Door Handle "Clunks" When Presenting

Door Handle "Clunks" When Presenting

I've had a bit of bad luck with my door handles as they were serviced three times under warranty and extended warranty, which expired 2 months ago.

Starting this week, my rear passenger door handle makes a loud clunk sound whenever I put the car in park, or otherwise unlock the car. I've watched it from the outside; the clunk sound occurs when the handle pushes outwards. The handle itself works fine; it's not loose and it retracts without clunking. I'm just spooked that there is something awry within the mechanism, possibly evidence of a bad fitting part, or maybe a missing damping spring inside.

Anything thoughts among Bighorn, tes-s, Jonathan from CT, and the other experts out there?

redacted | 14. juni 2019

As a non-expert, with inexpertly wrapped handles, if the vinyl isn't completely smooth I've found it catches and makes an inexpert clunking sound.

Bighorn | 14. juni 2019

I’m not sure. One of mine has a bit of play in it and it makes more noise than it used to.

ATCRomes | 15. juni 2019

Funny, my car had the same issue last week. I heard it when it auto locked as I walked away. I started by applying force on the door handle straight up, then straight down (applying firm force but nothing crazy). The sound it was making seemed like it was hitting something just enough to make that "clunk" sound, like it was slightly out of alignment and unable to clear the opening or another part of the assembly. Then using the fob I locked the car then unlocked it, to retract and extend the handles again. Did this about 3 times and so far so good. Good luck!

plusplusjames | 16. juni 2019

@ATC So yours clunks when retracting? Mine is when presenting (or opening).

ATCRomes | 19. juni 2019

Yes, when retracting. But since I gave it that treatment, no more noise. It sounded like whatever it was "hitting" would probably sound the same when presenting as well. The clunk made it sound ike it was slightly out of alignment, and therefore something interfering with its operation. It appears my assumption was correct, as I have yet to hear it again.

plusplusjames | 26. juni 2019

@ATC: Your suggestion worked. Thank you!