Sentry Mode on AP V2.0 Hardware

Sentry Mode on AP V2.0 Hardware

Has anyone gotten Sentry Mode to work on their AP V2.0 hardware, beyond it just writing blank files to the thumb drive? If so, what software version are you running?

EVRider | 19. juni 2019

Sentry Mode and the dashcam only record video on USB if you have HW2.5 or later. You can turn on Sentry Mode with HW2.0 cars in order to use the alarm, but you won’t get any video.

markvp | 19. juni 2019

Yes, thanks, I am aware of this information already. I'm asking because there have been rumors circulating of Sentry Mode possibly being enabled on AP 2.0 vehicles with future software releases above Release 2019.16.2. The current firmware is already creating the appropriate event folders & files on the thumb drive which would lend some credence to the rumors.

EVRider | 20. juni 2019

@markvp: If Tesla adds video recording to HW2 vehicles, you’ll hear about it from a variety of sources. The fact that empty files are written to the USB doesn’t mean anything, and it’s nothing new — that was the case as soon as Sentry Mode was introduced. | 20. juni 2019

@markvp - Sentry Mode on HW2.0 has been working for a month or so. You question is really about the dashcam feature and related ability to record during sentry mode events. All video recording features are limited to HW2.5 and later due to the hardware changes made in HW2.5 vehicles. It's not a feature anyone expects to appear in HW2.0 cars. Tesla has even stated it will not appear in HW2.0 cars that are retrofitted with the HW3.0 AP processor.

For more on the differences and features between different vehicle versions:

Also AP2 is considered the same for HW2.0 and HW2.5 cars. Generally we don't use AP2.5, but it can get confusing. Article I wrote above attempt to clarify it.

markvp | 25. juni 2019 - Thanks for the information and link to your article. This does clarify the H/W differences and capabilities well.