*FINALLY* got my FSD refund!

*FINALLY* got my FSD refund!

I added on FSD on March 1st. It was $3,000 when offered with the car at the time (and got EAP then) so when they reduced it to the asking price, I was in! The next day it went down to $2,000. Elon tweeted that anyone that paid the $3K would be eligible for a refund. Tesla sure had a hard time pulling that off. I must have called or emailed weekly with little to no updates about the timing, process or status. But miracles of miracles, I got my $1000, plus tax, refunded to my credit card last week!

It case others are waiting... it will happen!

billlake2000 | 27. juni 2019

I'm waiting. Guy took my name and address so he could send me a check. Hopeful, and glad to see some action here. I want to get my refund before Elon goes bankwupt :)

nwfan | 28. juni 2019

Still waiting. 2x for me. Received refund for 1 car and waiting on the other.
Normal Tesla response on inquiries.

garysmigs | 28. juni 2019

I am so confused with the autopilot thing. I bought my Model 3, took delivery on March 16, and paid $3,000 for the basic autopilot. At the time an advanced version would be $5,000, $7,000 after purchase. I just, June 25th, paid $6,000 for FSD but have no clue if I have it yet. I can find no difference in settings and my 3 tells me software is up to date. Am I eligible for a $1,000 refund on my $3,000 initial purchase? Is there any way to tell, like an update labeled autopilot FSD, to actually know if I received anything for my $6,000 purchase?

aurali | 28. juni 2019

@garysmigs, no the refund was for those who bought EAP and the old FSD; right before the price drop. You can tell if your car has the new FSD however, by checking if your phone has summon, if it does, your car's FSD is enabled.

Joshan | 28. juni 2019

Got my refund like 3 weeks ago. Check your bank statement, as Tesla never told me they refunded me, It just showed up as a credit (with tax).

gmkellogg | 28. juni 2019

Yeah I never received anything outside of an email saying they'd look into it.

garysmigs | 28. juni 2019

@aurali, Thanks for the reply but my phone app has had summon since I picked it up, even have "played" with it a few times. I have noticed no changes since I purchased FSD though, so don't know if I am supposed to get a software download or what to expect. My card was charged and FSD is listed as an after purchase option but I received no email, text, or acknowledgment from Tesla about the upgrade which I find a little strange.

Lonestar10_1999 | 28. juni 2019

@aurali - all M3s now have Summons. My stripped SR+ with no options has Summons. I believe folks who purchased FSD have a more advanced Summons.

bpatter123 | 28. juni 2019

After almost four months & a series of progressively snarky emails to the Tesla folks, the $1070 refund showed up unannounced five days ago. I guess Elon is not as broke as he was

Harvan Hunter | 28. juni 2019

Lonestar10: "all M3s now have Summons". I don't think this is true - I just took delivery of my 3 last week (6/19, with Autopilot but without FSD), and it doesn't mention a Summon capability at all. My understanding was that that feature was part of FSD.

Is there a particular part of the Tesla App I should be looking in to see the summon feature?

Mikael13 | 28. juni 2019

@lonestar - when did you purchase your TM3? I believe you have EAP (Enhanced AP) which was 5k previously that also included auto lane change and NoA. I bought mine 3/16/19 AFTER they dropped EAP (which sucked!) and only have Basic AP and only had Summons for free on a 14-day auto trial period. I really wanted EAP for the NoA and auo lane change too.

Lonestar10_1999 | 30. juni 2019

My SR+ was built in March 2019 and has Summons. The vin number is 297xxx

edhchoe | 30. juni 2019

My SR+ VIN 300xxx does not have AP or FSD or EAP and does not have summon.
Delivered in March 2019.

Joho.keith | 30. juni 2019

A simpler approach is to dispute the $1K with the credit card company. They will issue the credit and engage Tesla on your behalf. Since this was very clearly documented by Tesla, it was easy.

SION1771 | 03. juli 2019

I paid via credit card - those who are saying they got a credit, was that via a bank account?

The other issue I have with the refunds is the tax % they collect isn't the same as the tax % they refund.

tikiski7 | 03. juli 2019

What’s FSD ? my tesla person was totally not wanting to help, I was told to charge to 100% always and not asked if I wanted FSD ( I would have gotten it )

JoeCC | 03. juli 2019

Took delivery of my m3 SR+ with autopilot and autosteer on 6-28. Definitely do not have summons. You had me very happy for a second while I was taking a look to see if I somehow missed it.

Lonestar10_1999 | 03. juli 2019

@joe.cline - I truly thought everyone had Summons, I certainly did not pay any more than the minimum for my SR+.

Make sure in the AutoPilot setup pane in your M3 that the three slide switches are set to Enabled, Autosteer, Navigate on Autopilot, Summon. All three are identified as Beta.

On the Tesla app, the Summons feature allows you to move forward or backward, but no steering control.

tdwin2000 | 03. juli 2019

I think the confusion here is this. The Standard range models were getting features that were just things as a bonus but shouldn't have been there. You can Google the story online. What Tesla did was start taking some of those features away from Standard Range cars that should have been extra. People who like the extras can opt to purchase those features or they will just be taken away. Kind of like a free trial of the extra features for a little while. I think regular Summon was one of those features that was there but won't be any longer for these people unless they decide to pay up for the FSD package.

Lonestar10_1999 | 03. juli 2019

Weird. I have had several firmware updates, and now version 2019.20.4.2 is installed. Perhaps Summons will be taken away with future updates, who knows.

The beta Summons seems too basic to have much utility. I am glad I didn’t order EAP or FSD.

The Advanced Summons seems way more enticing. I could imagine with Advanced Summons you could forget where you parked in a huge parking lot and the M3 will drive itself to you based on your GPS location. The future looks bright.

ODWms | 04. juli 2019

Folks, the feature is called Summon.

SION1771 | 18. juli 2019

I finally got my refund too. I contacted Tesla maybe six times before anything started to happen... though each time they said they saw it in their system so keep waiting. If you're still waiting, my advice is to confirm everything - I sent emails more than once that 'never made it to the mailbox', even though that's the only company I've ever heard say that from that account.

All in all it took 4 1/2 months but I got my $1,000 returned, along with the taxes paid (Tesla forgets to refund taxes a lot). Good luck.

jjgunn | 18. juli 2019

Lonestar has a glitch in the Matrix.

If you didn't order AP, EAP or FSD & you have all those features, that's a glitch in the Matrix.

I have a P3D with basic Summon on the app.

Summon is part of EAP and/or FSD