/workplace in a designated window to work on your car or you wind up picking an available appointment at your friendly neighborhood service center.

What could be easier?

I have had a few minor issues with my Tesla and they've resolved them all or given a good reasons why not (judder) with lots of smiles. Your Tesla certainly ain't my Tesla.

FUD, FUD, FUD, and more FUD.

Tesla-David | 11. juni 2019

Totally agree with @dmm1240's points. FUD, FUD, FUD. I have been an owner since January 2013 with three cars thus far (2-MS's, M3), and have experience nothing but excellent service over almost 7 years. I had defective air bag replaced last month by Mobile Ranger in my garage, and will be taking my MS in on 27th for annual servicing. Very simple and easy to arrange service on line. Never had a problem getting service on my MS. Sick of all the FUD from cry babies. | 11. juni 2019

In addition to the phone app, you can schedule service from the web. Just go into your account and select "Manage" on the car that needs service, and the tap "Service". Couldn't be easier. Takes all of 60 seconds or so. So much nicer than dealing with a dealer who's primary objective is to sell you service and stuff you don't need.

p_dahlgren | 11. juni 2019

Agree with Tesla-David, dmm1240. For me it was efficient and simple to get help and and schedule service appointment for my new M3 I got delivered in May when I needed it. From the phone app, "schedule service", the first available time pops up and you enter a description of your issues and just book it. I got a follow up call from them later the same day I booked to ask about more information. This was at the SC in Fremont, CA. When I went to the SC, my customer experience was very positive and it was easy to talk to the service advisor and get things sorted out.

nigeltm3 | 12. juni 2019

I'm living in the UK and ordered my model 3 long range about 3 weeks ago. About a week after I ordered I noticed this spec. had disapeared as an option for the UK so they now only offer the base and high performance models. I was not happy that the performance model had been dropped almost £8k on its list price and was now only slightly more expensive than the mid range model I had ordered only a matter of days before.
I wanted to speak to Tesla about this issue so I called their recommended number in the UK for two weeks often staying on the line for 30 minutes waiting to speak with an agent without any success. In desperation, I sent an email with a number of questions which remains unanswered. Eventually I called their sales show room in the UK and someone answered the phone immediately. The sales agent was very helpful and appologised for my poor experiences. He told me Tesla have 9 people in the whole of the UK dealing with customer Model 3 enquiries.
I was a little shocked to find that out - surely they need hundreds of call centre employees to deal with the thousands of cars/ customers which are on their way from the US? I read today they are going to build a mega factory in Europe - surely thats putting the horse before the cart (or is that Tesl!)?

andy.connor.e | 12. juni 2019

"I know it sounds crazy but I think Tesla might be going out of business as they no longer want to make car owners to make service appointments."

I no longer believe anything else i read in your post.

andy.connor.e | 12. juni 2019

Not really sure why people are intentionally trying to make people think that Tesla does not care about their customers. O wait, actually i do know exactly why, because Elon is disrupting 13 trillion dollars worth of industry.

rxlawdude | 12. juni 2019

"make people think that Tesla does not care about their customers"

I certainly don't think that, but objectively, service is not what it used to be. Perhaps a consequence of the M3 being too successful.

bp | 13. juni 2019

The rapid increase in sales with Model 3 is putting a stress on Tesla support and service infrastructure, at a time when they are also trying to get back to profitability.

Before the Model 3 sales hit, Tesla provided a lot of personal phone support through their customer support line and calling the service centers.

With the rapid increase in vehicles being supported, they are shifting towards higher volume interfaces - doing more through the smartphone app and website, requiring less one-on-one time with each customer.

They're also making a huge change in their service model, shifting to using mobile service vehicles to do most of the maintenance, eliminating the need for most service to be done at a Service Center - and instead of the service done where the vehicle is parked.

I've owned a Tesla since early 2013, when the nearest Service Center was over 1,000 miles away - and have had an excellent experience with our Service Center working on our 3 Tesla vehicles, most recently a week ago.

Things are different now - Tesla is using smartphone app/website to schedule the service. Service updates are provided via text message and the smartphone app. Loaners are being replaced by Uber vouchers. And, depending on the service needed, they'll send a mobile service vehicle to you, instead of dropping the vehicle off at a Service Center. And overall, the experience with the most recent service visit was great.

With so many Service Centers now, we should expect some areas to suffer during the transition until this new service model matures - and everything is running as Tesla (Musk) wants.


dlomneck | 13. juni 2019

Have you actually tried to schedule the service through the app or website? the online link doesn't work, you get some 404 console errors when it is trying to find the service center location. Typing in city or zip code, doesn't work, and you cannot get to step 2 without first selecting a service center in step 1. I tried in the phone app, and it gets further, but then fails and says "try again later". I've tried for weeks.

I live chatted with a rep last week and they acknowledged the phone app doesn't work for scheduling, and they are "working on it". So yes, while the option is there and looks like it will be easy, it's anything but easy. I've been sitting at "We're connecting you with a Tesla expert..." in live chat now for 15 minutes with no indication how much longer I have to wait.

I've also got the email address of the local service center, but I have never, not once, got a reply. My best service comes when I email the delivery manager who delivered my car. He responds normally the same day and he has successfully gotten me a service appointment created.

I have a safety restraint alert on my car which makes me fearful to even drive it, so let's see how long it takes for that to get corrected. | 13. juni 2019

@dlomneck - Try it again. I tested it 2 days ago and just now and web scheduling is working (at least in the USA) for me. It was totally out (404s) a few weeks ago when I tried it.

SO | 13. juni 2019

I have used the online chat a few times. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to hear from someone. Works very well.

SO | 13. juni 2019

@dlomneck - I literally just scheduled service trough the app as a test and it worked fine. Whatever the problem you experienced was, it seems to be fine for me now.