Supercharger statistics

Supercharger statistics

Does Tesla or any third party maintain statistics on usage at specific super chargers? Seeks like it would be helpful to know for trip planning, etc. Just basic stuff like usage at specific times of the day, availability, etc. I haven't seen anything like that so far.

Kathy Applebaum | 14. juni 2019

I'm sure Tesla maintains statistics, but they don't publish them.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 14. juni 2019

Certain Tesla sites feature a sort of leaderboard that displays the overall business of the Supercharger network.

leo33 | 14. juni 2019

Speaking of statistics, the Cle-Elum supercharger seemed uncharacteristically busy yesterday evening, based on what the nav screen reported. (My datum contribution.)

apodbdrs | 14. juni 2019

@Boomer543, if you can't find a source, try monitoring a specific Super Charger site or sites and check how many units are being used during different days and times. You can do it right from your car. Need instructions???

Bighorn | 14. juni 2019

Nav occupancy status is not always accurate. Tesla monitors every site, but only the ten most popular populate their leaderboard at various sites, such as the Seaside owner lobby, Hawthorne or Kettleman City.