Dash board bubbling

Dash board bubbling

My dash board is bubbling in about 4 places. They are about dime sized and are pretty obviously lifted up. Anyone else seeing this? Will Tesla repair it?

lbowroom | 05. juli 2019

Unless they are cigar sized burns, I would say yes, Tesla will replace it under warranty. Why would you think otherwise?

mknewman | 05. juli 2019


Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

No one here can speak for TESLA, why are you asking here?

howard | 05. juli 2019

M8B, Quite obvious why he posted:

"Anyone else seeing this? Will Tesla repair it?"

He is looking for other owners feedback.

Help any?

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

Only TESLA can decide on a case by case basis what they will do.
No one here can answer the question.

howard | 05. juli 2019

M8B, This is an owners forum where owners come to ask questions and get feedback. And yes it is appropriate for those who might have had the same issue to respond with their experiences.

Your constant nonsense Tesla defense, denial, and deflection are really pitiful. keep it up the more you do the less credibility you have if you ever did.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

It is a waste of time to come here and ask questions only TESLA can answer. There are plenty of questions to ask and discuss but asking if TESLA will fix something can only be answered by TESLA.

You have no yes or no answer for the OP and no one else here does either.

Your constant attempts to drum up negativity are well known.

lbowroom | 05. juli 2019

Delamination of interior parts isn't expected normal wear. Unless you did something to cause them, they should replace it. Book the service and find out.

mknewman | 05. juli 2019

Yeah that's the problem. I have to book service 2 weeks out, take time out from work to go to it (35 miles), then they can say it's my fault or normal wear or something or if they want to repair it I have to leave it and come back in 2 days and take more time off work. They used to be open Saturdays which was perfect, but no longer.

I really hope this is not turning in to one of those adversarial forums, I have enjoyed it and gotten (mostly) good advice from it in the past. Technically it's not a great forum, no search, no sub-forums, no moderators, but it's ok as are some of the other Tesla groups.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

Plenty of old man bickering here but I am happy to here you enjoyed it in the past.

Good luck with your car but no one here can predict how TESLA will handle your situation.

lbowroom | 05. juli 2019

Sounds like you have a lot a baggage before you even start. Why start from a position of predicted failure?

rchau28 | 05. juli 2019

He's asking if anyone is experiencing the same issue. Valid question to me.

yudansha™ | 05. juli 2019

Sorry to hear about your dashboard. Tesla fixed all the issues I had with the car. They were really good to me. Hopefully, it did not change.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

Uh, okay. Had some kids playing in the car and found bubbles on my dash. Do they look like this:

lordmiller | 05. juli 2019

Magic 8 Ball when I play that song in my car the dash starts bubbling!!

mknewman | 05. juli 2019

Yeah just like that Magic 8 Ball, you ass. It was a valid question. Flagged as inappropriate.

lbowroom | 05. juli 2019

I recommend to stop it with the what if‘s. I'm assuming the service center is the same distance from you as when you bought it. Make an appointment, take some pictures, and when service contacts you before your appointment send in the pictures so they can order the part and have it for you. If you do all that and your experience is bad, then come back and start your complaining

Hal Fisher | 05. juli 2019

Just send them pictures and they can probably pop the old one off and replace in a half hour. It’s not common, shit happens.

Randyb359 | 05. juli 2019

I had this happen to me. I could actually feel an indentation if I pressed on the bubbles. Scheduled an appointment. They had me send pictures. They ordered the part and replaced it about two weeks later under warranty. When I arrived the service advisor said he would get a tech to look and determine if it was covered under warranty. When he came back he said it was covered. The tech said he saw the pictures and there is a bulletin about the issue. Unfortunately the entire dash needs replaced so it's an all day repair. I did get a model S for a loaner.

howard | 05. juli 2019

M8B, This is exactly what this forum is about. OP posed a legitimate question and it was appropriately answered by another owner who had experienced the same. OP can now rest a bit easier, especially after your antics stirred the pot.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

@howard Really, you know they are talking about the same thing without seeing pictures of either, I call more of your BS.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

This forum is about educating folks on how to get the right information. There is no way to determine if the OP has the same issue that was taken care of.

Magic 8 Ball | 05. juli 2019

@howard You are trying to infect others with your bitterness by having them go down the same path of failure you are on. Setting expectations, based on internet anecdotes, is poison. Only TESLA will be able to set expectations on whether or not they will take care of each issue on a case by case basis. If the OP goes to TESLA and it turns out the OP's bubbles were caused by something, not a defect, then you, and others, are setting up the OP up for more disappointment.

jjgunn | 06. juli 2019

Randyb359 | July 5, 2019
I had this happen to me.
{Tech} said it was covered. The tech said he saw the pictures and there is a bulletin about the issue.
What's the cause? Sun baking the dash? How many months have you owned the car before you noticed this happening?

howard | 06. juli 2019

Magic 8 Ball Only TESLA will be able to set expectations.

Clearly, you think you are the only that can speak for or set expectations on behalf of Tesla. That is what you are constantly preaching. Keep posting and posting and posting and posting.....

Magic 8 Ball | 06. juli 2019

@howard Of course I did not say that. I clearly said that only TESLA can set the expectations of how they will address the situation. Your goal is to set owners up for disappointment by steering them in wrong directions.

You will take an information deprived OP and then use anecdotes to direct a narrative of negativity or create negativity. You constantly attack those that support TESLA and automatically label them as carrying out some sort of agenda to misdirect folks away from molehills that you try to paint as mountains.

With your conspiracy theories and agenda I am suspecting you are on meth or some other brain melting drug.

Magic 8 Ball | 06. juli 2019

This thread brings back memories of traveling in cabs in asia. Many of them had bubbles on the dash of all kinds, seems like the heat from burning incense on the dash was not really something the dash was designed for.

Randyb359 | 07. juli 2019

I don't know what caused it. I could feel an indentation under the bubbles so my guess is there were air bubbles in the foam underneath. I don't know how to post pictures on the forum it I would.

elecfan2 | 13. august 2019

I'm having the same issue as well, got an appointment next week to fix, I'll confirm then if it's covered under warranty, Tesla hasn't said yet. Ignore the noise here, were all just sharing our experiences.

The_Flash | 13. august 2019

@OP go with the expectation of "This is not normal wear/tear. Tesla needs to fix it." They will.

I think to reduce the drama, going people should not ask if Tesla will fix it, rather "Did you have this issue and did Tesla fix it for you under warranty"?