Three quick beeps and a red dot!

Three quick beeps and a red dot!

I am moving from my house to an apartment a mile away. But every time I drive past the first few apartment units i hear 3 loud beeps and a tiny red dot flashes to the right of the image of my car. This dot is displayed less than one second, but i got a good look at it last time and it appeared to be a tiny car image. What could be causing this? Seems like some kind of false alarm, but would like to make sure! Software is 2019.12.1.2.

jim | 10. juni 2019

Sounds like a false collision warning alarm. I get them on curving 2 lane residential streets in my area. If someone parks along the curved section and leaves their car sticking out even a little bit, the display will paint the parked car red and sound the alarm. It's nothing to worry about, and will probably happen less frequently over time as the system improves.

billlake2000 | 10. juni 2019

Get the alarm going past B of A on Pacific St toward Main alla time.

Wilber | 11. juni 2019

Jim and Bill - thanks for your replies. Sure hope my car learns so it quits this obnoxious activity! Bill - i hope yours eventually learns!

bpaul | 11. juni 2019

I experience the same as jim. Curvy residential street with side parking. In those moments where I'm technically on a collision course with a parked car, the collision warning sometimes goes off.

Kudos to you for never having this alarm go off because you haven't noticed a car stopping in front of you!