I see a Tesla on the Road in Houston Every Day!

I see a Tesla on the Road in Houston Every Day!

Confirmed! Every day I get out on the road in Houston, especially on the way to work, I see a Tesla! I usually ride my motorcycle to work so my wife can drive the P85D. When it rains, I drive the P85D to work. Every time I see a Tesla while riding my motorcycle, I'll get right up next to them and give them a big thumbs up. Anybody in Houston ever see a motorcyclist do that to you? That was probably me!

When I bought my MS60 back in March of 2014, I saw another Tesla on the road in Houston about once IN EVERY THREE MONTHS. NO KIDDING! But over the years, the frequency of spotting another Tesla gradually increased. Nowadays, it is every day I see another Tesla on the road in Houston.

All this crap I hear in the business news about Tesla and its demise is just that. Crap! I see it with my own eyes that Tesla is catching on, even in oil country. I have noticed that the level of service has degraded some since I bought my MS60. But that is certainly understandable because I'm sure our two Service Centers in Houston are swamped!

I did have a good mobile service experience last month. I got a door handle replaced, and Tesla Service came out to my house and got it done. It is a matter of scheduling and waiting a while for your turn. Tesla. Please. Open up a new Service Center in Houston!

I have a dream that here in Texas, we will catch up to you snobby Californians with the annual number of Tesla car sales!

NoMoPetrol | 16. juni 2019

One thing that would really help your dream would be the allowance of direct sales of Tesla to the local population. Start working on your climate-denying elected officials.

As for the "snobby" label: Californians are simply more interested in climate-sustainable transportation. Rats! It doesn't fit your cute little label or the characterization of us Left Coasters.

SamO | 16. juni 2019

I see climate change happening every day.

Socialism for the rich, rugged individualism for the poor.

Oil gas and coal get to use our air and water to shit out their pollution.

No mas.

Tesla-David | 16. juni 2019

@SamO +1

jimglas | 16. juni 2019

The last time I was in Houston, I saw a charging station ICEd by a double wide diesel truck

MitchP85D | 16. juni 2019

Tesla does not need a lobby, or the force of law in Texas. It is growing quite nicely in Houston and in Dallas on its own. The consumer is catching on to Tesla in Texas. The only thing I would lobby for is more Service Centers.

Where was that jimmy? I would suspect somewhere along I-10 in East Houston. The only time I got iced was in North Carolina. And I had a solution for that. Send me an email to and I will send you a photo of what I did.

SamO | 16. juni 2019

No more handouts for the rich. Or deadbeat Texans. Secede already.

SCCRENDO | 16. juni 2019

@Sam0. There are enough sane people in Austin. Beto came close against Cruz. Perhaps the Dems can win in Texas this time. The deniers will then all complain and move to another sister f***ing state.

SamO | 16. juni 2019

Let them pay their own way. No more deadbeat states. California isn’t subsidizing your extravagant socialist lifestyle any longer.

No more handouts for your fossil fuel socialist crybaby scumbag polluters.

SCCRENDO | 16. juni 2019

We need to kick these motherf***ers out of office

bp | 17. juni 2019

The lack of direct sales in Texas hasn't impacted Tesla's ability to sell a lot of vehicles in the state. We've purchased 3 Tesla vehicles (early 2013, 2017, 2018), and each time the delivery process has been easier, to the point where it's much easier now to accept delivery of a Tesla than an ICE at a dealership.

Tesla/Musk announced plans months ago to shift all sales to online - since ordering a Tesla online is easy - and eliminates overhead costs for Tesla, making it easier for them to scale to higher volume sales without adding stores and galleries.

The lack of direct sales is a red herring - Tesla has enough challenges and is right to avoid challenging the dealerships in every location (Tesla isn't the only state where the dealership lobby has been able to prevent Tesla direct sales). The dealerships are defending a business model that will be increasingly difficult to justify - they're like bookstores and music stores - markets that have shifted online eliminating most of retail locations.

If Tesla continues to expand sales and market share, Tesla may force the other manufacturers to reassess their dealership strategy for sales and service. Online sales is the direction for most industries - and Tesla's mobile service strategy directly attacks a major revenue stream for dealerships by bringing service to the customer.

Since the Model 3 was released, the number of Tesla vehicles in Texas has exploded - they are everywhere - including many in the energy industry buying a Tesla EV.

The energy industry is on the verge of a major change as global demand starts to drop - not because Tesla is selling EVs - but because countries (especially China) is going to force a shift to EVs. Based on the number of EVs in Houston - there's no indication the energy industry is fighting against Tesla - since many EV company employees are now driving Tesla vehicles.

NKYTA | 17. juni 2019

Another +2 @bp

sabbia | 17. juni 2019

One of the points is that the party of "government hands off private enterprise" uses its naked power to *try* to favor its own. I'm not commenting on whether Tesla is winning in Texas, I'm just commenting on hypocrisy.

Pepperidge | 17. juni 2019

"I see climate change happening every day." It is not climate change if you see it every day. It is weather.

andy.connor.e | 17. juni 2019

minimum of 1 Tesla per day that i see now.

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

Highly informative post bp!! Thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge with us. Whenever I stop by the Northwest Houston Supercharger, I see a lot of Model 3s there - mostly young people. The older folks like me are in a Model-S or X. You are correct about the explosion of Model 3 sales. About 1 out of 2 to 3 Teslas I see on the road in Houston are Model 3s. My stepdaughter's husband is an IT guy for an oil company in Houston. When they bought my MS60, they were a little concerned about driving the Tesla to work back in 2015. But that fear quickly went away. Nobody cares! Lots of people who work for oil companies drive BEVs now. After all, it is their natural gas that is fueling the electricity to run our Teslas in Texas!

bp, one little correction to your post - "(Tesla isn't the only state where the dealership lobby has been able to prevent Tesla direct sales)" - I think you meant to say, (TEXAS isn't the only state where the dealership...) Otherwise, perfect post. Are you in Houston?

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

Pepperidge, I've been trying to tell these global warming zealots that for years in the Tesla Forum!

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

andy.connor.e are you in Texas? Houston?

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

Silly sabby, you, 60cc SamO, and SCCRENDODO are out in the ozone hole with mike!

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

Nikita, you and me can agree on one thing - bp's post!

andy.connor.e | 17. juni 2019

Capital district NY.

jimglas | 17. juni 2019

@mitch: I was running the houston half marathon and some random parking lot with a charger. The ICed cherger struck me as quintessential texas. My son was going to UTMB at the time and the run made a good excuse to visit him.

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

jimmy, send an email to me. And I'll show you what this Texan does when he gets iced!

Hope you had a good time with the Houston half marathon and your visit with your son.

MitchP85D | 17. juni 2019

OK andy. You see one every day in New York. I telling you. This stuff I hear in the news about the demise of Tesla is horse crap!

SamO | 17. juni 2019

Those who deny reality, claim the world is flat and crave to breathe in fetid air, poisoned by burning the putrified corpses of millions-year dead life.

No thanks.

I'll collect rays from the sun and preserve the species on the planet for my children and grandchildren.

Sad that this is considered revolutionary and that know-nothings have such large megaphones.

Michael Bloomberg has been shutting down coal plants and will shut the rest very soon with his $500M pittance to fight FFF (Fucking Fossil Fuels).

Tesla will be the guillotine.


bp | 18. juni 2019

The legislature in Texas only meets every 2 years - and only for 4 months.

Since Tesla began selling Model S, the legislature has not passed any laws that impact Tesla, neither has it passed any laws that would help Tesla.

The dealership laws that prevent Tesla from direct sales were on the books before Tesla - and the dealership lobby (which is strong in Texas - and many other states) has been able to prevent Tesla to be granted an exception for direct sales.

However, the dealership lobby has been unsuccessful in trying to impose any new restrictions on Tesla.

There was a brief opportunity for Tesla to get the legislature to consider direct sales for Tesla - if Tesla had located Gigafactory 1 in Texas, it's likely the legislature would have passed a bill helping Tesla.

Otherwise, the state government has allowed this all to play out - without implementing any exceptions or restrictions on Tesla.

And based on Tesla's success in selling many vehicles in Texas without direct sales - that demonstrated to Tesla (Musk) that direct sales isn't needed - and Tesla could reduce their investment in stores and galleries without significantly impacting sales.

[in Houston]

andy.connor.e | 18. juni 2019


Ya i know, it literally is. I used to only see a couple Model S's in total around here. They're everywhere. Even in the most recent earnings presentation, Musk had to clarify that there was Not a demand problem.

TabascoGuy | 18. juni 2019

Same here in Michigan, another state that does not allow direct sales. We see at least a couple of Teslas every time we go out, even short trips out. Quite a difference from a year ago when you'd be lucky to spot one month.

sabbia | 18. juni 2019

BP. You prove my point. You write, "the dealership lobby (which is strong in Texas - and many other states) has been able to prevent Tesla to be granted an exception for direct sales."

It may not be about Tesla, but it is certainly about the party of less government using government to feather its nest. In other words, it's about hypocrisy.

SamO | 18. juni 2019

Tesla is building as many cars as they possibly can, given GF's 75-80% 35GWH production utilization levels.

Houston is the short-bus for figuring out the EVs are just better.

Cities and countries outlawing fossil fuel vehicles will create incentives whether consumers think they want it or not.

MitchP85D | 18. juni 2019

Silly sabby, what kind of silly point are you trying to make? bp said Texas is not doing anything to help or harm Tesla. And it is quite obvious to anybody who spends time on the road in Texas to see that Tesla does not need Texas to do anything for them!

Like andy and Tabasco have observed, Tesla is catching on everywhere. Tabasco in particular has noticed the explosive growth in just the past year! Come to think of it, my once a day observation of other Teslas in Houston has become more noticeable within the past year. That is what prompted me to start this thread to see if everybody else is seeing the same thing.

I'm sure the economy has a lot to do with it as well. More folks are making higher incomes, and they can afford Teslas now, with or without the BEV subsidy!

The future looks bright for Tesla in Texas, and everywhere else for that matter.

MitchP85D | 18. juni 2019

bp, remember Rick Perry lobbying Tesla to build the Gigafactory in Texas? Boy, he was doing the Texas Two-Step and everything he could to bring it here. In fact, Texas was considered to be the 800 lb. gorilla in the room to win the Gigafactory because of the pro-business atmosphere we have in Texas. But Nevada won out because of their state legislature bending of their own laws and regulations, and granting all of the exemptions for Tesla. Plus, Nevada does get a lot of sunlight for their solar panels as well.

sabbia | 18. juni 2019

I will not respond directly to Mitch. He may know how to read, but not how to comprehend.

SamO | 18. juni 2019


Perhaps his mental faculties have devolved so far since he cannot incorporate information which does not align with his political philosophy. Obfuscopia is the medical term.


TabascoGuy | 19. juni 2019

Although I wouldn't describe going from seeing one a month to a handful every day as explosive growth, I am encouraged because seeing it happen in the sticks, means that it's happening everywhere.

MitchP85D | 20. juni 2019

And in a certain way Tabasco, Houston is also in "the sticks" because we are the oil capital of the world. Seeing all of the Teslas on the road in Houston is an encouraging sign for Tesla. My wife and I have already made a pledge that we will drive a Tesla for the rest of our lives!

bp | 21. juni 2019

The biggest obstacle for Tesla is not the states or the dealership lobbies, it is in producing long range EVs with the features consumers want at a price they're willing to pay.

The market for S/X/Roadster will always be limited due to the higher price - and Tesla has established a strong market position displacing the luxury brands.

3/Y have a larger market due to the lower price, but is still not affordable enough for many customers - and 3 has already established itself with a strong market presence where 3's are being sold.

We're seeing a lot of Tesla EVs in Houston and Texas - not because of or in spite of the energy industry - but because a growing number of consumers want to drive long range EVs - and Tesla is still the only manufacturer with a viable long range EV on the market.

When we got our first S in early 2013 - we'd have people stop us in parking lots, take pictures while we were waiting at stop lights, and often ask many questions about our S P85. Now Tesla EVs are everywhere - passing many on every road trip and often seeing multiple Tesla S/3/X in parking lots.

SamO | 21. juni 2019

The biggest obstacle is consistent battery production

Not. Demand.

jpcollins9 | 21. juni 2019

In Alabama there is no Tesla store or service center. The nearest is either Atlanta or Nashville. My S85 D was delivered on a flatbed in March 2105 and my wife's X100D was also delivered in March 2018 the same way. Mobile service comes to my house, so far mostly for little things (though I'm told they can do a full annual service in your Garage.) Here in Birmingham I see three or four other Teslas every day. Even now, I'm approached by people wanting to talk about my car (a 4 year old car at that!) Not to mention how cool the "whoopie Cushion" app is! Texas and other states with similar restrictions have become irrelevant.

AIA304 | 22. juni 2019

The number of Tesla’s around here is incredible now! Lots of S/X, and tons of M3.

Earlier this week we even saw and captured a video of a Tesla SEMI truck in town at a light and had a little acceleration challenge with it. It was impressive the quickness the massive truck has. Sent the video clip to a friend interested in buying a Model 3, he said the same thing, that semi was quick!

SCCRENDO | 22. juni 2019

Heading to the EV expo in Anaheim. Will let you guys know

MitchP85D | 24. juni 2019

@AIA304, I hope Tesla didn't design their Semi Trucks for quickness! I would think range and payload is what the Tesla engineers should be focused on.

andy.connor.e | 24. juni 2019

One thing the Tesla engineers did right, is make the Tesla Semi have a lower drag coefficient than a Bugatti.

PrescottRichard | 24. juni 2019

Now I had an image of a Bugatti pulling a trailer in my head.